Symposium in Athens (Greece) on Postanarchism / Διήμερο μετα-αναρχισμού στην Αθήνα

ΕΝ: In an era of global capitalist crisis and revolts, it is necessary for the progressive movement to give new answers to a series of questions:

  • How do we understand the rebellions of Athens, Paris and Cairo?
  • Who are those who take to the streets?
  • What could be a subversive political proposal?
  • What is post-anarchism?

On 25 and 26 November with the presence of Saul Newman, Todd May and Benjamin Noys, we organize a weekend of suggestions and criticism putting into perspective the need for a modern liberatory project.

Saul Newman: Professor of Political Theory at Goldsmiths College in London. He is the author of a number of books and is considered the «father» of post-anarchism.

Todd May: Professor of Political Philosophy at Clemson University in the U.S.. He is the author of several books such as The Political Philosophy of Poststructuralist Anarchism.

Benjamin Noys: Professor of Critical Theory at the University of Chichester in England. He is the author of books such as The Culture of Death, Georges Batailles …

Post Anarchist Forum

ΕL: Σε μια περίοδο παγκόσμιας καπιταλιστικής κρίσης και εξεργέσεων είναι ανάγκη το προοδευτικό κίνημα να δώσει νέες απαντήσεις σε μια σειρά από ερωτήματα:

  • Πώς καταλαβαίνουμε τις εξεγερσεις στην Αθήνα, το Παρίσι, το Κάϊρο;
  • Ποιοί είναι αυτοί που κατεβαίνουν στους δρόμους;
  • Ποιά μπορεί να είναι η ανατρεπτική κινηματική πολιτική πρόταση;
  • Τι είναι ο μετα-αναρχισμός;

Στις 25 και 26 Νοεμβρίου με την παρουσία των Saul Newman, Todd May και Benjamin Noys, διοργανώνουμε ένα διήμερο προβληματισμού, προτάσεων και κριτικής στο πλαίσιο των σημερινών συνθηκών και την ανάγκη ενός σύγχρονου απελευθερωτικού προτάγματος.

Saul Newman: Καθηγητής πολιτικής θεωρίας στο Goldsmiths College του Λονδίνου. Είναι συγγραφέας αριθμού βιβλίων και θεωρείται ο «πατέρας» του μετα-αναρχισμού. 

Todd May Καθηγητής πολιτικής φιλοσοφίας στο Clemson University στις ΗΠΑ. Είναι συγγραφέας αρκετών βιβλιών με κυριότερο Η ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ ΦΙΛΟΣΟΦΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΜΕΤΑ-ΑΝΑΡΧΙΣΜΟΥ.

Benjamin Noys: Καθηγητής της κριτικής θεωρίας στο University of Chichester στην Αγγλία. Είναι συγγραφέας βιβλίων όπως The Culture of Death, Georges Batailles …

Μετα-αναρχικό φόρουμ

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Minutes for the People’s Assembly in Gillet Square 22th August 2011

An assembly of 35-45 people took place yesterday, 22 August, 3.30pm – 5.30pm in Gillet square Tottenham consisting of the Spanish 15M group, British, Greek and other activists of diverse nationalities. The issues discussed were as follows:

Overview of the general situation:
-In Spain general elections took place but the results do not mean anything. The politicians don’t listen to the people. They only do what is good for big business. We are trying to find solutions together. Everything started when a group of Spaniards set up assemblies outside the Spanish Embassy in London. Everyday, everyone had the chance to speak about ideas, communities.
-The Olympic games will not create any job at all. Nobody listens to us
-The whole problem is the system. From here to America and all over the world. Money is destructive. We need to believe that we change the system.
-There are deeper reasons that caused the riots. Protests are taking place everywhere. We have to go to different areas and talk to the people. Got involved also in anti-cuts campaign.
– We should start getting focused on the anti-cuts campaign and provide ideas about how to change the whole system.
-There is extreme alienation in this community. The political system is corrupt. Police and media have been involved in massive scandals. If there is one thing that united people, this was the hatred against media and police. They call it violence but Britain has created wars.
-We can stop the cuts. Cuts have strong relationship with these riots. I live in an area where many people have been affected by the cuts. We must be focused on what we can do to change this situation.
-We have to fight capitalism but we have to create situations.
-The problem is not just economic. It is political. Capitalism sets as and its imaginary (accumulation of wealth, the extreme adherence to production and unlimited growth) has created such terrible problems. We need a system that promotes other values, most of all, political participation and egalitarianism.
-What we see nowadays is the criminalisation of poverty and an attempt to scapegoat populations. Violence is not useful and of course doesn’t achieve anything. The problem is not only capitalism but this particular capitalism. I call it existential capitalism but I believe that there is no perfect system. There is no absolute solution, no blue print. That’s why we have to sit down and discuss. Neoliberalism has created this massive alienation, this is a proof of its failure…
-The problem is both political and economical. The austerity package has been imposed by the politicians that promote their neoliberal plan.

Discussions regarding how can we organise assemblies:
– We need to speak with other people, handout leaflets, spread information, use a strategic such like a normal event
There was a debate about the issue whether we should move from place to place or stay in the same area, integrate with the community and later on expand it.
-We should get in contact with local communities, with different ethnic communities. But for the moment it is a good idea to carry out here.
-We have to stay in a place because the problem is not only how to understand capitalism but to understand also the local problems and their relation with capitalism. We need to speak more about how to find ways to act (peacefully). We need to invite more people.
-We should imitate Athens. We spend too much time in theoretical analysis which is good, but we need more action.
-We need to organise a campaign via poetry, art and images. Explain the people what is the benefit of the assemblies. We need to go to council estates areas also.
-We need structure. We must go to different events and talk to people. Musicians can spread the word.

1) Meet here for at least 2 weeks (voted yes)
2) Getting involved in council estates and talk with the residents.
-Possible solutions and not just discussions
-We need a calendar so people would know that every Sunday we will have an assembly.
-Use social networks. Prepare a specific manifesto. The Real Democracy manifesto was simple and easy to understand. That’s why they succeed…

There was some more discussion regarding the manifesto:
-It should be focused on how it could rise awareness and direct peaceful action
-We need some anti-globalisation from a humanistic perspective
-We need to say that we don’t have the absolute solutions to the problems but we need to sit down and discuss about that.
-Everyone should be included in this assemblies
-Corporations and banks have to work for their own. People’s assemblies need to set up their own institutions.
-The problem is not the economy but the institutions of the society.

United for Global Change, October 15th

       On October 15th citizens around the world will take to the streets to express outrage at how our rights are being undermined by the alliance between politicians and big corporations. From Democracia real Ya (Real Democracy Now) we invite you to participate in this peaceful protest by joining our call to action or by calling for other actions on this date. It is time to raise our voice. Our future is at stake, and nothing can hold back the power of millions of people when they unite for a common goal.

Democracia real Ya is a platform that originated in Spain to coordinate various civil mobilization groups. Under the slogan “We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers”, thousands of people took to the streets on May 15th to demand a more participatory democracy, to reject corruption in Spain’s political system, and to show our opposition to the austerity measures imposed on us. Following the success of that first demonstration, several movements emerged. Acampadas (tent cities) were set up in central squares across the country, much like the first occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo. The acampadas gave rise to popular assemblies, where citizens shape their goals through an inclusive non-hierarchal decision making process. The May 15 movement soon expanded beyond Spanish borders and inspired actions in numerous cities around the world, including a mass demonstration against the Euro Pact last June 19th.

Pressured by financial powers, our political leaders work for the benefit of just a few, regardless of the social, human or environmental cost this may cause. By promoting wars for profit and impoverishing whole populations, our ruling classes are depriving us of our right to a free and just society.

That’s why we invite you to join this peaceful fight and spread the message that together we have the ability to change this intolerable situation. Let’s take to the streets on October 15th. It’s time for them to listen to us. United we will make our voices heard!

You can find the facebook event here

You can find Democracia Real Platform here

the call in greek here

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Athens – Municipality cops and riot police evacuate protest camp

Syntagma Square

After a presence of 60days

At 04:20, 4 Riot team squads circling each side entered the revolutionary camp. A small team of police officers with a D.I. (drill instructor) entered from the lower side. The Riot guards surrounded the protesters while the D.I. stated that the protest and the camp were declared illegal, due to a Greek law about camping on public urban spaces.

Syntagma square camps

The Municipality cops and state police entered the square shortly afterwards covered by the Riot police and began to destroy the camp at Syntagma Square together with the banners and made some arrests. This is very provoking since the square had already announced that they will remove the tents in a few days when the parliament will close for August holidays. They could not wait for a couple more days they had to show their force probably in an attempt to provoke violence once again. Any attempt of reasoning or peaceful resistance was answered with soft to mild force by the police.

The Riot squads forced the majority of the protesters out of the square. 8 arrests were made during this process. After forced out of the square, any attempt even to cross the road was answered with mild force and mild violence.

Our attempts to persuade the D.I. about the questionable legality of the decision were futile. Any equipment that was not salvaged fast enough including the medical equipment was destroyed. 3 hours after the initial action from the police and while the salvaged food and equipment were being loaded into cars, police arrested one of the campers with the charges of “assaulting a police officer”.

The story begins with the statements by the mayor of Athens saying that the tents and the other facilities are a bad image for tourism. At the same time the central square of Athens, Omonoia is still inaccessible because tons of garbage is everywhere. It seems that the mayor and the authorities are in particular concern only for the places that people are resisting. This action came only a few hours after another squat eviction which took place earlier last night.

Initiallly published on: People’s Assemblies

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Minutes for the People’s Assembly in Trafalgar Square 24th July 2011

An assembly of 25-30 people took place yesterday, 24th July, 6.30pm – 8.30pm in Trafalgar square, London consisting of Spanish 15M group, British activists and others of diverse nationalities.

Reports from Spain, UK and Europe:

In Spain – assemblies being held every week in Madrid and at least twice/month in smaller towns and villages. Indignados just marched to Madrid from routes all over Spain arriving on 23rd July. Plaza del Sol has once again been occupied. Good atmosphere – groups from different routes told their experiences. The struggle continues. Successes in stopping housing evictions (although not successful everywhere.)

An assembly from a village in the Basque country has gained executive powers as the local mayor is accepting its decisions. Success in chasing off police racist stop and search raids in Madrid. However police repression is increasing especially in Barcelona.

UK – Last week a solidarity letter to Syntagma Sq Assembly Greece was made.
23rd Jul Solidarity March and manifestation in Trafalgar square, London took place. As did in Paris, France and other European cities – all connected in solidarity via live streaming.

Notification of events leading up to 15th October

3 wks ago, an International meeting of indignants in Lisbon. Plans and good ideas came out of it:
-March from Madrid to Brussels starting 17th Sep to arrive 15th Oct – idea to involve all Europeans.
-Idea to continue march on to London for 5th Nov.
-In USA – New York a call out to occupy Wall St, Freedom Plaza with possible camp 17th Sep.
-In UK a letter is being sent to wide range of groups inviting them to take part on Oct 15th. So far no letter yet for ordinary citizens.

15th Oct: open discussion on preparation took place

 Consensus on necessity for local assemblies (once or twice/ month). Aims: counter centralisation – local is v.important – reach out to areas where people most disenfranchised and can get support through confronting real local issues. Promote Oct 15th.
2 Suggestions – i) Local assembly in Kilburn in August. Pilar agreed to make flyers to disseminate in area.
ii)Local assembly in park in September when many returned from holidays (possibly Victoria Park) with camp Saturday and Sunday assembly – suggested by Simon Moore (peace activist.)
Both suggestions have supporters wishing to organise working groups to follow up.
-Consensus on continuing weekly Sunday Trafalgar Square assembly.

-Thursday 28th July 8pm – Online meeting for UK movement. Discuss UK situation (website and 15th Oct) – Taking place in the chat room at
-Agreement for an Open Planning Meeting for Oct 15th (indoors i.e ULU) – wide range of groups to be invited. Organisation for this will be in August assemblies or working group.
-A Facebook page connected with assembly exists in facebook. You can post comments videos there etc.

Planning for next week’s Sunday Assembly (31/07)

News from various countries and UK
Brief presentation of political, social, economic situation in the UK. (why change is needed here)
Explanation “Why we are here” (for onlookers/newcomers)
iv) Open discussion (chance for newcomers’ voices)
v) Further proposals (i.e local assemblies, Oct 15th)
vi) Prepare next week’s Agenda

A banner with the words “People’s Assembly” will be prepared. (Possibly use the one Chris & Camilla have in future)
It was agreed we’ll print leaflets to describe assembly, our collective situation in Europe/World, inviting everyone to speak/listen. Andy will write text. José will format and print. Leaflets will be handed out before assembly to people around Trflgr Sq – inviting them to participate.
Anticipating possible higher attendance important we organise well – ie moderator/facilitator/turn keeper/ minute taker etc. Arrive prompt at 6pm!!
Posters with slogans to be placed in assembly circle i.e “They don’t represent us!” “We don’t represent any group” etc.
Suggestion to have agenda on sign for all to see.
Also suggested each person invites 2 friends to come along.

Finally… A young Hungarian had questions and a debate with him took place which was cut short. It was suggested in future situations like this we could be flexible and allow this or designate a few people to explain i.e why we don’t have democracy at present.