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Saul Newman – From Bakunin to Lacan

Newman coined the term “post-anarchism” as a general term for political philosophies filtering 19th century anarchism through a post-structuralist lens, and later popularized it through his 2001 book From Bakunin to Lacan. Thus he rejects a number of concepts traditionally associated with anarchism, including essentialism, a “positive” human nature, and the concept of revolution. The links between poststructuralism and anarchism have also been developed by thinkers like Todd May and Lewis Call.

Cornelius Castoriadis – The Rising Tide of Insignificancy

Castoriadis’s Socialisme ou Barbarie-era writings (1946-1965) had already been republished, along with new and previously unpublished material, by editions 10/18 between 1973 and 1979, and his magnum opus,L’Institution imaginaire de la Societe (IIS, The Imaginary institution of society), an outgrowth of his final S. ou B. writings (1964-1965), had appeared in 1975. Two other “books” [1] — a joint talk with Daniel Cohn-Bendit published as De l’ecologie a l’autonomie (DEA, From ecology to autonomy), and a volume devoted to posttotalitarian Russian “stratocratic” expansionism, Devant la guerre (DG, Facing war)