Anarchy Comics

Download article as PDF Anarchy Comics was a series of underground comic books published by Last Gasp between 1978 and 1987, as part of the underground comix subculture of the era. Each issue of Anarchy Comics showcased an international cast of artists who identified as anarchists, or non-sectarian socialists. An example of this is Spain Rodriguez, a Marxist, who was considered of “sufficient libertarian bent” to be included. Contributors including Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Jay Kinney and Paul Mavrides were distinct for “adding new dimensions to the political comic” in the underground comix press of the 1970s and 80s. Read Anarchy ...

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Mark Twain: The Mysterious Stranger

Download article as PDF Chapter 1 It was in 1590—winter. Austria was far away from the world, and asleep; it was still the Middle Ages in Austria, and promised to remain so forever. Some even set it away back centuries upon centuries and said that by the mental and spiritual clock it was still the Age of Belief in Austria. But they meant it as a compliment, not a slur, and it was so taken, and we were all proud of it. I remember it well, although I was only a boy; and I remember, too, the pleasure it gave ...

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Guernica (1950) – Alain Resnais, Robert Hessens

Download article as PDF The movie was created in 1950 by Alain Resnais and Robert Hessens using paintings, drawings and sculptures that Picasso made from 1902 to 1949. On April 26 1937 early afternoon, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, the traditional capital of the Basque Country “Guernica”, was bombed by the Nazi German aviation (the allies of the fascist Franco). This attempt lasted for approximately three and a half hours. Two thousand people, all civilians, got killed and the whole city was left in ruins. This bombing was part of the Nazi experiments, on the effects of cluster and napalm bombs on civilians… Like millions all ...

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