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In Brazil, the mask of democracy is falling

Brazil is still a poor country, inhabited by a population that is generally poor by global standards. The minimum wage, despite successive wage increases over the last years, is still a bad joke: 678 R$, which makes 242 Euros. Many workers live very far away from their workplace, which means they have to buy numerous tickets to get there. At the end of a month, another 20 cents can make the difference between eating and not eating. A number of low-paid workers, when they were interviewed by the media, have effectively admitted that due to the bus fare increase, they would have to go to sleep on an empty stomach more often than before.

Fresh student protests in Chile

Almost 150.000 Chilean students and protesters took the streets of Santiago in a number of cities on Thursday (April 11), demanding free education. The protest was mostly non-violent until the provocative stance of the police fueled massive reactions and violence erupted. Some threw stones and Molotov cocktails against the riot forces who responded with tear gas and water canons.