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Saul Newman – From Bakunin to Lacan

Newman coined the term “post-anarchism” as a general term for political philosophies filtering 19th century anarchism through a post-structuralist lens, and later popularized it through his 2001 book From Bakunin to Lacan. Thus he rejects a number of concepts traditionally associated with anarchism, including essentialism, a “positive” human nature, and the concept of revolution. The links between poststructuralism and anarchism have also been developed by thinkers like Todd May and Lewis Call.

Saul Newman – Postanarchism and space: revolutionary fantasies and autonomous zones

In this paper, I call for a re-consideration of anarchism and its alternative ways of conceptualising spaces for radical politics. Here I apply a Lacanian analysis of the social imaginary to explore the utopian fantasies and desires that underpin social spaces, discourses and practices – including planning, and revolutionary politics.

Symposium in Athens (Greece) on Postanarchism / Διήμερο μετα-αναρχισμού στην Αθήνα

ΕΝ: In an era of global capitalist crisis and revolts, it is necessary for the progressive movement to give new answers to a series of questions: How do we understand the rebellions of Athens, Paris and Cairo? Who are those who take to the streets? What could be a subversive political proposal? What is post-anarchism? On 25 and 26 November with the presence of Saul Newman, Todd May and Benjamin

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