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Saudi troops enter Bahrain, Gadhafi claims back cities (updates from G-forces radio)

BAHRAIN 19nth of March [4]Bahrain Arrests Opposition Leaders, Clears Protest Encampment The Bahraini government is intensifying a crackdown on Shiite-led anti-government protests. On Thursday, at least six opposition leaders were arrested as state forces attacked protesters in a central square in the capital city of Manama. At least six people were killed and more than 1,000 wounded in the assault. Bulldozers were then used to clear out encampments used by

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Saif Gaddafi’s london mansion occupied

“The British government only recently stopped actively helping to train the Libyan regime in “crowd control” techniques, through the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and a midlands based arms manufacturer, NMS Systems. We stand in solidarity with the Libyan people.”

Fighting Continues in Libya and Egypt, 4 dead in Yemen

[1]Four Protesters Die in Yemen Protests are occurring across the Middle East following Friday prayers. In Yemen, soldiers killed at least four protesters and wounded seven others during demonstrations in the northern province of Amran. [1]LIBYA: Fighting Continues in Libya; Checkpoints Expand in Tripoli In Libya, fighting between Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s forces and rebels has broken out in the eastern oil export port of Ras Lanuf and the town of

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The Arab world on fire (updates)

Latest updates from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Oman. Libya’s opposition movement has seized control of territory close to the capital, Tripoli. Yemen: Security Forces, Gangs Attack Reporters, Iraq is joining the Arab revolution. Tunisia: Ghannouchi, the prime minister of Tunisia resigned…

Yemen, at least 17 killed. Iraq, 19 dead. Egypt: protesters under attack.

[1]Update: As the sun rises in Aden Saturday, 17 persons were killed overnight in in six locations, that’s an early figure, and dozens wounded. Details, links here. Video and live blogging the massacre below the fold. Original: There are wounded persons and dead bodies in the streets that no one can get to because of the central security forces (CSF) are shooting live rounds. Tanks moved in earlier today and CSF

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The Libyan Massacre continues

Note: (This article contains news regarding the Libyan revolution up to 25/2. For further developments, click here) Friday 25/2 Derna: Libyan Soldiers executed for refusing to shoot protesters More witnesses!!! Listen! From Press tv The youngest son of the embattled ruler Muammar Gaddafi has joined the pro-democracy protesters in Libya amid an unabated outpouring of rage against Gaddafi, reports say. According to the reports, Saif al-Arab, Gaddafi’s youngest son, who

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The struggle continues…

1) Demonstrations Erupt Against U.S. and French Supported Regime in Djibouti. 2) Despite threats from Egypt’s new military government that the wave of strikes which has swept the country will no longer be tolerated, 15,000 workers at Misr Spinning and Weaving in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra are continuing a strike and sit in.

Yemen: Death Toll There at 11, Morocco: Five pro-democracy protesters dead

Updates, Morocco: [3] Five pro-democracy protesters have been killed and several others have been wounded in Morocco as thousands demand the King give up some of his powers. Protesters died during Sunday’s rallies. Morocco’s Interior Ministry said 120 demonstrators were also arrested during clashes with security forces. The developments come as popular power revolutions continue to sweep US-backed autocratic regimes across the Middle East and North Africa. Protesters demand the

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The Arab world keeps on fighting back.

LIBYA: 20nth of February, According to Libya blog: Just in from the live video feed from Benghazi. Protesters in the city of AzZawiya have burned Gaddafi’s house and taken over the city! The city is now in the hands of the protesters. Below: Qadafi’s forces shooting into the crowd [6] Residents told Al Jazeera that at least 200 people had died in the eastern city of Benghazi alone, while the

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‘Victory march’ fills Cairo square

­­ [1] Thousands of Egyptians have gathered for prayers for what has been billed as a “victory march” through Cairo’s Tahrir Square to mark the overthrow of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak a week ago. The groups that sparked the 18-day revolt that led to Mubarak’s downfall are calling the day the “Friday of Victory and Continuation,” a name that reflects both their pride in forcing a change in national leadership

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