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Greek mourners: it was not suicide, it was financial murder

Athenians gather in the spot where a 77-year-old man shot himself dead over debts on Wednesday and a woman reads the man’s suicide letter to the crowd. Later in the evening the vigil turns to chaos when riot police use teargas on protesters. Mourners say the police attacks were unprovoked…

Τhe funeral of the 77-year-old Greek suicide

7-4-2011: Hundreds of thousands attended the funeral of Dimitris Christoulas, who shot himself in the middle of Syntagma Square. In his suicide note he wrote: “I do not find any other solution that to give a decent end to my life before starting to search in the garbage to find food.”

Yogurt attack during live TV News show (Greece)

Antifascists in Greece attacked with yogurts and eggs a TV News broadcaster, during a live TV interview, because a week before he hosted an interview with the representative of the greek Neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”.

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