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In Greece, as the state collapses, the neighborhoods organize – An interview with a member of the Athenian assembly movement

An interview conducted for issue no. 7 [2013] of the French journal, Z, which perfectly illustrates the process of autonomous organization of the population in the face of the decomposition and collapse of the State apparatus. The example is valid for any other European country; the difference is only one of degree. Let us recapitulate some of the difficulties that stand in the way of autonomy: the inertia of a life subject to the commodity, the habit of appealing to the State for help, egoism, the rise of fascism, police repression, weariness in the face of constant sacrifices, etc. A life of freedom is not an easy road, but a life of slavery is not easy, either.

15 Oct – Occupy London

Between 4000 – 5000 people gathered in London’s Square Mile to voice their anger at the social and political inequality in the UK and beyond. OccupyLSX held its first General Assembly near St Paul’s, despite police refusing to allow protesters onto Paternoster Square. The assembly was open to all, allowing attendees to voice their opinions as well as taking decisions. Together they decided the future of this occupation while some activists worked together to set up toilet’s kitchens. There are plans for workshops, talks and teach-ins.

Indignados in London

Since the 23rd of May, a few hundreds of Spaniards who reside in London fill the square around the Spanish Embassy and organise assemblies in support of the movement of Indignados for Real Democracy in Spain. What unites them is the indignation for all that is happening in Spain and in the world…

A really joyful thing I wish I’ll do again forever- Spanish Movement

In case you haven’t heard (due, probably to the interesting media blackout we are suffering), here in Spain thousands of people are protesting against our worthless politicians and their connivance with the corrupt financial establishment. We’ve occupied the central squares of our cities and are having a real, joyful, extremely interesting political debate. Don’t miss it. Here’s a text on it from an anonymous Spanish citizen. A really joyful thing

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