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From a Syrian anarchist

“A group of young Syrian anarchists and anti–authoritarians from Aleppo – Syria, contacted me asking for urgent help. Their community is in urgent need for everything: medical drugs, tents, children milk, etc; almost everything. We hope that you can help them to alleviate the sufferings of Syrians in these difficult days. About the actual situation in Syria, it is deteriorating rapidly.”

Syrian uprising

According to the latest UN figures, over 5000 people have died in the Syrian unrest, including 300 children. Tens of thousands of people have been detained, and many tortured. The killings continue unabated. Government forces are raiding villages and reportedly killing civilians randomly, in reply to attacks from the Free Syrian Army, an ad hoc army of mostly rank-and-file conscripts who defected from the Syrian Army. They are operating in most of the hotbeds of opposition, such as Damascus, Homs, Idlib, Daraa etc.

The Egyptian masses rise up again to complete their revolution!

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian people are fighting all over Egypt, against the repressive apparatus of the military junta. This is a genuine rebellion of the bulk of the oppressed, and not a clash between the Islamists and the army, as portrayed by some mainstream media. managed to talk to an anarchist-communist from Egypt, Yasser Abdullah, member of the Egyptian Libertarian Socialist Movement, who gave us his testimony of

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J14 culminates into largest protest in Israeli history

Jérôme E. Roos on September 4, 2011 ( Half a million Israelis take to the streets in a historic protest against the high cost of living. The occupation, however, remains largely unaddressed. After a two week lull in the seven week old Israeli protest movement, the J14 movement yesterday burst back onto the scene of Israeli politics, beating its own August record to hold the largest protest march in Israeli

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Gaddafi Regime on Brink of Collapse

As Al Jazeera, fighting erupted in Tripoli between supporters of Gaddafi dissidents. Many of the streets downtown – had celebrated hours earlier – were abandoned as pockets of pro-Gaddafi resistance and the presence of snipers and artillery fire made the area dangerous. According to Democracy Now         After a lightning fast advance by opposition fighters who poured into Tripoli with surprising ease, much of the city appears to

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Syria: Murderous repression grows…

[1] More than 5,000 thousand Syrian civilians have fled into Turkey following a Syrian military attack on the city of Jisr al-Shughour. Meanwhile, Syrian helicopter gunships reportedly opened fire on peaceful protesters in the city of Maarat al-Numaan. The attack marked the first reported use of air power to quell protests in Syria’s popular uprising. [2] A former member of the Syrian Republican Guard has told Amnesty International that he

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Yemen protesters burnt alive, buried in mass graves (warning graphic photos)

Via: Jane Novak’s Yemen articles Over 250 at least were killed in Taiz, Yemen over the past four days. On May 29th, at 3 am, forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh attacked Freedom Square in Taiz. Water cannons filled with gasoline sprayed tents where protesters were sleeping. Thousands of protesters were camping in the Square since February demanding Saleh’s immediate resignation. The tents were set ablaze and fleeing citizens shot

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The Bahraini government continues its crackdown on protesters

Bahrain’s military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death, in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the small Persian Gulf country. This comes while the Manama regime rejects reports by a number of human rights groups on massive rights violations in the country. According to local sources, Bahraini authorities have raided hospitals, torturing doctors and injuring anti-government protesters in an effort to quell mass protests.

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Arab world: Further News

News from Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Libya, Egypt’s newest trade union was established on Thursday, Algeria: Residents of a slum in Oued Koreiche, a suburb of Algiers clashed with the police in a protest against discontinuance of water and electricity in their homes, LIBYA: A French warplane has reportedly crashed in the Libyan city of Sirte…

100 missing after Bahrain crackdown, Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh seeks Saudi asylum

[1] Bahraini Shia women hold up pictures of King Hamad and a slain activist during his funeral in the town of Sitra outside the capital, Manama on March 20, 2011. A former Bahraini lawmaker says that around 100 people have gone missing during the Manama-ordered crackdown on the countrywide popular revolution.“We don’t know anything about them, we’ve asked hospital and ministry authorities and none of them are telling us anything

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