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London University students show Solidarity with Greek students – Φοιτητές του London University σε ένδειξη αλληλεγγύης προς τους Έλληνες φοιτητές.

EN: In light of recent events in Greece where a peaceful act of protest by Greek students was brutally suppressed by Greek riot police, there was a flash-mob outside the Greek embassy in London for 1PM Monday (6-12). Last Thursday, one thousand Greek students, protesting government austerity plans, marched to the British embassy in Athens in solidarity with British students. On this Monday, a small group of British students gathered

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London – 30 of November 2010, Students protest against education cuts.

Students run down a side street in Westminster, avoiding the planned route and the hundreds of police officers. Earlier today, the student march split off in different directions and the police was unable to control protesters as they were taking over several main roads. The group last reported to be at St Pauls have marched down Embankment and joined with other protesters at Trafalgar Square. It was followed by riot

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