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28th of March protest in London

A huge floating inflatable model of a vice crushing a pound sign headed the march down to Whitehall, past Downing street and Parliament, and on to the Department of Education. Police estimated 6,500 participants, with the organisers claiming a couple of thousand more. Policing was fairly low key, although the Education Activist Network bloc had extra attention, and police rolled out their “baby-blue” tabarded “liaison officers” (most of whom are actually intelligence officers)…

Action at Minister Giannitsis speech in the Netherlands

Greeks living in the Netherlands made an intervention exposing lies and inaccurate information during his speech.It was made clear that the nature of reforms and measures for the so called growth is nothing more than the same neoliberal recipes that have been applied to many countries around the world…

Spain: Thousands in the streets against labor reforms

Massive protests against government’s plan for labour reform took place this Sunday in 60 Spanish cities. These are the first mobilizations after the announcement of a general strike on Μarch 29 against the policies of the conservative ruling Popular Party under Mariano Rachoi. The measures include reduction of the redundancy pay to 33 days of work per year (from 45 today), reduction in wage raises, as well as plans for industrial reforms and cuts in spending of 8.9 billion, and a freeze on the public sector wages bill…

Barcelona student strike against austerity met with police violence

Today’s demonstration, or as it was labelled here in Catalunya, a student strike, was held for a combination of reasons around university staff pay and conditions, general concerns about the privatisation of education, and in solidarity with the Valencian students who had recently been brutally attacked by the boys in blue for the temerity to demand the heating to be turned on when it was freezing cold. Police violence had been a recurring theme in discussions and placards at the protest.

Spain on the streets

A peaceful protest against education cuts took place in Valencia this Monday. Riot police forces violently dispersed the peaceful demo and beat up several protesters. Τhere are at least 26 detained, including six children, and five were wounded. As the El Publico reported, hundreds of students took to the streets and encircled the University of Valencia…

Workers’ control in Greece: Eleftherotypia’s workers are back with their own newspaper

From Wednesday, Feb. 15th, kiosks all over the country are displaying one more newspaper next to the usual ones, a newspaper written by its own workers. This is a newspaper which not only aims at bringing the fight of Eleftherotypia’s workers to the fore, but also seeks to be a newspaper giving real information, especially at such critical times for Greece….

Greece: 12-2 / Revolt begins as the regime votes in favour of the EU

Parliament passes the vote in favour of the Second Memorandum despite the voices of the Greek people for default. 190 MPs voted “yes” ignoring the angry voices of the protesters who gathered outside of the Parliament to express their anger and disapproval of the tactics of the EU backed regime. A peaceful protest was organised by the major trade unions GESEE and ADEDY at 17:00 outside Syntagma square. Around 1 million Athenians responded to the call. Violent clashes broke out between some militant demonstrators and riot squads a few minutes later when some police officers attempted to brutally attack the crowd by throwing excessive amounts of tear gas… Continue reading »

Greece: General Strike

Protesters took to the streets of Athens for an emergency General Strike (organised by the two major trade unions GSEE and ADEDY) against new austerity measures that will allegedly include a 20% decrease of the national minimum wage and a subsequent cut in unemployment benefits. Despite heavy rain, the participation was high enough. The protesters gathered in front of Syntagma square, shouted slogans against the government, the troika, and the European Union, and burned a German flag and a flag with the swastika.

Anti-IMF clashes in Romania

Clashes erupted between protesters and police in a rally held on Saturday evening in the capital of Romaina, Bucharest, against the government’s plans for health privatization following the resignation of the Minister of Health Raed Arafat. Angry protesters flung stones against riot squads, who responded with tear gas and arrests. At least nine people were injured and hospitalised. The president of Romania Traian Băsescu withdrew the bill, while admitted that he

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Italy: Fascist opens fire killing two

Florence 14-12: A 50-year-old Italian fascist, Gianluca Casseri, who according to “LaRepublica”  was associated with Casa Pound – a neo-fascist organization –  opened fire, killing two Senegalese street vendors, and critically injured three others. After the incident, Casseri was hunted down by a group of angry immigrants, and persecution by the police followed. A few minutes later Casseri committed suicide. However, other sources claim that the murderer was killed by armed police

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