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Greece: the battle for ERT and the difficult but necessary path from protest to political change

After the June 2012 election in Greece one of the main preoccupations of both the Greek government and the Troika (EU-IMF-ECB) representatives was to present an image of a strong government that would stand firm and would not succumb the pressure coming from a society in despair. For some time this tactic seemed to work, aided by the inability of mass protests to produce concrete positive results and the choice of the SYRIZA leadership to opt for a “ripe fruit” strategy regarding governmental power. However the ongoing struggle over the fate of Greek Public Television and Radio (ERT) has put an end to this fantasy of a strong government in a position to smoothly pass socially devastating legislation.

Resistanbul: Yes, Greece is with you!

In Turkish here For seven days now, the praised by the IMF Turkish state, has unleashed a brutal attack against civilians, who first protested against the destruction of nature in Taksim Square and then left their blood on the streets demanding the resignation of the Sultanic regime that has deprived their freedoms. These are the largest demonstrations in the history of the country, which came as a shock for politicians

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The Turkish protests and the genie of revolution

In 2011, a rebellious genie was let out of the suffocating bottle of the neoliberal world order. Ever since, world leaders have been struggling to put it back into place. This weekend, right when they started to feel that the genie had finally been contained, the revolutionary spirit arose once again in an unexpected location: in rapidly developing Turkey, a regional success story and darling of global capital and the neoliberal West.

Solidarity to the 5 of Barcelona #5brc

On 15 May 2013, by order of the Spanish National Court, 5 Catalan anarchists were arrested in their homes in the area of ​​Barcelona: Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José, administrators of Facebook pages, are accused of disseminating opinions “that have aimed to spread subversive ideas and to incite and/or commit crimes against State and capitalist interests” (Court order 17.05.2013), of participating in demonstrations where there was unrest and of involvement in “terrorist gangs”.

Democracy and Beyond

For the greek translation, click here by Amedeo Bertolo If understood to the letter a democracy must be a stateless society… Power belongs to the people insofar as the people exercise it themselves. Giovanni Sartori This article is concerned with democracy from an anarchist point of view and with anarchism from a democratic point of view. The principal question is those aspects of the two political and philosophical categories which

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Food Crisis (an article by the London Anarchist Federation)

Figures released recently by the Trussell Trust reveal that “61,500 people nationwide have received emergency food handouts from The Trussell Trust’s UK foodbanks in the last 12 months, 50% more than last year. Most foodbank recipients are not homeless; they are low-income working families who hit crisis, people who have been made redundant or people experiencing benefits delays.” Foodbanks are opening at the rate of one a week!

Αgainst the suppression of freedom of speech

In Greece, where pauperization, mass unemployment and destitution are on the rise, where many look for food in garbage bins while others are driven to suicide unable to secure shelter and welfare, the dissident media annoy and must close. In the country of violent State repression where the police now openly and shamelessly cooperate with the neo-Nazis against the movement. In the country of blatant racism and misinformation through the media, which have become disseminators of government propaganda, all other media that do not comply with the decisions taken without the majority’s consent must be closed.

Call for solidarity for Athens Indymedia

We could start complaining about legality, showing how “unconstitutional” is the behavior of the Three Powers of this dreary country called Greece: based on the Article 14 of the Greek Constitution (concerning the freedom of press) the actions of the Government and Judiciary Power are utterly “illegal and unconstitutional”, even under civil “democratic” criteria.

What is that you do not understand, mister Prime Minister?

A magazine cover showing a photoshopped image of the Greek Prime Minister with torture scars on his face, in direct reference to the Greek Police’s use of torture, sparked controversy, with MPs maintaining that it is “an invitation to terrorism”. Yet questions over the recent incident where the Greek Police presented to the public a series of photoshopped images of youths arrested on robbery charges in an attempt to hide evidence of brutality, as well as the statement by the Minister of Public Order that this was done so that they are “recognizable”, remain painfully under-addressed, while claims of torture and police brutality keep mounting.

Does contemporary capitalism function according to an organized plan?

Being aware that the majority of the scientific community and the public opinion see behind the current global economic crisis the existence of an elaborated plan, which aims at the accumulation of wealth into the hands of few oligarchs and the return to medieval working conditions, this article will clearly support the opposite: that – considering the choices of global capitalists and their facade, the banking system – there is

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