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Greece: The popular assembly of Syntagma calls for the blockade of Parliament

Last night (June 11th) the popular assembly of Syntagma square announced a call to blockade the Greek parliament ahead of the voting of the so-called Mid-term agreement between the Greek government and the troika (IMF/ECB/EU).

Spain: Anonymous takes down National Police website #OpPolicia

aturday the infamous, international Internet hactivist collective known as Anonymous launched a successful DDoS attack against the Spanish National Police website. The attack is a direct response to the Friday arrests of three individuals alleged to be associated with acts of cyber civil disobedience attributed to Anonymous.

Police Stations Set Aflame in Egypt and Algeria

In Egypt, enraged protesters pelted a police station in Cairo and torched a police vehicle following the death of Mohammad Nasr, a bus driver who was beaten to death by police. Since the ousting of Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, abuse by Mubarak’s police who remain in Egypt has been commonplace. Though many times these incidents have been met with angry responses by the Egyptian people, whose newly awakened solidarity motivates them to continue fighting these cases of injustice.

Greece: Urgent Call for International Solidarity

Greece is at a critical turning point, and many critical changes are taking place in a societal as well as a political and economic level. The disintegration and dissolution of the dominant – until recently – model of power and exploitation is more than evident, so it defines what is commonly called ‘crisis. […] However, the resistance has never stopped for a part of the Greek society and the proletariat. Occasionally, declarations for general strikes are surrounded in a different degree by people who actively resist and express their willingness to fight against the conditions imposed by the State and Capital.

Indignados in London

Since the 23rd of May, a few hundreds of Spaniards who reside in London fill the square around the Spanish Embassy and organise assemblies in support of the movement of Indignados for Real Democracy in Spain. What unites them is the indignation for all that is happening in Spain and in the world…


We welcome all those who respond to our call, citizens of any country. We are ordinary people, like you. People dealing with similar problems, concerns and susceptibilities, people from different parts of the world, who unite our voices under a common purpose: to contribute, in our own way, with counter-information as our only weapon, to the radical transformation of things.

London University students show Solidarity with Greek students – Φοιτητές του London University σε ένδειξη αλληλεγγύης προς τους Έλληνες φοιτητές.

EN: In light of recent events in Greece where a peaceful act of protest by Greek students was brutally suppressed by Greek riot police, there was a flash-mob outside the Greek embassy in London for 1PM Monday (6-12). Last Thursday, one thousand Greek students, protesting government austerity plans, marched to the British embassy in Athens in solidarity with British students. On this Monday, a small group of British students gathered

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