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“To Work at Fukushima, You Have to Be Ready to Die”

Interview: Specialist on Japan, the sociologist Paul Jobin ( Director, French Center for Research on Contemporary China) has studied workplace conditions for workers in the nuclear industry. He offers us his analysis at a moment when those workers are attempting to get a hold on the situation at the Japanese power plant heavily damaged by the earthquake. We read that they are sleeping on the hard soil, that they have

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Greece: More than 20 hurt in Keratea

14th of April – Citizens of Keratea village once again were attacked by the police. More than 20 were injured, while many of them were hospitalised as they faced respiratory problems due to heavy use of tear gases and expired chemicals by the police. According to Occupied London, “In the early hours of April 14, people dug a two-meter deep ditch across the Lavriou Highway, leading to Keratea – permanently

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Thousands marched in Madrid, protests continue in Croatia…

While most of the right-wing media, especially the tabloid ones, are welcoming cuts and tough austerity plans, trying to convince us that “the austerity measures are necessary in order to save the economy” (but in fact, to save the banker’s wealth), thousands of students (3,000 according to police sources, and 10,000  according to the organisers) were marching in Madrid yesterday condemning unemployment, the lack of opportunities and privatisation. Under the

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Ireland:70 Billion Bank Bailout Most Expensive April Fool in History

On the 1st of April 2011 the Irish government got in on the April Fool’s game early, by announcing yet another visit to the trough for the endless bailing out of the country’s basket case banks to the tune of 70 billion euros. Anyone remember when Brian Lenihan swore on his life that 40 billion was definitely the last of it? My how we laughed… The truly desperate twist to

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International Cry: Underreported Struggles #48, (3 important documentaries)

In this month’s Underreported Struggles: Barriere Lake Algonquins discover a Canadian mining company working on their land; Indigenous leaders blast the Bangladesh government for not recognizing the Jumma as “Indigenous Peoples”; UK mining giant Vedanta Resources reportedly brands the Dongria Kondh “terrorists”. The Kayan community of Long Teran finally gained recognition for their native customary rights over their ancestral lands in Sarawak. In a recent ruling, the Miri High Court

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Fukushima… the war is lost..

(Greek translation follows after the English text). The plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power said the reactors would be scrapped, and warned that the operation to contain the nuclear crisis could last months

London: Protest on March 26th

More than 400.000 marched today in central London today in a spontaneous demonstration. The protestors shouted slogans against government austerity measures which force the bulk of the population, and especially public sector workers, to pay for the economic crisis which erupted out of the banking sector two years ago.

250,000 in anti-nuclear protests in Germany

26 of March [1] More than 200,000 people took part in anti-nuclear protests in Germany on Saturday on the eve of state elections where criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s nuclear policies has already given her opposition the edge. Organisers called it the biggest anti-nuclear demonstration Germany has seen, with police estimating 100,000 turned out in Berlin alone. Hamburg, Munich and Cologne also saw big rallies. Protesters called for all of

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Protests in Brussels, down with Νeoliberalism

Members of trade unions from Belgium and throughout Europe participated as well but the Belgian security forces attempted to disperse the crowd. They used water cannons and pepper spray to keep protesters away from the area around EU office headquarters. The demonstrators responded with stones, but failed to break the ranks of security forces who used tear gas as well. Cameras recorded wild clashes between demonstrators and police. Security measures were draconian. The helicopter which was flying over the site reported the presence of hundreds of police officers in the streets.

Arab world: Further News

News from Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Libya, Egypt’s newest trade union was established on Thursday, Algeria: Residents of a slum in Oued Koreiche, a suburb of Algiers clashed with the police in a protest against discontinuance of water and electricity in their homes, LIBYA: A French warplane has reportedly crashed in the Libyan city of Sirte…