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Meet Skyler Griffith, founder of the project and co-creator of the site. Already in 2007, the idea began to grow in Griffith’s consciousness when he was still a young man who lived the dream while studying at UCLA and desperately wanted to make money to have the lifestyle he had always wanted: women, money, luxury and good food.

The complete package, huh? Well, he and his friends did it and began spreading their positive attitude to everyone they knew, and bit by bit, they all started trying to play card games on a quiz as a simple and quick way to make money in a ”safer” and fun way.

Thanks to Skyler’s knowledge, everyone managed to learn to play Blackjack in no time and had easy access to all the parties on campus, including the private ones for all the rich children. Playing casino games was as easy as taking candy from a child.

A few years later, in 2010, Jamie and Amber, both mathematicians who had some fun and wanted to try their luck with trying to develop a counting system, joined Skyler Griffith on this journey. Together, they helped him shape the first idea to finally create this web magazine we have today.

Our main purpose is to become a reliable source of information regarding everything you need to know about Blackjack and all its variants. We teach you how to play correctly. We also lead you on the way to taking the leap from being a rookie player to a more professional and devoted one.

You will benefit from making money and being part of the big event on the issue, such as the World Poker Series and the Blackjack or in any practice tournament you can try online.

From the beginning, small players started to join Skyler and his friends in college to be part of the club and learn everything they could to improve. Some of them even went to the big TV events and left all the online tournaments to replace them with the live casino experience until they came to the top of the game. Now is the time to become a good Blackjack player . Share and practice our tips and tricks now!