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In Brazil, the mask of democracy is falling

Brazil is still a poor country, inhabited by a population that is generally poor by global standards. The minimum wage, despite successive wage increases over the last years, is still a bad joke: 678 R$, which makes 242 Euros. Many workers live very far away from their workplace, which means they have to buy numerous tickets to get there. At the end of a month, another 20 cents can make the difference between eating and not eating. A number of low-paid workers, when they were interviewed by the media, have effectively admitted that due to the bus fare increase, they would have to go to sleep on an empty stomach more often than before.

Mexico Rising: “Peña Nieto is not my President!”

We saw them in Athens on June 28 and 29, 2011 when the Government was voting on the imposition of further austerity measures that would strangle the middle and lower classes. Outside, tens of thousands of people had encircled the Parliament at Syntagma Square, fighting against the riot police, the last-remaining “protector” of the government. Despite the opposition of the people, whose interests it was supposed to be defending, the government voted for the measures…

Fresh student protests in Chile

28-6-2012: More than 100.000 Chilean students and workers demonstrated in the capital Santiago, demanding free education for all. The protesters walked in front of the Presidential Palace, La Moneda, and the Ministry of Education. The Confederation of Chilean Students (Confech) accused the police of suppressing the massive march with attacks and tear gas, despite the fact that they had committed themselves not to intervene…

Québec: “we didn’t know it was impossible, so we did it!”

Students in Quebec marked their hundredth day of an unlimited general strike on Tuesday, 22 May, the culmination of the most stunning mass protest movement of recent months and North America’s largest student movement in years. In fact, the mobilizations in Quebec might just be Canada’s Arab Spring.

Snapshots of the Student Movement in Montreal

I arrived in Montreal the night the government of Quebec had turned the province into a police state. Jean Charest had passed a law declaring any demonstration over 50 people not pre-approved by the police to be an illegal gathering punishable by up to $1,000 in fines for individuals and $125,000 in fines for any organisation endorsing the action. That night, over twenty five thousand students and supporters defied the law and marched through downtown Montreal…

Bank’s leaked email admits ‘Occupy’ movement ‘could impact our industry’

A national effort to reclaim vacant properties has one of the country’s largest lenders scrambling. The financial website Zero Hedge has allegedly obtained a memo from Bank of America’s field services operation warning, “We need to make sure we are all prepared.” Vocal New York organizer Sean Barry told that an action known as “Occupy Our Homes” would place foreclosed and homeless families in otherwise-vacant homes. That effort began Tuesday

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Solidarity to Occupy Oakland, from Greece

Below is our solidarity message to Occupy Oakland: Brothers and sisters in Oakland, We, from the small country of Greece, would like to express our solidarity to your struggle. We are all in this together, all over the world, for real democracy and dignity, for an egalitarian society! The way the current political system works, every human value is absorbed by money – the only dominant value that kills our

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New York police arrest hundreds protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Today, New York witnessed a clampdown on the constitutional right to protest: The NYPD kettled the march on the Brooklyn Bridge, and arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters. Among the 700+ detainees were at least two young children, a photographer, and a freelance journalist. According to Occupy Wall Street (local times): 5:15PM – Brooklyn Bridge has been shut down by police 5:55PM – At least 50 arrested. 8:17PM – NYTimes reporting

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Bolivia: Police Repression of Indigenous Marchers in Yucumo

Written by Eduardo Avila (for Global Voices) It has been more than a month since a group of indigenous protesters from the Indigenous Territory and National Park Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS in Spanish) started their 500km march with the goal of reaching the seat of government in La Paz to express their opposition to the planned highway construction through their land. For several days, the march had been halted by a group of

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Attempted police crackdown on Wall Street

A week since the occupation started, the protests on Wall Street are only growing stronger. Several thousands marched today. The authorities went apeshit. According to Jérôme E. Roos (        #OCCUPYWALLSTREET keeps on growing. Today marked the largest protest since the start of the movement, exactly a week ago. Signs are mounting that the authorities are starting to get increasingly anxious about the potential of the protests to spin “out

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