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Solidarity brochure about the persecuted anarchists of the Velvento case

On Friday February 1, 2013, a double robbery took place at the local branch of the Agricultural Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Post office in Velvento, Kozani, Greece. Following a mass police mobilization in the whole area, one person was detained in the surroundings of Ptolemaida, and three more were arrested later on during a police chase operation. From the outset of their arrest the four detainees – G. Mihailidis, D. Politis, N. Romanos and A.D Βourzoukos – declared themselves to be anarchists. The comrades were forced to stop a passing vehicle in their attempt to escape during the police chase. They avoided armed confrontation with their pursuers so as not to jeopardise the driver’s life.

Briefings from Greece: 22/2 – 1/3

Athens: Three Korydallos residents were arrested as they were heading to the demonstration outside Korydallos prison (the main prison of the country) to protest against the conditions under which prisoners are held at the prison hospital. The arrested were released two and a half hours later. Recent news reports have brought attention to the appalling conditions of the hospital where over 200 patients with cancer, heart disease, HIV, TB, hepatitis, scabies and renal insufficiency are housed next to each other in a space made for 60 patients. The following Facebook page has been promoting the issue

Statement on the situation in Ukraine – Autonomous Workers Union

Civil war began in Ukraine yesterday. A less than peaceful demonstration clashed with state defense forces and divisions formed by the adherents of the current government near the Vekhovna Rada (Parliament). On February 18, police, together with the paramilitaries, arranged a bloodbath in the governmental quarters during which numerous demonstrators were killed. Butchers from the special divisions finished off arrestees. Deputies of the ruling Party of Regions and their bourgeois lackeys from the “Communist” Party of Ukraine fled from the Parliament through an underground tunnel. The vote for constitutional amendments, intended to limit presidential power, did not take place after all.

Letter from comrade Kostas Sakkas, 17.02.2014

The current state of -permanent- exception, that constitutes an attempt to pave the way to yet another developmental invasion by the capital, unleashes an onslaught against almost all working people, confirming that class war is not only raging but is also becoming more extreme. States have always been instruments of class rule; the state is a system of social organisation that aims to reconcile the historically irreconcilable contradictions between exploiters and the exploited.

Bosnia on fire: a rebellion on Europe’s periphery

On Friday, February 7, government buildings were on fire all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its people, silent for a long time, finally decided to speak their mind. And when they did, what came out was not just words — it was a roar. It was fire, stones and heavy fighting with the police. The most impressive and symbolic picture of the first few days of the rebellion was the one depicting a burning government building in Tuzla, the city where it all began, with the graffiti “death to nationalism” written on it. Since nationalism has long been a favorite refuge of the country’s political elites, who used it to justify their political and economic oppression, this was indeed a powerful message.

Protest: No To Jobbik, BNP and Golden Dawn in London.

Successful antifascist demo took place yesterday in London outside Holborn subway station. The leader of Jobbik (hungarian far-right party) Gabor Vona, was planning to speak in Holborn to drum up support among London’s Hungarian community and the BNP members ahead of May’s European elections. The Hungarian fascist group has been forced to move the rally after the location was surrounded by protesters.

2014: One step ahead

2013, an eventful twelvemonth in the world of politics that gave us many reasons to dream or to despair, is nearly at its end. This was the year when the symbol of racial equality, Nelson Mandela, passed away (whilst the real struggle against the apartheid still goes on), the year when Venezuela mourned the death of her controversial leader, Hugo Chávez, and Britain one of the most hated representatives of the Neoliberal ideology, Margaret Thatcher. Νew political figures, leaders and demagogues, however, are emerging, such as Pepe Grillo in Italy, while once again we witnessed civil unrests and revolts that challenged governments and political regimes, with the most notable the Turkish and Brazilian uprising at the end of Spring, the massive anti-corruption protests in Bulgaria and Romania and the right-wing revolt in Ukraine.

Solidarity call for the Velvento case

 Republication from resistra Μπάτσοι, Δικαστές, Πολιτικοί, ΜΜΕ – Δεν έχετε κανένα λόγο να κοιμάστε ήσυχοι Κάλεσμα αλληλεγγύης: 29 Νοέμβρη 09: π.μ. συγκέντρωση στις Γυναικείες Φυλακές Κορυδαλλού Συνέλευση αλληλεγγύης για την υπόθεση Βελβεντού Cops, Judges, Politicians, Media – You have no reason to sleep calm at night Solidarity call: November 29, 9 am demonstration at Korydallos Women’s Prison Solidarity assembly for the Velvento case Snutar, Domare, Politikier, Media – Det finns

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Subcommandante Marcos: Anarchists welcome

In his latest communiqué Subcommandante Marcos takes a little time to respond to the anti-anarchist campaign launched by the Mexican media and part of the left. Marcos makes clear that those registered to the Escuelita who have asked the Zapatistas to not accept anarchists, and moreover “expected an apology and a purging of the registry”, are not welcome to the school. The Zapatistas invite Mexican anarchists to send them texts which will respond to the accusations against them, and which will be published on the EZLN website.

5-11 global protests with reports from London

Hundreds marched from Jubilee Gardens onto the Parliament. After the march there were several speeches that contemned the austerity policies. There was a call for Labour Party to announce that the Post Office would be brought back into public ownership at the knock-down price for which it was recently sold. Earlier in the day there had been other protests in London as a part of the day of Million Mask March, including at Brent Magistrates Court, where Unite Community Members, West London Peoples Assembly, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, Brent Housing Action and the Zacchaeus Trust were protesting at the 12,000 summonses…