Dublin’s Trap: another side of the Greek crisis

Through the story of an Afghan asylum seeker who won a historic victory at the European Court of Human Rights, this film shines a new light on the consequences of migration policies in the crisis-affected country of Greece.

«Dublin’s Trap» gives an equal voice to politicians, intellectuals, activists, immigrants, and extremists. This approach highlights how austerity measures, combined with an unprecedented influx of immigrants, foster racial tensions, increased nationalism, and a humanitarian crisis at Europe’s external borders.

Further aggravating the situation is an uneven EU repatriation mechanism known as Dublin II.

Directed by Bryan Carter & Sean Carter
Research Supervisor: Angeliki Katsoulaki
Written and narrated by Bryan Carter
Director of photography: Sean Carter
Sound: John-Patrick Goffin
Editing: Youri Van Cutsem & Sean Carter

Chile rising (Documentary)

During the education protests in Chile, the students took over schools and streets, demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their institutions.

Almost four decades after the dictator Augusto Pinochet implemented this free-market based management of education, the protests are causing a political crisis for the country’s president, Sebastian Pinera. What are the underlying causes that drive the anger?

This short documentary portrays the Chilean student movement during their fight in a country plagued by economic inequality, as the demonstrations in Chile coincide with protests erupting worldwide.

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The Voice of the Mapuche


Synopsis: The Mapuche defeated the Spanish Crown invaders, and do not recognize the border that Chile and Argentina have tried to impose. Presently, the struggle is focused on maintaining their identity as a people, and stopping the encroachment of multinational corporations in Mapuche ancestral territory. In an effort to increase profits, logging, hydroelectric, oil, mining, and tourist companies – among others – cause destruction and pollution on both sides of the Andes Mountains. The music, the paintings, the poetry, the language, the rituals, the traditions, and the strength of nature and the ancestors are present in «The Voice of the Mapuche». In this independent documentary, the Mapuche vision of the world is the basis to understand the struggle.

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Teenage riots: Athens (Full Length)

This documentary deals with biggest Greek strike since the right-wing junta was overthrown almost three decades ago, VICE travels to Athens to meet up with the people behind it.

First day: About one million protested against the EU backed regime and its new proposed austerity measures. Around 14:00, the protest turn violent. Large-scale clashes in Akadimias Street and clashes in front of banks next to the University Refectory in Panepistimiou Street.

Second day: Clashes erupted as protesters tried to reach the Parliament. An anarchist block attacked Stalinist lines. Police fired tear gas. The clashes were severe; flares were shot straight into the crowd. Generalized clashes between hundreds of anarchists and Stalinists in Syntagma took place; stones, bottles and flares were thrown. Protesters tried to break through PAME lines to reach the Parliament. The communists attempted a counter attack and beat up several – not only black bloc protesters. A 53-year-old man who participated in today’s Athens demo, due to extensive use of tear gas from the police.

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Sex Trafficking: How it Works

Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova explores the dark underworld of sex trafficking in Eastern Europe in a 2009 multimedia series, a prelude to THE PRICE OF SEX documentary.

Produced by Mimi Chakarova and Carrie Ching.
Edited by Carrie Ching.