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Over 250.000 marched in Greece

Wednesday 23d of February, day of general strike and demonstration in Greece. Demonstrations in many cities, including Thessaloniki, Patra, Ioannina, Kozani, Agrinio, Naxos, Rethymno, Volos, Arta, Heraklion, Larisa, Serres, Kefallonia, Mytilene, took place. Most of the Western media, especially BBC, Associated Press, Telegraph, Yahoo News, Reuters and CNN, continue spreading their vile neo-liberal propaganda against the Greek people by distorting the truth regarding what actually happened today in Greece. This

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Keratea: First victim of police brutality

Greece: A young pregnant mother suffered shock distraught when riot police entered into her apartment in the village of Keratea, and savagery began firing chemicals in every direction without considering anything.

Crowd suppression military exercises, in the framework of NATO and European Army

New complaints from soldiers come to reveal the determined decision of the Greek government, NATO and EU for organic accession and involvement of military forces in operations against the internal enemy, and more specifically in the repression of demonstrations and uprisings, that are considered as Asymmetric Threats by the world’s modern urban elites. According to the complaints of soldiers from various battalions of the 71st Airborne Brigade PONTOS, based in

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Greece: Hunger strike continues

[1] Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 19 days now. The signs of fatigue and physical weakness are now apparent. According to the doctors’ team, their weight loss is now up to 15% of their bodyweight on the first day of the fast. They are determined to continue the hunger strike.. Today, among other messages of

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The Albanian mass protests of 2011

[1] Three people were shot dead in Tirana yesterday as protesters and police clashed in what Albania‘s prime minister Sali Berisha called an opposition attempt to foment a Tunisia-style uprising. Supporters of the opposition socialist party, which refuses to accept the result of a 2009 election, protested outside Berisha’s office against what they see as official corruption and electoral fraud. Some pelted the building and police with stones, sticks and

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Greece: Athens’s calling. News from Menidi and Keratea

5/1/2011: A policeman of the “DI.A.S” motorcycle force ran over a 6-year old girl in the area of Menidi in NE Athens. The six-year old girl was signing the carols with another child. In Greece, the 6th of January is the Epiphany day and many children sing carols. According to eye-witnesses he dragged the child for about 150 meters and did not stop to help. The officer has been detained

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Inter-state preparations for ‘the enemy within’

The first recorded exercise for demonstrations’ suppression by the Greek army forces was held on 13 March 2002 in Veria (northern Greece). It was part of the 2nd Army Corps’ training, which was prepared for ‘pacification missions’ for the treatment of demonstrators. The pretext was the preparation of ‘pacification missions’ in order to handle ‘disorderly groups’ within civilian population. Between 13 and 15 June 2006 in the 951th Military Police

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Greece: The “battle” of Keratea

Keratea is a municipality of the Greek prefecture of Attica located around 10 miles south of Athens International Airport. Recently it reached the headlines of several Greek newspapers and it became the first issue on many news channels as serious clashes erupted between locals and the riot police. Everything started when some developers decided to construct a waste burial site in the village. This means that all the domestic rubbish

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New media law threatens freedom of expression in Hungary

Hungary’s newly adopted media law will impose potentially wide-ranging restrictions on freedom of expression, Amnesty International warned today. In a move unprecedented within the European Union, the Law on Media and the Freedom of Press, coming into force on 1 January 2011, imposes the same restrictions on all media content, whether broadcast, print or web-based, whether public or privately owned. It also grants broad powers to a new media authority

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London – 30 of November 2010, Students protest against education cuts.

Students run down a side street in Westminster, avoiding the planned route and the hundreds of police officers. Earlier today, the student march split off in different directions and the police was unable to control protesters as they were taking over several main roads. The group last reported to be at St Pauls have marched down Embankment and joined with other protesters at Trafalgar Square. It was followed by riot

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