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Jacobinian Islamism: when the subject becomes annoying

In critical thinking the blackmail of the expected response always hangs like the sword of Damocles over our heads. As if to realise that walking on the wrong path should automatically mean one always has another path to propose. It is not so! Some paths should never have been followed whilst somewhere else perspectives have to be formed based in paths that do not carry the burden of previous choices. Obviously democracy and its reinforcement in its structures and content is another uncharted path that we should ourselves open, eliminating certainties (such as “sheltering” freedom from enemies) that, hitherto, have led to dead ends. We must appeal to broadening democracy itself without fearing whether it is not liberal enough for our standards (to invest in its growth rather in its ‘protection’). But the latter is primarily an issue of political action to undertake, and secondarily of political thought to be discussed.

Careerists of the desert

The government, seconded by most news networks are sure to have found the solution to the effects of religious fundamentalism as it has recently stricken British society: surveillance, stricter control through stricter legislation, supplemented by the practice of traditional ruffianism (or else the giving of information from members of the public to the authorities). For it is clear what the Telegraph means when it ends its August 23rd article with: “Somebody in the local community had tipped police off about his activities” and “the need to collect information is ever more pressing … the fear is other returning jihadists will have slipped the net, wandering Britain’s streets with murderous intent”

The Vocabulary of Greek Neo-Nazis

Translation by Eagainst. Many thanks to Liverpool Antifascists (Working Class Unity against fascism) for their good try to translate the dictionary. We have to admit that they understand the Greek language better than the Greek neo-nazis. Solidarity comrades!

“The Battle of Attica Square” goes on…

On September 21st 2010 the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees declared that the asylum situation in Greece is “a humanitarian crisis!”. Amnesty International has urged Greece to stop treating asylum seekers as criminals and holding them in detention centres. “UNHCR is today calling on Greece to urgently accelerate implementation of its planned asylum reform. This is in light of the continued absence in Greece of a functioning asylum system,

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