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Eviction Ubica

After nine month procedures, the higher court decided on Friday that the squatters had to leave the building by Monday. The squatters, on their side, decided not to wait until Monday. “The authorities choose the confrontation. Vloet (owner of the buildings, red.), the judge and the City have chosen this path. If that’s what they want, well they can get it”, according to a statement made by the squatters.

Spain: Thousands marched for Public Health in Madrid

More than 60,000 health workers and citizens marched yesterday in the streets of Madrid, rejecting privatization attempts, dismantling and Public Health cuts. Among the attendees has been the general secretary of the CCOO union Madrid, Rosa Square, who opposed privatization, claiming that the regional government disregards the opinion of its citizens by not taking into account the outcome of consultation that took place last week. The secretary of UGT, Mari

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Greece: government orders civil mobilization against striking teachers

This weekend the Greek government ordered striking teachers back to work. The union of secondary school teachers(OLME) had voted on strike action to take place starting this week. In an attempt to stifle the strike before it could begin the government issued civil mobilisation orders. Under such an order a worker must return to work or face arrest.

Greece: Latest updates on Golden Dawn, racism and antisemitism

A report released by the Council of Europe says that Greece could legally ban the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party, which has been linked to a number of violent, racist attacks. The 32-page report by the France-based council was issued Tuesday by its human rights commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, following a fact-finding mission to Greece earlier this year. The report said Muiznieks was “seriously concerned by the increase in racist and other hate crimes in Greece,” and that “a number of the reported attacks have been linked to members or supporters, including MPs, of the neo-Nazi political party ‘Golden Dawn.’ ”

Message from anarchists in Turkey

Our sentimental brother Mr. Arinc (islamist Turkish politician, Vice-Prime Minister) has said that «some anarchist groups were coming to cause destruction by using May 1st as an excuse; they were planning to use these celebrations in order to cause destruction against our government, our state. Our police and security forces were aware of their plans and that is why we forbade them to enter Taksim». We guess when the «there

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Against the marketization of the university

The crisis in higher education is the result of a privatized culture of management. This is a plea for turning universities back over to the sciences. Over the last 1.5 years, the VU University Amsterdam has been embroiled in a battle against the severe budgetary cuts pursued by the Dutch government. The university board — consisting of three members, one of whom is the former CEO of a port company

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Athens: Cops detained comrades during solidarity action with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station

In the morning of April 24th, as part of solidarity actions with counter-information media that were recently gagged by the Greek State with the aid of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos, a large banner was placed at Propylaea on Panepistimiou street in downtown Athens, that reads: “Raise your voice – Fight against state censorship – &” while a red and black flag was raised on the building, replacing their Greek national…

Greek employer opens fire on migrant workers

Nea Manolada, Greece: 20-30 strawberry pickers from Bangladesh got shot by the foremen of their employer when approximately 80 migrant workers gathered to demand six-months’ unpaid wages. According to local media four were seriously injured. The employer has been arrested while the foremen are still on the run.

Thousands attended anti-Thatcher protest in London

At least 3000 students, activists and former miners converged last Saturday in Trafalgar Sqaure, London to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death, four days before her funeral (April 17). The woman who implemented the theories of the Chicago School, giving birth to Neoliberalism in the 1980s, continues to divide Britain even after her death.

Call for solidarity for Athens Indymedia

We could start complaining about legality, showing how “unconstitutional” is the behavior of the Three Powers of this dreary country called Greece: based on the Article 14 of the Greek Constitution (concerning the freedom of press) the actions of the Government and Judiciary Power are utterly “illegal and unconstitutional”, even under civil “democratic” criteria.