Kurdistan – a people’s quest for freedom and democratic autonomy

This document will summarize what is happening in Syria and Rojava (Western Kurdistan). There are many ethnic and religious communities living in Syria. One of these is the Kurds. We will give a summary of what the Kurds have gone through in the past three years, from bloody conflict to their approach to war, attacks on their region and their proposals for a solution. What we present here may appear to be a Kurdish proposal for peace; however, we believe that if applied more broadly, it could be a model for a peaceful and democratic Syria as a whole.
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Extreme police repression in Turkey leaves many wounded and one dead

According to Roarmag, last night, large parts of Istanbul were covered in clouds of tear gas in what appears to be the most violent crackdown of the authorities on the peaceful protests opposing Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian rule so far.

At 9pm with only a 15 minutes warning the police attacked Gezi park which was at that time filled with peaceful protesters, among them children, elderly and tourists. In less than half an hour the park was cleared from protesters and the police started tearing down tents, banners, infirmaries and community spaces that were set up by the protesters. A lot of people sought refuge in the hotels surrounding Gezi Park, with Divan Hotel opening its doors to the wounded and being turned into an emergency hospital.

The violence of the police last night was unprecedented, with water cannons shooting water at a hospital entrance, police firing tear gas inside buildings and apartments, attacking the Divan Hotel arresting doctors and the injured alike. Widespread rumours suggest that the water from the water cannons has been treated with some kind of chemical, causing skin and eyes to burn.

So far one protester lost his life after being run over by a police vehicle (see first video).

Doctors arrested for treating protesters

In a reaction to the violent crackdown, hundreds of thousands of Istanbullus took to the streets, marching on highways and across the bridge over the Bosporus in order to join their fellow-Capulers in the area around Taksim Square. All night long protestors tried to advance towards the centre, only to be met with more police violence. Reports of the army and military police being brought in feed fears of escalation of the conflict, especially in the light of the provocative AKP-rally that is organised by Erdogan in Istanbul today.

In Ankara the violence continued as well, with reports of dozens of protestors being hospitalized after being hit in the head or the chest by tear gas canisters, which are used as bullets and fired directly at the protestors by the police.

Funeral of Ethem Sarısülük in Ancara, killed by police bullet on June 1st

Istanbul, a completely naked protester stands firmly against the police.

The Taksim Solidarity Platform called for rallies at 16:00 (IST) today, with marches being organized in the following towns across the country: Edirne, Bursa, Antep, Konya, Trabzon, Tarsus, Adana, Çaycuma, Çanakkale, Antalya, Samsun, Eskisehir, Antakya, Izmir, Mersin.

Meanwhile, media reporters were not allowed to enter Gezi Park whilst many of them have are not even allowed to record in İstanbul and in Ankara. Government figures have continued blunt lies, spreading spite and malice through the media and municipality in İstanbul stops public transportation to stop people reach at Taksim. The families of those who have been taken into custody do not know where they have been taken in İstanbul while the thousands of people attending to the funeral of Ethem Sarısülük (who was killed by a police bullet) have been violently attacked by police in Ankara and the municipality of Ankara has stopped public transportation services to prevent people from attending the funeral. Almost all of the international conventions that Turkey has been a party to regarding human rights have been breached.

People marching to Taksim on TEM (Trans European Motorway) right now, while Turkey’s EU minister Egemen Bağış said in a televised interview tonight, hours after the police’s intervention, that everyone who enters Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the heart of the nearly 20-day-long protests, will be considered a terrorist!

Ankara: thousands of people are now marching to protest state repression, in solidarity with OccupyGezi and Taksim

Amazing response of the people in Istanbul, protesters from all districts of Istanbul are heading towards#Taksim Square.

People are building barricades again in Istanbul

Police setting fire protesters’ symbols, flags and signs in Gezi Parki (Istanbul)

Attacking people *inside* Divan Hotel with tear gas (Istanbul)

Aerial view showing the amount of tear gas used to clear OccupyGezi. The police have fired water cannon and tear gas to drive away protesters from both Istanbul’s Taksim Square and Gezi Park, hours after Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan demanded the square to be »evacuated».

In solidarity with the protesters in Turkey

These protests are not about the trees; they are about a particular logic of government that violently imposes neoliberalism irrespective of the people.

Originally posted on the Collettivo Prezzemolo blog.

The conviction that Turkey is a success story of economic growth and democratization holds on a number of assumptions. It reduces economic prosperity to the numerical increase in the GDP while ignoring social injustice, income inequality, precarious employment, labor fatalities and so forth. It reads stable democracy as a commitment to consecutive elections, absence of military coups, and majoritarian rule, while turning a blind eye to the human rights violations, and the political repression of minorities.

Indeed, Turkey is a “success” story of environmental degradation to create sites of construction and profiteering, of cultural and historical destruction to build hundreds of fortresses of mass consumption. It is also a “success” story of police growth and paramilitarization, of the suppression of activists, journalists, academics and artists. The ongoing events in Istanbul very well portray this “success” story.

For several days, a group of Istanbulite people occupied Taksim Gezi Park to resist against its demolition. A while ago, the AKP government decided, without negotiating with the people of Istanbul, to run a project for the reconstruction of the Taksim Square, the most central location of the city. The project included the demolition of the Gezi Park, and its replacement with a shopping mall based on the replication of an old military barracks (Topçu Kışlası) which used to exist there, until the early 1940s.

For the last two days, the riot police cracked down before the sunrise on peaceful protesters who were camping on the Gezi Park. The police destroyed their tents and set them on fire.

On Friday morning, the riot police surrounded the entire Gezi Park and blocked the protesters’ access. Since then, thousands of fellow Istanbulites came to Taksim Square to support the resistance. Yet, the Turkish police embarked on warfare against peaceful demonstrators with excessive use of gas bombs and water cannons. Violent police repression injured more than 100 people, many of them needing to be hospitalized.

Social media accounts claim that ambulances were not allowed to enter the square, while several injured people were asking for help. Doctors were called to provide voluntary assistance, and mobile clinics were set up. The whole day, the police did not stop firing tear gas and terrorized Taksim Square and the entire neighborhood.

Despite ongoing police brutality, the number of protesters increased and many fellow Istanbulites, mostly organized through social media, continued to arrive to occupy Taksim Gezi Park. In the evening, riot police blocked the entrance to the square. They encountered thousands of protesters rallying through Istiklal Street. It is reported that mobile networks were blocked and security cameras were turned off to prevent the streaming of the incidences.

For hours, riot police kept shooting gas bombs and pressured water against the protesters from behind their barricades. At midnight, they violently started cracking down on the gathering on Istiklal Street. Still, many people continue to resist and are making calls for a bigger demonstration throughout the weekend.

The ongoing protests in Istanbul are not simply about the removal of some trees in Gezi Park. They are about a particular logic of government. It is a logic that authoritatively and violently imposes destructive and profit-making policies irrespective of the people, their cities, their history and their environment.

We, the Collettivo Prezzemolo, express our solidarity with our comrades resisting yet against another authoritarian government and system among others in Europe and the world, where anything, including murdering people and destroying the environment, can be done for the sake of guaranteeing the profits of a handful of bosses, CEO’s and banks.

We share the protesters’ dreams of a town, a city, a world that is organized and built more democratically, according to the needs of a society freed from neoliberal impositions of uniform ways of living, producing and consuming through violence and suppression.

The statement of the Turkish protesters (in 23 languages) #occupygezi #RESISTAKSIM


EN: Attention! Turkish democracy needs you!

After a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city center which is planned to demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without any legal basis. Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow.

Please share this message for the world to become aware of the police state created by AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is often considered to be a model for other Middle Eastern countries. Turkish democracy expects your help. Thank you!

ES: Atención! La democracia turca les necesita!

Tras de una serie de manifestaciones pacíficas para proteger una zona verde recreacional en el centro de la ciudad de Estambul que está prevista para ser demolida para la construcción de un centro comercial, la policía turca atacó a los manifestantes, violentamente con gases lacrimógenos y cañones de agua a presión, apuntándoles directamente a las caras y los cuerpos. Decenas de manifestantes están heridos y el acceso al parque está bloqueado sin ninguna base legal. Los medios de comunicación turcos, controlados directamente por el gobierno o que tienen relaciones comerciales y políticas con el gobierno, evitan hablar de los incidentes. Las agencias de prensa, también, han bloqueado la circulación de información.

Por favor, comparte este mensaje para que el mundo este consciente del estado policial creado por AKP del Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, que a menudo está considerado como un modelo para los otros países de Oriente Medio. La democracia turca espera tu apoyo. Muchas gracias!

CT: Atenció! La democràcia turca us necessita!

Després d’una sèrie de manifestacions pacífiques per a protegir una àrea d’esbarjo al centre d’Istambul que està prevista per a ser demolida per a la construcció d’un centre comercial, la policia turca ha atacat als manifestants, violentament amb gasos lacrimògens i canons d’aigua a pressió, apuntant-los directament a les cares i als cossos. Desenes de manifestants estan ferits i l’accés al parc està bloquejat sense cap base legal. Els mitjans de comunicació turcs, controlats directament pel govern o que tenen relacions comercials i polítiques amb el govern, refusen parlar dels incidents. Les agències de premsa, també, han bloquejat la circulació d’informació.

Si us plau, compartiu aquest missatge per a que el món sigui conscient de l’estat policíac creat pel AKP del Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, que sovint està considerat com a un model per als altres països de l’Orient Mitjà. La democràcia turca espera el teu suport. Moltes gràcies!


Suite à une manifestation pour la conservation d’un parc au sein du quartier central d’Istanbul qui est envisagé d’être démoli pour la construction d’un centre commercial, la police turque a lancé une attaque violente contre les manifestants pacifistes avec du gaz lacrymogène visé directement sur les corps et de l’eau à haute pression.

Des dizaines des manifestants sont hospitalisés et l’accès au parc est bloqué sans base légale.
Les médias turcs, qui sont directement contrôlés ou qui ont des liens politiques et économiques avec le gouvernement, refusent de traiter les incidents. Les agences de presse turques bloquent, également, la diffusion de l’information sur ces évènements.

SVP, diffusez ce message pour que le monde prenne conscience de l’État policier turc crée par l’AKP de Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, qui est souvent considéré comme un modèle exemplaire pour les pays du Moyen-Orient.

La démocratie turque attend votre soutien. Merci!

EL: ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ!! Η Δημοκρατία στην Τουρκία σας χρειάζεται!

Μετά από μία σειρά από ειρηνικές διαμαρτυρίες με σκοπό τη διάσωση μίας περιοχής πρασίνου στο κέντρο της Κωνσταντινούπολης, η οποία πρόκειται να μετατραπεί σε εμπορικό κέντρο, η Τουρκική αστυνομία επιτέθηκε βίαια στους διαδηλωτές με δακρυγόνα και μηχανήματα εκτόξευσης νερού, στοχεύοντας κατευθείαν στα πρόσωπα και σώματα τους. Δεκάδες διαδηλωτές νοσηλεύονται ενώ η πρόσβαση στο πάρκο έχει αποκλειστεί, χωρίς καμία νομική βάση. Τα τούρκικα ΜΜΕ, τα οποία είτε ελέγχονται κατευθείαν από την κυβέρνηση, είτε έχουν επαγγελματικές και πολιτικές σχέσεις με αυτήν, αρνούνται να καλύψουν τα γεγονότα. Τα ειδησεογραφικά πρακτορεία έχουν επίσης αποκλείσει τη ροή πληροφοριών.

Παρακαλώ μοιραστείτε αυτό το μήνυμα για να λάβει γνώση ο κόσμος για το αστυνομοκρατούμενο κράτος που δημιουργήθηκε από το AKP του Ταγίπ Ερντογάν, σε μια χώρα η οποία συχνά θεωρείται μοντέλο για τις άλλες χώρες της Μέσης Ανατ0ολής.

Η Τουρκική δημοκρατία αναμένει τη βοήθειά σας. Σας ευχαριστούμε!

DE: Achtung! Die Türkische Demokratie braucht dich!

Nach einer Reihe von friedlichen Demonstrationen gegen die Abholzung von hunderten Bäumen für den Bau eines neuen Einkaufzentrums in einem zentralen Park in Istanbul hat die türkische Polizei die Protestierenden mit Tränengas und Wasserwerfer attackiert, dabei wurde direkt auf Gesicht und Körper gezielt.

Dutzende Demonstranten wurden ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert und der Zugang für den Park wurde ohne gesetzliche Grundlage blockiert. Türkische Medien, die direkt von der Regierung kontrolliert werden oder mit der Regierung wirtschaftliche und politische Beziehungen haben, lehnen es ab, über die Vorfälle zu berichten. Die Nachrichtenagenturen blockieren ebenfalls den Nachrichtenfluss.

Bitte teilen Sie diese Nachricht, damit die Welt sich dem Polizeistaat, der von Recep Tayyip Erdoğans AKP erschaffen und oft als Vorbild für andere nahöstliche Länder angesehen wurde, bewusst wird. Die türkische Demokratie erwartet Ihre Hilfe. Danke!

ND: Attentie! De Turkse democratie heeft jullie nodig!

Na een serie geweldloze demonstraties tegen het bouwen van een winkelcentrum in een recreatie-gebied, begon de Turkse politie met gewelddadige aanvallen op de demonstranten. Traangas en waterkanonnen werden direkt gericht op de lichamen en gezichten van het publiek. Tientallen demonstranten liggen nu gewond in het ziekenhuis. De toegang tot het park is geblokkeerd zonder legale gronden. De Turkse media, die ofwel onder regeringscontrole staat of er politieke- of financiële banden mee heeft, weigert over deze incidenten te berichten. Persagentschappen blokkeren de berichtgeving hierover eveneens.

Wij vragen U dit bericht zo veel mogelijk te delen zodat de hele wereld het ware gezicht kan zien van deze politiestaat, gecreëerd door het AKP van premier Erdogan die wordt gezien als model voor het Midden Oosten.
De Turkse democratie heeft Uw hulp nodig.

Dank U wel!!

IT – Attenzione! La democrazia Turca ha bisogno di voi! Dopo una serie di manifestazioni pacifiche in difesa di un’area verde pubblica nel cuore della città di Istanbul che l’amministrazione ha pianificato di demolire Pper lasciare spazio alla costruzione di un centro commerciale, la polizia turca ha attaccato violentemente i manifestanti con lancio di lacrimogeni egetti d’acqua dagli idranti, ad altezza duomo, direttamente in faccia e sui corpi dei manifestanti. Decine di manifestanti sono stati feriti e l’accesso al parco è bloccato senza alcuna giustificazione legale. I media turchi, direttamente controllati dal Governo o che con questo hanno relazioni commerciali e politiche, rifiutano di trasmettere notizie relative agli incidenti Anche le Agenzie di stampa hanno bloccato la circolazione di notizie.

Per favore, condividete questo messaggio affinché il mondo sia consapevole dello Stato di polizia creato dall’AKP del Primo Ministro Erdogan, spesso considerato un modello dagli altri Paesi del Medioriente. La democrazia Turca ha bisogno del vostro aiuto. Grazie!

SLO: Pozor! Turška demokracija te potrebuje!

Po seriji protestov za ohranitev prostora za rekreacijo v centru Istambula, katerega načrtujejo porušiti za izgradnjo trgovskega centra, je turška policija nasilno napadla protestnike s solzilcem in vodnimi topovi, s katerimi je ciljala njihova telesa in obraze. Desetine protestnikov je hospitaliziranih in dostop do parka je blokiran brez pravne podlage. Turški mediji, ki so direktno nadzorovan s strani vlade ali imajo poslovne in politične vezi z njo, ne pokrivajo teh incidentov. Tiskovne agencije ravno tako blokirajo tok informacij.

Prosim deli to sporočilo, da se bo svet zavedal policijske države, ki jo je ustvaril AKP Recepa Tayyipa Erdoğana, kateri se pogosto dojema kot model za druge bližnjo vzhodne države. Turška demokracija pričakuje tvojo pomoč. Hvala!

BG – Внимание! Турската демокрация се нуждае от теб!

След серия от мирни демонстрации за опазване на зелена площ в центъра на Истанбул, която е планирано ба бъде разрушена и на нейно място ба бъде издигнат мол. Турската полиция атакува протестиращите със сълзлив газ и водни оръдия, директно целейки се в лицата и телата им. Десетки протестиращи са хоспитализирани, а достъпа до парка е блокиран без всякакво правно основание. Турските медии, директно контролирани от правителството или в преки бизнес отношения с него, отказват на отразят ицидентите. Информационните агенции също блокират информационния поток.

Моля споделете това съобщение за да се разкрие полицейската държава създадена от AKP на Реджеб Тайип Ердоган, модел, който често е смятан за присъщ на страните от Близкия Изток. Турската демокрация очаква твоята помощ. Благодарим!

CRO: Pažnja! Turska demokracija vas treba!

Nakon niza mirnih prosvjeda za očuvanje rekreativnog područja u centru Istanbula, koje se planira srušiti radi izgradnje trgovačkog centra, turska policija nasilno je napala prosvjednike suzavcem i vodenim topovima, ciljajući izravno lica i tijela. Deseci prosvjednika su hospitalizirani, a pristup parku je blokiran bez ikakve zakonske osnove. Turski mediji, koji su pod izravnom kontrolom vlade ili s njom imaju poslovne i političke veze, odbijaju popratiti događaje. Novinske agencije blokiraju protok informacija.

Proširite ovu poruku svijetom kako bi svi postali svjesni policijske države koju je stvorila stranka AKP Recepa Tayyipa Erdoğana, a koja se često smatra modelom za druge bliskoistočne zemlje. Tuska demokracija treba vašu pomoć. Hvala vam!

RO: Atentie! Democratia din Turcia are nevoie de tine!

Dupa o serie de demonstratii pasnice pentru pastrarea unei zone recreationale in centrul orasului Istanbul ce este programata sa fie demolata pentru constructia unui mall, Politia Turca i-a atacat violent pe protestatari cu gaze lacrimogene si tunuri de apa, tintind direct la fata si la corp. Multi protestatari sunt spitalizati si accesul in parc este blocat fara vreun temei legal. Media turca, controlata direct de catre Guvern sau avand legaturi de afaceri sau politice cu acesta, refuza sa furnizeze informatii despre incidente. Agentiile de presa au blocat, de asemenea fluxul de informatii.

Va rugam sa raspanditi acest mesaj lumii pentru a deveni constienta de statul politienesc creat de AKP al lui Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, care este deseori considerat a fi un model pentru alte tari din estul mijlociu. Democratia turca asteapta ajutorul tau. Multumim!

RU: Внимание! Турецкая демократия нуждается в тебе!

После серии мирных демонстраций за сохранение зоны отдыха в центре города Стамбул, которую планируется снести для строительства торгового центра, турецкая полиция напала на протестующих с использованием слезоточивого газа и водометов, направленных непосредственно на лица и тела людей.

Десятки демонстрантов были госпитализированы и доступ к парку заблокирован без каких-либо законных оснований. Турецкие СМИ контролируются непосредственно правительством и имеют с ним деловые и политические связи, отказать публикации данных инцидентов. Информационные агентства также блокировали всю информацию, связанную с этим.

Пожалуйста, поделитесь этим сообщением со всем миром, чтобы стало известно о полицейском государстве созданном Реджеп Тайип Эрдоганом из партии AKP, которая часто рассматривается как модель для других стран Ближнего Востока. Турецкая демократия ожидает вашей помощи. Спасибо!

SE: Efter ett flertal fredliga demonstrationer för att bevara ett rekreationscenter i centrala Istanbul (som planeras att rivas för att bygga en shoppinggalleria) har turkiska polisen nu attackerat demonstranterna. Polisens attack har varit våldsam och de har använt både tårgas och vattenkanoner, riktade mot demonstranternas ansikten och kroppar. Dussintals demonstranter är på sjukhus och parken (rekreationscentret) är olagligt avspärrad. Turkiska media, antingen direkt kontrollerade av turkiska regeringen eller med ekonomiska och/eller politiska kopplingar med den, har vägrat att rapportera om händelserna. Olika pressoranisationer har också blockerat informationsflödet.

Dela denna information så att världen blir medveten om Recep Tayyip Erdoğans AKP:s (rättvise- och utvecklingspartiets) skapande av en polisstat! Hans modell anses ofta vara en förebild för andra mellanösternländer. Turkisk demokrati förväntar sig sig din hjälp! Tack!

FIN: Turkkilainen demokratia tarvitsee apuasi!

Istanbulin keskustassa järjestettiin rauhallisia mielenilmauksia puistoalueen säilyttämiseksi. Puiston tilalle on suunniteltu rakennettavan ostoskeskus. Turkin poliisi hyökkäsi väkivaltaisesti mielenosoittajien kimppuun kyynelkaasun avulla ja vesitykein tähdäten rauhallisia protestoijia suoraan kasvoihin ja vartaloihin. Kymmeniä protestoijia on joutunut sairaalaan ja puistoon pääseminen on estetty ilman mitään laillisia perusteita. Turkkilainen media, joka on joko hallituksen suorassa kontrollissa tai taloudellisin ja poliittisin sitein hallitukseen kytketty, kieltäytyy uutisoimasta tapahtumista. Mediatalot ovat myös tukkineet informaatiotulvan.

Jaa tätä viestiä, jotta maailma tulisi tietoiseksi pääministeri Recep Tayyip Erdoganin AKP-puolueen luomasta poliisivaltiosta, jota erheellisesti pidetään hyvänä esimerkkinä muille Lähi-idän valtioille. Turkkilainen demokratia tarvitsee sinun apuasi. Kiitos!

HU: Riadó! A török demokráciának szüksége van Rád!

Miután békés tüntetések zajlottak azért, hogy a polgárok megvédjék az egyik legutolsó pihenőterületet Isztambul belvárosában, amelyet a tervek szerint le akarnak dózerolni, hogy a helyébe bevásárlóközpont épüljön, a török rendőrség erőszakkal, gumibotokkal, könnygázzal és vízágyúkkal támadta a tüntetőket.

A rendőrök a tüntetők fejét, arcát és testét célozták. Tiltakozók tucatjai kerültek kórházba súlyos sérülésekkel, miközben a parkot kiürítették és lázárták – mindenféle jogalap nélkül. A török média, amely a kormány közvetlen kontrollja alatt áll (vagy üzleti szálak fűzik hozzá), megtagadta az eseményekről való tudósítást. A hírügynökségek meggátolják az információk áramlását.

Kérjük oszd meg ezt az üzenetet a világgal, hogy mindenki megtudja milyen rendőrállam épül ki a Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vezette AKP irányításával. Ezt az államot sokszor modellként említik a közel-keleti országok számára. A török demokrácia számít a segítségedre. Köszönjük!

СР: Пажња! Потребни сте демократији у Турској!

Након низа мирних демонстрација за очување рекреативног парка у центру Истанбула, који је планиран за рушење да би се на том месту изградио тржни центар, турска полиција је насилно напала демонстранте сузавцем и воденим топовима директно циљајући њихова лица и тела. Десетине демонтстраната су хоспитализовани а приступ парку је блокиран без икаквог правног основа. Турски медији директно контролисани од стране владе или они који имају пословне или политичке везе са њом, одбијају да извештавају о инциденту. Новинске агенције такође блокирају проток информација.

Молимо вас да поделите ову поруку са остатком света да постану свесни полицијске државе коју је створио Tурски премијер Реџеп Ердоган а која се често сматра моделом за друге земље Блиског Истока.
Турска демократија очекује вашу помоћ. Хвала!

UA: Увага! Турецька демократія потребує тебе!

Після серії мирних демонстрацій за збереження відпочинкової зони в центрі Станбулу, яку планують знести задля спорудження торгового центру, турецька поліція жорстоко атакувала протестуючих із застосуванням сльзогінного газу і водометів, цілячись в лиця та тіла. Десятки протестуючих госпіталізовано, доступ до парку заблокований без будь-яких легальних підстав. Турецькі медіа, які контрольовані правлінням, або мають бізнесові чи політичні зв’язки, відмовилися висвітлювати цю подію. Інформаційні агентства також зупинили потік інформації.

Будь ласка, поширте це повідомлення, щоб світ остерігався поліційної держави створеної партією AKP Рецепа Таїпа Ердожана (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan), яку часто вважають за модель для інших країн Близького Сходу. Турецька демократія чекає вашої допомоги. Дякуємо!

PT- Atenção! A democracia turca precisa de você!

Após uma série de manifestações pacíficas pela preservação de uma área recreativa no centro de Istambul, que ameaça ser demolida para a construção de um shopping center, a polícia turca atacou os manifestantes violentamente com gás lacrimogêneo e jatos de água, mirando diretamente no rosto e torso. Dúzias de manifestantes estão hospitalizados e o acesso ao parque foi bloqueado sem nenhum amparo legal. A mídia turca, privada e estatal, recusa-se a cobrir os incidentes. Agências de notícias também bloqueiam o fluxo de informação.

Por favor, compartilhe essa mensagem para que o mundo tome conhecimento do estado policia criado pela AKP (Partido da Justiça e Desenvolvimento) do Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, que é frequentemente considerado um modelo para países do oriente médio. A democracia turca conta com sua ajuda. Obrigado!

SK: Pozor! Turecká demokracia Ťa potrebuje!

Po sérii pokojných protestov za zachovanie rekreačnej oblasti v centre mesta Istanbul, ktorej zničenie je plánované kvôli stavbe obchodného domu, turecká polícia násilne zaútočila na protestujúcich slzným plynom a vodnými delami a mierili priamo na ich tváre a telá. Tucty protestujúcich sú hospitalizovaných a prístup do parku je blokovaný bez právneho základu. Turecké médiá, priamo ovládané vládou alebo s obchodnými či politickými vzťahmi s ňou, odmietli pokryť incidenty. Tlačové agentúry takisto zablokovali prúdenie informácií.

Prosím, zdieľaj túto informáciu pre svet, aby si uvedomil policajný štát vytvorený AKP a Recepom Tayyipom Erdoğanom, ktorý je často považovaný za model pre ostatné krajiny Stredného Východu. Turecká demokracia očakáva tvoju pomoc. Vďaka!

LV: Uzmanību! Turcijas demokrātijai vajadzīga Tava palīdzība!

Pēc vairākām miermīlīgām demonstrācijām, lai saglabātu Stambulas pilsētas centrā esošo atpūtas zonu, ko paredzēts iznīcināt, lai būvētu tirdzniecības centru, Turcijas policija nežēlīgi uzbruka protestētājiem ar asaru gāzi un ūdens lielgabaliem, tieši tēmējot uz cilvēku sejām un ķermeņiem. Dučiem protestētāju jau ir ievietoti slimnīcā, un piekļuve parkam ir slēgta – bez jelkāda likumiska pamatojuma. Turcijas mediji, kuri vai nu atrodas tiešā valdības kontrolē, vai ir piesaistīti tai ar biznesa un politiskām interesēm, atsakās ziņot par notiekošo. Arī preses aģentūras ir bloķējušas informācijas plūsmu.

Lūdzu, pārsūtiet šo ziņu, lai visa pasaule uzzinātu par to, ka Turcija, kas bieži tiek uzskatīta par citu Tuvo austrumu valstu paraugu, AKP (Taisnīguma un Attīstības Partijas) un premjerministra Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vadībā ir kļuvusi par policejisku valsti. Turcijas demokrātija gaida Tavu palīdzību. Paldies!

МК: Внимание! И требате на демократијата во Турција!

После серија мирни демонстрации за зачувување на рекреативниот парк во центарот на Истанбул, планиран за рушење, за на негово место да се изгради трговски центар, турската полиција насилно ги нападна демонстрантите со солзавец и водени топови, директно гаѓајки во нивните лица и тела. Десетици демонстранти се хоспитализирани, а пристапот до паркот е блокиран без правна основа. Турските медиуми, директно контролирани од владата или од оние кои имаат силни деловни и политички врски, одбиваат да известуваат за инцидентот. Информативните агенции, исто така, го блокираат протокот на информации.

Ве молиме да ја споделите поракава, за луѓето во цел свет да станат свесни за полициската држава која ја створи АКП, на чело со Реџеп Таип Ердоган, која често се смета за модел за другите земји од Блискиот Исток. Демократијата во Турција ја очекува вашата помош. Ви благодариме!

HE: שימו לב! הדמוקרטיה התורכית זקוקה לעזרתכם!
לאחר סדרת הפגנות לא אלימות שנועדו לשמר פארק באיסטנבול, שמתוכנן להריסה בכדי לבנות במקומו מרכז קניות, המשטרה התורכית תקפה באלימות את המפגינים בגז מדמיע ותותחי מים, מכוונת ישירות לגופם. עשרות מפגינים נפצעו, והגישה לפארק נמנעת ללא בסיס חוקי. התקשורת התורכית, הנשלטת ישירות ע”י השלטון ונמצאת בקשרים עסקיים עמו, מסרבת לסקר את האירועים. סוכנויות הידיעות חוסמות את העברת המידע.
שתפו בבקשה את ההודעה הזאת כדי שהעולם יהיה מודע למדינת המשטרה שרג’פ טאיפ ארדואן ו “מפלגת הצדק והפיתוח” האסלאמית (AKP) יצרו בתורכיה, הנחשבת למודל למדינות נוספות במזרח התיכון. הדמוקרטיה התורכית מצפה לעזרתך. תודה רבה!

AR: انتباه! الديمقراطية التركية يحتاجك!

بعد سلسلة من المظاهرات السلمية للحفاظ على منطقة ترفيهية في وسط مدينة اسطنبول والتي من المقرر أن هدمت لبناء مركز للتسوق، هاجمت الشرطة التركية المتظاهرين بعنف مع الغاز المسيل للدموع وخراطيم المياه، وتستهدف مباشرة وجوههم وأجسامهم. في المستشفى عشرات من المحتجين ومنعت الوصول إلى الحديقة دون أي أساس قانوني. وسائل الاعلام التركية، يتحكم فيها بصورة مباشرة من قبل الحكومة أو لديك الأعمال التجارية والعلاقات السياسية معها، ورفض لتغطية الحوادث. كما منعت وكالات أنباء تدفق المعلومات.

يرجى حصة هذه الرسالة للعالم أن تصبح على بينة من الدولة البوليسية التي أنشأتها حزب العدالة والتنمية برئاسة رجب طيب أردوغان، والتي تعتبر في كثير من الأحيان إلى أن تكون نموذجا لدول الشرق الأوسط الأخرى. الديمقراطية التركية تتوقع مساعدتكم. شكرا لك!

URDU: توجہ! ترک جمہوریت کو آپ کی ضرورت ہے!

مظاہرین نے ترکی میں تفریحی علاقے کے تحفظ کے لیے احتجاج کر رہے تھے. ترک پولیس نے آنسو گیس اور پانی تپ کے ساتھ مظاہرین پر حملہ کیا.
یہ ایک شاپنگ مال کی تعمیر کے لئے پارک تباہ کرنے کے منصوبوں کے بعد شروع ہوا.
انہوں نے براہ راست مظاہرین کے چہروں اور اداروں کو نشانہ بنایا.
مظاہرین درجن تعداد میں ہسپتال میں داخل کیا جا رہا ہے. پارک کسی قانونی بنیاد کے بغیر شہریوں کے لئے بلاک کیا جا رہا ہے.
ترک حکومت ذرائع ابلاغ کو کنٹرول کرتا ہے. ذرائع ابلاغ کے واقعات کا احاطہ کرنے سے انکار کر رہا ہے. پریس ایجنسیاں بھی معلومات کے بہاؤ کو بلاک کر رہے ہیں.

دنیا کے ساتھ اس پیغام کا اشتراک کریں.
رجب طیب ایردوان ترکی میں ایک ‘پولیس ریاست’ تخلیق کر رہا ہے.
مشرق وسطی کے ممالک وہ ایک پریرتا کے طور پر لیا جاتا ہے.
ترک جمہوریت کو آپ کی مدد کی توقع کر رہا ہے. آپ کا شکریہ!

Four dead in Turkey, as police uses excessive violence against protesters

Ten people were injured today in a violent crack-down from the Turkish police after hundreds of protesters camped out for several days at a park in downtown Istanbul opposed the destruction of a public park.

The riots police units used excessive amount of tear gas to remove early-morning protesters from Geza Park, Taksim Square. As a consequence, one protester suffered from heart attack and lost his life after being hospitalized. Meanwhile, a second protester died after being run over by a police panzer. Fear is also expressed that the death toll may increase. Unconfirmed reports claim that almost four people died.

People from of all ages, expressed their disagreement with the demolition of buildings and uprooting of some 600 trees that form the lung on that side of town. Ottoman military barracks will be restored also in this place in order to build a large shopping center. Also, a scaffold collapsed during the violent police intervention injuring ten protesters.

The park was built in 1940, narrowed gradually from the luxury hotels that were built around it. The municipality of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, with 15 million inhabitants, which is controlled by the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party, assured that trees will be uprooted and replanted elsewhere.

Protesters made urgent calls for citizens who live abroad to spread the news, as there is internet blockage in the area of Taksim square. Below is their statement that has been circulated through the social media:

Attention! Turkish democracy needs you!

After a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city centre, which is planned to be demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without any legal basis. Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow.

Please share this message for the world to become aware of the police state created by AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is often considered to be a model for other Middle Eastern countries. Turkish democracy expects your help. Thank you!

Find the statement here in more languages.

According to Hurriyet: «Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said a total of 12 protesters had been injured in the crackdown.»

On Monday, when excavators «invaded» the area, residents, park enthusiasts and environmentalist activists safeguarded the space, supported by opposition MPs who confronted the police, arguing that the works are illegal.

Hurriet, also, reports that protests been taking place since May 26 while the police forces have many times attempted to suppress the crowds, conducting a dawn raid similar to the one conducted on May 30.

Amnesty International has condemned “the use of excessive force, including pepper spray, against peaceful protestors in a park in central Istanbul.”

Live updates from Istanbul