London 20-10. Thousands marched in protest against the government’s austerity measures

EN: More than 250,000 protesters took to the streets of central London, to express their opposition to the government’s austerity measures.

The protesters, consisting of opposition MPs, trade unions, anti-cuts organizations and anticapitalist confederations, with whistles and colorful banners marched under the slogan «No to cuts.» Executives from various leftist European parties were also involved, among them members of SY.RIZ.A, the French Left Front and the trade union Solidaires. Very notable was, also, the lively presence of «P.I.I.G.S in London» block, consisted of Portuguese, Irish, Italians Greeks and Spaniards who reside in London.

Trade union leaders are contemplating declaring a general strike.

EL: Περισσότεροι από 250.000 διαδηλωτές κατέκλυσαν κεντρικούς δρόμους του Λονδίνου, εκφράζοντας την αντίθεσή τους στα μέτρα λιτότητας. Οι διαδηλωτές, αποτελούμενοι από βουλευτές της αντιπολίτευσης, συνδικάτα, σωματεία που μάχονται ενάντια στις περικοπές και αντικαπιταλιστικές συνομοσπονδίες, με σφυρίχτρες και πολύχρωμα πανό διαδήλωσαν με το σύνθημα «Όχι στις περικοπές». Στην πορεία συμμετείχαν, επίσης, στελέχη αριστερών κομμάτων από άλλες χώρες της Ευρώπης, μεταξύ αυτών και μέλη του ΣΥ.ΡΙΖ.Α, του Γαλλικού Αριστερού Μετώπου και του συνδικάτου Solidaires. Ξεχώριζε επίσης και η παρουσία του «μπλοκ των γουρουνιών» (P.I.I.G.S in London), αποτελούμενο από Ισπανούς, Πορτογάλους, Έλληνες, Ιρλανδούς και Ιταλούς που κατοικούν στο Λονδίνο. Επικεφαλείς εργατικών συνδικάτων εξετάζουν το ενδεχόμενο για την κήρυξη γενικής απεργίας.

PT: Mais de 250.00 manifestantes saíram à rua da capital Londrina para expressar a sua oposição às medidas de austeridade levadas a cabo pelo governo.

Os manifestantes consistiram de deputados dos partidos da oposição, sindicatos, organizações anti-cortes e anti-austeridade, e confederações anti-capitalistas, que marcharam com apitos e cartazes com o slogan “Não aos cortes”. Executivos de vários partidos de esquerda Europeus também se juntaram à marcha, como membros do partido Grego SY.RIZ.A, a Frente de Esquerda Francesa e o sindicato Francês Solidaires. Notável foi também a presença animada do bloco “P.I.I.G.S in London”, que consiste de Portugueses, Irlandeses, Italianos, Gregos e Espanhóis residentes em Londres.

Os líderes dos sindicatos estão neste momento a considerar uma greve geral.

ES: Más de 250,000 manifestantes tomaron las calles del centro de Londres para expresar su oposición a las medidas de austeridad del gobierno. Los manifestantes, consistuidos por diputados de partidos de la oposición, sindicatos, organizaciones contra los recortes y confederaciones anti-capitalistas marcharon silbando y con pancartas llenas de colores acompañados por el eslogan ¨No a los recortes¨. Ejecutivos de varios partidos europeos de la Izquierda también se juntaron y entre ellos, miembros del SY.RI.ZA., de la Frente de la Izquierda Francesa y del sindicato Solidaires. La presencia viva de los «P.I.I.G.S in London» fue muy notable, constituida por portugueses, irlandeses, italianos, griegos y españoles que viven en Londres.

Los líderes de los sindicatos están proyectando declarar una huelga general.

Demonstration and March: Amnesty Now – Save London Met – No to Privatisation

Students from London Metropolitan University protested yesterday in favour of full amnesty for international students and against the marketisation of higher education, the encroachment of for-profit private providers, against threatened job cuts and also demanded the immediate scraping of management’s shared-service (outsourcing and privatisation by the backdoor) initiative.

Despite that last week, the High Court judgement has decided to give an amnesty to existing international students in order complete their studies at London Met, there is still a fear that their future is jeopardised, as five hundred are currently affected by the ban on the university recruiting from outside the European Union. Hence, the protesters aimed to increase pressure on the Government in order to remove international students completely from emigration targets and no longer forcing universities to operate as outposts of the immigration service.

Protest in support of London Met students who are threatened with deportation

Over 300 activists, lecturers, and members of the University and College Union gathered outside the Home Office in central London yesterday (Sept 5th) against the UK Borders Agency’s decision to revoke the London Metropolitan Univeristy’s licence to teach international students.

The UK Border Agency removed London Metropolitan University’s trusted status – the licence for London Met Uni to accredit international students – last week, claiming their responsibilities for hosting foreign students were being abused. This decision made last week means that thousands of students enrolled at London Met could be deported, unless another university agrees to take them on. Meanwhile, a petition signed by more than 2500 people was handed in to officials, which demands an amnesty for the 2700 international students at LMU at risk of deportation.

After the congregation was addressed by a variety of speakers from many countries (including Brazil, and the US), there was a dynamic march to 10 Downing Street, closely followed and controlled by police. Demonstrators chanted “UKBA – deportations no way», «Hands off London Met», and “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts.”

Cliff Snaith, a lecturer at London Met in charge of undergraduate learning who led the petition delegation, said: “We asked them to reverse the decision and explained the misery that was being caused to our students. This is entirely unnecessary. “I also explained that the university may well be taking judicial review action against them – but as they know perfectly well, we don’t want that to need to happen. We want them to reverse the decision so that all of that expense is unnecessary – simple as that.”

Nigerian Bello Lukman, a London Met student and vice-president of Equality and Diversity at LMU’s student union, said «international students were a step away from being deported” despite having not broken the law. If the UKBA people are having problems with the university management they should deal with the university management, and not be punishing the international students”.

Snaith fears that other universities would be next. “We know that other universities have been subject to UKBA attention. We know that the UKBA rules make no sense. We don’t believe that the remit of UKBA should in any case extend to international students who are not immigrations – they are not here on a permanent basis. We do not think that UKBA have any interest whatsoever, or should have any interest whatsoever, in academic, education or teaching issues,” he supported.

London, 30 of November General Strike

EN: One of the largest anti-austerity strikes of the last three decades took place yesterday in Britain, where nearly 2,5 million workers of the public sector participated (along with 200,000 workers in Northern Ireland and 300,000 in Scotland).  The strike affected mainly schools, hospitals, courts airports and transports. It was the largest mobilization since the 1980 when the then Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher attempted to impose a broad privatization program.

In England 60% of schools remained closed, in Wales the proportion reached the 80%, in Northern Ireland the 50%, while in Scotland only 33 out of 2,700 schools were operating. Around 6,000 of the 33,000 planned surgeries cancelled 6,000 and tens of thousands of medical appointments.

In City of London there has been a banner drop in Liverpool street station stating «All power to the 99%», accompanied by a band and the Electricians have started picketing their work places. Minor clashes broke out between police and members of the movement «Occupy London» who entered the headquarters of the multinational company Xstrata. The police arrested 21 activists around Trafalgar Square.

So far, more than 34 actions have been recorder only in London (link) while Nationwide more than 438 have been listed. Massive was the demo from Lincoln’s Inn Fields to Victoria Embankment Organised by UNISON, UCU, ATL. (Below pictures and videos)

EL: Μια από τις μεγαλύτερες απεργιακές κινητοποιήσεις των τελευταίων τριών δεκαετιών πραγματοποιήθηκε χθες στη Βρετανία, όπου περίπου 2,5 εκατομμύρια εργαζόμενοι του δημόσιου τομέα συμμετείχαν (μαζί με 200.000 εργαζόμενους στη Βόρεια Ιρλανδία και 300.000 στη Σκωτία). Η απεργία επηρέασε κυρίως σχολεία, νοσοκομεία, δικαστήρια, αεροδρόμια και τις μεταφορές. Ήταν η μεγαλύτερη κινητοποίηση από το 1980, όταν η Μάργκαρετ Θάτσερ επιχείρησε να επιβάλει σκληρά προγράμματα ιδιωτικοποιήσεων.

Στην Αγγλία το 60% των σχολείων παρέμειναν κλειστά, στην Ουαλία το ποσοστό αυτό έφθασε το 80% στη Βόρεια Ιρλανδία το 50%, ενώ στη Σκωτία εργαζόταν μόνο 33 από 2.700 σχολεία συμμετείχαν. Περίπου 6.000 από τις 33.000 προγραμματισμένες χειρουργικές επεμβάσεις ακυρώθηκαν μαζί με δεκάδες χιλιάδες ιατρικά ραντεβού.

Στο Λονδίνο, στο σταθμό της Liverpool Street ανέβηκε πανό που έγραφε: «Όλη η εξουσία στα 99%»», συνοδεύόμενο από μια μπάντα. Οι ηλεκτρολόγοι ανέλαβαν δράση στους χώρους εργασίας τους. Βίαια επεισόδια μικρής, βέβαια, έκτασης ξέσπασαν μεταξύ της αστυνομίας και μέλη του κινήματος «Occupy London» που επιχείρησαν να καταλάβουν έδρα της πολυεθνικής εταιρείας Xstrata. Η αστυνομία συνέλαβε 21 ακτιβιστές γύρω από την πλατεία Τραφάλγκαρ.

Μέχρι στιγμής, περισσότερες από 34 δράσεις έχουν καταγραφεί μόνο στο Λονδίνο (link), ενώ πάνω από 438 σε ολόκληρη τη χώρα… Μαζική ήταν η πορεία από το Lincoln’s Inn Fields μέχρι το Embankment, τη διοργάνωση των οποίων ανέλαβαν τα συνδικάτα UNISON, UCU, ATL. (Ακολουθούν εικόνες και βίντεο)

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15 Oct – Occupy London

Between 4000 – 5000 people gathered in London’s Square Mile to voice their anger at the social and political inequality in the UK and beyond. OccupyLSX held its first General Assembly near St Paul’s, despite police refused to allow protesters onto Paternoster Square. The assembly was open to all, allowing attendees to voice their opinions as well as taking decisions. Together they decided the future of this occupation while some activists worked together to set up toilet’s kitchens. There are plans for workshops, talks and teach-ins.

Jane McIntyre who was planning to stay at Occupy LSX for as long as possible said:

 Whilst the illigitmate G20 finance ministers meeting is happening this weekend, people around the globe are protesting against the inequality and injustice that has arisen because of the failed economic system that governments are pushing onto people everywhere. People are saying enough is enough, we want a read democracy, not one that is based on the interests of big business and the banking system.

OccupyLSX supporter, Ronan McNern, said:

Our movement for change transcends political affiliation – you don’t have to be left or right. Come join as we begin to open up a space in London’s Square Mile to start much needed conversations about changes in the financial sector and government, so that they better serve and protect the interests and wellbeing of the country.

Vlad Teichberg, member of the Occupy Wall Street media collective said:

London – welcome to the revolution! What’s happening around the world with the spread of occupations is the beginning of a global conversation based on the principles of equality, unity and mutual respect about the future of our society. Let’s get together and we can all be part of this.

The Australian publisher, journalist,computer programmer, internet activist and editor in chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assagne, was present and gave a generic support speech. He was welcomed by the majority of the protesters but, also, there was a significant number of those who disagreed with his presence, claiming that this is a genuine direct action from below.

Julian Assange speaking to the assembly

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Sources: Occupy Britain, People’s Assemblies

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