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Castoriadis Cornelius – The Imaginary Institution of Society

The Imaginary Institution of Society, is probably the most original and influential work of the radical Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis who is distinguished for his deep analysis and clarity of thought, and also one of the most important works of the twentieth century political theory. In the pages of this book a new approach on man, history and society emerges; a new ontology. This emergence presupposes a radical deconstruction and

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Noam Chomsky – Powers and Prospects

In this wide-ranging intellectual tour de force, Chomsky brings together his thoughts on topics ranging from language and human nature to the Middle East settlement and the role of East Timor in the New World Order. This is the first collection of his essays in recent years to bring together questions of philosophy, ethics and foreign policy. “Powers and Prospects – Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order adds

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Anarchy Rise and Fall

The rise and fall of anarchιsm in America. From its incipient stage to the first bomb thrown in Chicago. A comprehensive account of the great conspiracy culminating in the Haymarket massacre, May 4th, 1886 … the apprehension, trail, conviction and execution of the leaders.

Karl Marx, Capital

Published on September 14, 1867, is the first of three volumes in Karl Marx’s monumental work, Das Kapital, and the only volume to be published during his lifetime. Marx’s aim in Capital, Volume I is to uncover and explain the laws specific to the capitalist mode of production and of the class struggles rooted in these capitalist social relations of production. Volume I Volume II Short URL:

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