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150,000+ demonstrate for social justice in Israel

By Jérôme E. Roos, Written on July 31, 2011, (Initially published on Roarmag) For two weeks already, angry Israelis have been camped out in squares across the country. Last night, the protests culminated into an historic march. The world is shaking, and the revolutionary wave washing across the Mediterranean is still going strong. Indeed, for the past two weeks, there have been ample signs that the Arab Spring might be spreading

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“To Work at Fukushima, You Have to Be Ready to Die”

Interview: Specialist on Japan, the sociologist Paul Jobin ( Director, French Center for Research on Contemporary China) has studied workplace conditions for workers in the nuclear industry. He offers us his analysis at a moment when those workers are attempting to get a hold on the situation at the Japanese power plant heavily damaged by the earthquake. We read that they are sleeping on the hard soil, that they have

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Fukushima… the war is lost..

(Greek translation follows after the English text). The plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power said the reactors would be scrapped, and warned that the operation to contain the nuclear crisis could last months

Japan Raises Nuclear Alert

The possible meltdown of reactors at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant is a reminder of how desperately unsuitable nuclear power is as a response to climate change. At time of writing, it’s still not clear what precisely has happened at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, let alone what else is in store before the situation is brought under control.

The struggle continues…

1) Demonstrations Erupt Against U.S. and French Supported Regime in Djibouti. 2) Despite threats from Egypt’s new military government that the wave of strikes which has swept the country will no longer be tolerated, 15,000 workers at Misr Spinning and Weaving in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra are continuing a strike and sit in.

Call for Solidarity from Indonesia

Call for solidarity from Indonesia Dear Comrades, We are small loose collective (informal) in Yogyakarta, located in central Java, a region considered as “special territory” inside the democratic state due to its historical role as a Kingdom of Java, and for the same reason, some of the old feudal rules still preserved inside the so called democratic state. Since 2007 we have involved in creating solidarity with the peasant struggle

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