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Now that you know who we are and what we do to live (and for you as our reader) it is time for you to do something for us to help us become known worldwide. EAgainst announces that we are happy to receive any kind of grant.

Each crown counts when it comes to a good thing. All the money given in this charity section will be dedicated to doing charitable work in areas of the world that need it.

Although we are a small newspaper, it is important to do good things in advance, and the universe will give back what it suffers.

Believe me, it is the mindset that has led our lives over the past 5 years, where we only promote positive thinking and a loving approach to the gaming industry. Our goal is to make money and improve our lifestyle, but never forget those who need the money more than us.

Therefore, we opened this section. Here you will be able to support what we do and let everyone know how good and beneficial the Blackjack industry can be and that the players who have active partners in this gaming industry are good people who care about others in the world.

In order to contribute, you first place your contribution according to the contact information we provide under the contact tab and then proceed to make your contribution on Patreon, and we will receive a notification saying that someone supports our project.

Thanks in advance, we will try to get the best out of it and help people in need.

Then we will send a message explaining what we did with the money, and which Blackjack players will continue to do the good you have started with.

That way we all win. Get skills, help people, make money, enjoy the luxury lifestyle, all in the same place.

Playing online only adds to the comfort of the equation. Getting experience and practicing almost 24/7 gives you the advantage when you try it in a live casino, so it’s always a win-win situation.

Are you interested yet? Get started and start making money and contribute to EAgainst to help us grow and help more people.