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Student protests and clashes in Greece

It’s been sometime since we last heard from the Greek movement. But, thanks to the Greek government and its riot police, today became a day of large student demonstrations, clashes with the cops, injuries and rising tension. First, let’s see what happened. Early in the morning, the Athens Law School students arrived at their University in order to apply their Assembly decision, which included a symbolic occupation of their University until the 17th of November, commemoration day of the 1973 student revolt against the military dictatorship. The problem was that the school was already occupied by the riot police. The Athenian Universities’ rectors had decided to apply a peculiar “lock out” of the students and employees, supposedly for “security reasons”…

Greece: Breaking the protest-ban

Crowds defied the police ban of gatherings in Athens city centre yesterday in view of Eurogroup meeting and took to the streets, participating in the planned demonstrations against the austerity policies implemented by the government and the troika. Tension prevailed when a block of protesters, mainly members of the left-wing ANTARSYA, attempted to break the police cordon in Kolokotronis Square.

Greece: Two-day General Strike

First day Large anti-austerity protests took place in Greece on 19th and 20th of October.It is estimated that over a million marched towards the Syntagma Square and expressed their anger against the measures of the government, the European Union and the bankers.The protests, organised by the two major trade unions GESEE and ADEDY started around 11:ooam. Mass participation was obvious even from the first morning hours. The police plexiglass-iron wall

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