Jacobinian Islamism: when the subject becomes annoying

Translated by Michael Theodosiadis
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This article raises concerns about some, hitherto, unshakable certainties of the left, which are stubbornly negated by reality. Sadly, we have reached the point where such a debate cannot be done without avoiding biased approaches from anyone who discusses this topic; and this means that the right of free speech has already suffered irreparable damages.

In critical thinking the blackmail of the expected response always hangs like the sword of Damocles over our heads. As if to realise that walking on the wrong path should automatically mean one always has another path to propose. It is not so! Some paths should never have been followed whilst somewhere else perspectives have to be formed based in paths that do not carry the burden of previous choices. Obviously democracy and its reinforcement in its structures and content is another uncharted path that we should ourselves open, eliminating certainties (such as «sheltering» freedom from enemies) that, hitherto, have led to dead ends. We must appeal to broadening democracy itself without fearing whether it is not liberal enough for our standards (to invest in its growth rather in its ‘protection’). But the latter is primarily an issue of political action to undertake, and secondarily of political thought to be discussed.

From the suburbs to Nazism

Perhaps few noticed the under-story of the murderous attack in Paris; «the two perpetrators of Charlie Hebdo were born and grew up in France from Algerian parents». The «Islamic terrorists» who extended the western Islamic war-front a few hundred kilometres west of Kobane were French-born citizens, nourished in the bowels of the French Republique. The Algerian state, home of Camus and Zidane is not an Iraq or an underdeveloped Afghanistan cut off and isolated from Western values ​​(the markets), that fell into the obscurantism of fundamentalism, but a genuine child of French colonialism.

Even fewer are those who might combine the fact that the people we denounce as obscurantist terrorists or «Nazi fascists» nowadays, are the same people who during the «uprisings of the Banlieue» of the Parisian suburbs were viewed as the revolutionary subject. We have to admit – no matter how inconvenient it is – that the brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi are typical representatives of this youth whose wrath (la Haine) was so sang and praised by the left. Both were born in the east suburbs of Paris from Algerian parents who died when the two brothers were still children. They grew up in an orphanage in the city of Rennes. They held «precariat»jobs, like Pizza delivery etc., they followed the fashion of Rap and have always had problems with the police for minor crimes. However, Umberto Eco, expressing a general feeling, did not hesitate to classify them as neo-Nazis, apparently judging them by the actions, rather than by their class or their ideological beliefs.

It is common to classify as «Nazist» anything unpleasant for the liberal Western culture, and not necessarily as heinous as mass murder. Yet, perhaps for the wrong reasons, Eco rightly reflects a kind of truth, as indeed «the apocalyptic desire of ISIS to conquer the world» – as the most expressed form of politicized Islam in the world – is a kind of inverted Enlightenment, or to stress it differently, it is part of modernity; a modernist reaction to modernity rather than a pre-modern revival of barbarization. In essence, the ISIS has more to do with the cultural revolution of Mao than with some historical continuity of caliphates of the past. In this sense it is more post-modernist rather than a conservative revolution, and is diametrically opposed to the religious mosaics and genuine multiculturalism upon which the caliphates of pre-modernist world were structured.

This hypocritical contradiction of the ISIS as the most advanced stage of political Islam in the 21st century, shows that the objectives of politicized Islamists are not a guarantee of their religion or even a form of cultural autonomy (as in the case of the Zapatistas and other indigenous groups) but rather the creation of a nation-state, i.e. the epitome of modernist culture, and even a clearly colonial-imperialist nation-state («Islam should prevail over all») which is similar not only with the totalitarian deviations but also with the colonial domination of market liberal culture in the whole world. In a perverse way the commitments of the Islamic Jihadists to the ultimate goal are quite similar to that of the Jacobins and the Narodniks, and this historic comparison, especially for anyone who falls into their hands, should not be considered a farce.

The privileges of the really poor

It is much more convenient for liberal Europe that demonstrates these days in grief for the victims, to ignore the causes and the past, pretending that the Kouachi brothers is a postmodern «moment» fell from the sky, an incomprehensible product of distortion of Islam, or a mission of terrorists from the «mountain of the Assassins» instead of accepting that they are Parisians just as their victims.

But there is something more that the Kouachi brothers and Stéphane Charbonnier, Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut and Bernard Verlhac shared equally. They are all victims of the modernist world; the victims as exponents of the ‘right to freedom of expression’, whilst the perpetrators of the» right to cultural identity». And here is one of the innumerable conflicts the modernist world produces, where one right negates the other but together constitute the same world under the undisputed roof of the market. It is very difficult for leftists to understand another reason beyond blind fanaticism (whose right to cultural identity was so much supported by Charlie Hebdo) which pushed Kouachi brothers to render them bullets instead of gratitude. And it is much easier to believe that anyone who lacks undeniable rights should automatically be sensitive to the rights of others. According to this pourtousissisme to struggle for the right to cultural identity and religious faith is equally progressive with fighting for the right of expression to mock this faith in their face. In the psychic world of a European leftist, the rebellious hatred of the Kouachi brothers towards this progressivism is understood only as a product of a ruthless ingratitude.

How is it possible for the «rebellious proletarians‘ of the suburbs to become transformed into «Nazi-jihadists»? For a bleeding-heart leftist such a reduction is unthinkable. The oppressed identity that rebels, throwing stones at police officers and setting its neighborhood on fire seems to be a legitimate uprising against capitalist exploitation that has turned the contemporary youth into metropolitan pariahs, especially if the pariahs are not European indigenous. Therefore denying European chauvinism is positive in itself, even worse (why not?) if such pariahs constitute «the damned of the earth», the new messianic subject that came to replace the proletariat in its historic role. But when the subject acquires a face and a name, when it becomes Cherif and Said, and turns his wrath on the whole system that gave birth to the «capitalist exploitation» including all the values of the Enlightenment, ​​then this subject that we used to approach with instrumental sympathy automatically becomes a «Nazi jihadist».

But why do all these ideological and class interpretations matter, since the «subjects» change constantly? All the above do not significantly differ from the way the left viewed the indigenous European proletariat in the early 20th century when the working class immediately and hurriedly ran to embrace the fascist call. So today a minority that embraces anti-modernism is itself an incomprehensible development, such as when the factory worker registers himself in the fascist party of his neighbourhood. The usual reason that explaining the phenomenon in both cases is still the same and is attributed to a lack of understanding on the part of the oppressed of the root causes of their oppression. On why the subjects do not follow the revolutionary call, the usual answer is more and thorough study of the texts of Marx[1]

And, indeed, why not? If the angry minority person expresses a critique of the hypocrisy of the Enlightenment, as Adorno and Horkheimer set the theoretical foundations of this interpretation[2]. Moreover, the above observation means that the ideal of an international Enlightenment (a global western socialism pourtousissisme [for all]) constituted from its birth a chimeric monster[3]. We Westerners should be the last to preach at those «murderers», «fascists» and «totalitarians» since we ourselves have taught them the charm of political assassination, and terror that rises from the punishment of collective responsibility and the ideal of totalitarianism. Even more, it is us who sanctified their predicament. For the left, it is enough to be oppressed to be classified as a rebel in order to express your righteous anger.

The young lumpen of the Parisian suburbs have received an unspoken education of the new-left of post-colonial studies and have learned from it constantly to blame the West for their dire position in the class pyramid, but ultimately they themselves do nothing in order to organize and fight against this situation. Instead they persist only in victimizing themselves aiming to claim some extra benefits. The only time we see a massive «response» is through political Islam. With the announcements of multiculturalism along with the urban divisions of the metropolitan planning, every suburb managed to establish itself in «autonimised» micro-communities that do not interact with each other. The result is every minority living in a «bowl» ignoring par excellence the other communities and, of course, the Republique tout court.

The liberal Janus

The inability of the left for non-abstract thought has made all liberals to think in a «lame» fashion, and to perceive only half of reality, or to put it clearly, to perceive only the dimension that follows their imaginary ideology. In exactly the same manner (but perhaps with the other leg) the right’s thinking is also «lame». For both the «other» is absolutely good or absolutely bad; from this lame thinking derives the trend of the era regarding ‘islamophobia’ either in its right-wing version as a racist jam or in leftist as ‘antiracism’.

For leftists the issue is fixed. If something is haunted by the right then the left has a contracted responsibility to defend it. This position consolidated since the Dreyfus affair has so much infused the essence of being a leftist, that defense is now provided to «anything» uncritically and unconditionally as long as «it» is prosecuted by the right. The cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo up to their tragic death «always remained irreconcilable enemies of racism» and «all of them convinced atheists»[1]. The only difference is that never before did all this match together, because if we think in terms of combining together the above, that is of an «anti-racist atheism», then something is wrong with similar campaigns against Islamophobia, and this «something» is our thinking.

For the right-wing the issue is simpler. The best problem is the ‘no problem’. So it would have been better to have no Muslims in Europe or any other person if possible. Historically the right likes to ask the impossible, secretly wishing for a new final solution for Muslims. Therefore, they one more time wish the self-destruction of Europe and of themselves. But the desire of the left is no less childish. The enlightened Muslim, namely the Muslim without Islamism, can only find its counterpart in the Christian hypocrite who acts contrary to his beliefs. The solidarity embrace of the European liberals to the Muslims is the entry ticket to a Europe which, in contrast to the left, has a clear condition: the only Islam acceptable in Europe is the «liberal Islam»; this is simply impossible!

In order to become European citizens Muslims should first become like us, people without a serious faith, without values ​​apart from an unlimited commitment to individual rights… everyone lives his dream in a world that digests everything. We invite immigrants and Muslims in Europe to lose anything good or bad that defines their existence, to get a job like all of us, a house like all of us, a color TV like all of us, and the right to go shopping like us all without the being asked for their documents by the police, and we call this multicultural society?

What remains after all this? The most certain is what already exists. Liberalism will continue to fight for the rights and freedoms of all of us, annihilating us at the same time as human beings. And most likely it will eventually digest Islamism as it did with Christianity. The standard of the «good European Islamist» has already been formed and this is carried out everywhere by European antiracist groups. Personally I find it hard to see in this any distinction between left and right. There are countless ways to uproot a man from himself. The right use fear, the left adopt hypocrisy. Let each of us prefer what hurts the least.

If we understand the above, however bitter they may sound, we may realize in the end what is the charm that we are no longer able to offer ourselves, which they young Algerians from Paris have found in the Jacobin Islamism.

1. See. Charlie, from what God died? George Mitralias
2. See Adorno and Horkheimer, Dialectic of Enlightenment.
3. See John Gray, Black Mass. Apocalyptic religion and the death of utopia.

Careerists of the desert


The government, seconded by most news networks are sure to have found the solution to the effects of religious fundamentalism as it has recently stricken British society: surveillance, stricter control through stricter legislation, supplemented by the practice of traditional ruffianism (or else the giving of information from members of the public to the authorities). For it is clear what the Telegraph means when it ends its August 23rd article with: “Somebody in the local community had tipped police off about his activities” and “the need to collect information is ever more pressing … the fear is other returning jihadists will have slipped the net, wandering Britain’s streets with murderous intent”. A melodramatic, badly phrased, Jack-the-ripper-on-the-loose urge to report anything suspicious (to the police, the authorities etc). Let’s not forget the news articles and the vans with enlarged CCTV pictures asking the public to identify and report rioters during and after the August 2011 unrest. Let’s begin pondering the meaning of posters at bus and tube stops urging: “reporting anything unusual won’t hurt you”. The long-used and favourite habit of reporting doesn’t seem to have brought us any closer to solutions for the pathologies of this society.

The voice of reason recently poured out of “respected and educated” mouths to express the mainstream sentiment: the former archbishop of Canterbury and the mayor of London spoke out against multiculturalism and “those brats who despite benefiting from all the spoils of the open/tolerant/all-embracing British society, dare to turn against it”. Fragments of truthful utterances such as the responsibility of the Muslim communities and the failure of multiculturalism are awkwardly combined with loads of national arrogance and the belligerent air of the master of the world chess-board. In a rare attempt at approaching the core of the matter, the Independent, published the obvious: it is society as a whole which creates the monster. The deed itself was monstrous and any attempt by the Left to dissipate its significance by blaming it on european/western brutality at home or abroad falls short of its target. First, because they resort to crudely anachronistic comparisons (i.e. that murderous excursions such as the Christian crusades occurred not last year but several hundred years ago is not taken into account in their reports); moreover, they insist on an antiquated ‘anti-imperialist’ rhetoric, which may seem self-evident (hasn’t the West – the US and Britain mainly – started the wars in the middle East after all?) but is inadequate and blind to other factors such as Islamic fundamentalism (where are the equivalent, contemporary movements by Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc, leftists never seem to ask themselves, lest they will be accused of Islamophobia) and the deep decomposition of western institutions and values to which they have no alternative to propose.

British society as a whole does not wish and, moreover, is unable to see its own face reflected in the face of its jihadists. Yes, multiculturalism in its present form has failed [1] (albeit for very different reasons than those that can cross the mind of an arch-priest); yes, religious fundamentalism is a sine qua non of the problem and religious communities are to be held accountable for it; but the fact remains that these British bred and born, who have been shaped by the British values and education system seem to have incorporated the worst of it. To take a closer look at these values (or, more accurately, wider social characteristics) is imperative: careerist and consumerist culture, suppression of individuality, omnipresence of surveillance, lack of essential communication between different cultural groups and within these groups, bureaucratic omnipotence, nationalist hubris, stark economic and political inequality. In a word, insignificance; a post-modern porridge of highly competitive, neo-yuppie emptiness which when it does not bring young people to suicide or death [2], steels in them a hard core of individualism, indifference and apathy. It is beyond doubt that apart from the accent, these men and women have adopted the British or western, if you like, ideal; they are cold careerists of a different kind, not of the City but of the desert.

I’m not trying to find humanity in the psyche of fanatics, or justify the unjustifiable. I’m looking for democratic solutions instead of badly-stitched patches on the body of a profoundly problematic society, which cannot be improved by cabinet legislations and dictations from above. Unfortunately, the dominant paradigm, which is not only promoted by the elites but is also widely accepted by the majority, is disciplinary action, punishment and not prevention, isolation and not communication, the preservation of hierarchical cynicism and the rejection of critical thinking and truly democratic, horizontal institutions and values. The tolerant face of Britain is being distorted and lost by its ugly combination with suppressing policies and social practices, which make every aspect of social and even private life increasingly suffocating and intolerable.

[1] For a brief explanation of the failure of western multiculturalism and possible alternatives see the article The Society of Intercultural Relations (p.32-40) on Democracy Street
[2] Let’s not forget the 31-year-old PhD graduate who committed suicide by falling from his Kensington home in January 2013, after only being able to find a job at a call centre, or the 21-year-old Bank of America intern who died of exhaustion from work in November 2013.

The Vocabulary of Greek Neo-Nazis


Anti-Greek: He who hates the Nation. Participate in strikes, demonstrations, attacks the Βenefactors of the Νation, such as banks and offshore companies, wants to participate in assemblies, does not hate his enemies, the Turks, does not have Greek flag tattoos, does not hold a knife. You can recognize him by the correct spelling.

Love: Idea, artificial construct of those filthy leftists, which they use to express in a highbrow way their sexual perversions and their supposed humanitarianism. The word is now removed from the official vocabulary, and is replaced by the word Faith.

Fighter: Greek, proud of the Leader and his Nation. He holds a peg with the sacred Greek flag, honours the Army parades, wipes off barbarians, salutes to the standards of the ancestors of the Third Reich, and is a glorious model of national education.

Blood: The sanctified characteristic of the unity of the Race. The blood flowing in our veins differs from that of the barbarian peoples, and is common only with some European races, like the Germans and the Austrians. It is prohibited to Greek Men and women to contaminate the Greek blood with barbarians, either through embracing or through the sexual act that can have disastrous results for Purity.

Anarchy: A false ideology, which embrace the enemies of the Nation, usually long-haired people, students, drug addicts, homosexuals and the lazy. Composed by the privative particle -”an” and the word “archy” [1], which means without Statutory Authority. This fact alone excludes the word from the neo-fascist vocabulary. It also promotes anti-Hellenic notions such as self-organization, autonomy, self, freedom, equality and other such nonsense. The anti-Hellenic monstrosities of Camus, Dostoevsky, Bakunin, Malatesta, Kropotkin, Goldman, Castoriadis, Orwell and others will be burned in public view, as well as the records of Trypes, Clash, Sex Pistols, Manu Chao, Generation of Chaos, P.Sidiropoulos etc., along with films funded by Soros such as «What to do in case of fire», «Land and Freedom», The days of plenty are numbered, etc.

Anti-authoritarians: The enemies of the Leader and the fascist front. Anti-Greeks, paid agents of the Illuminati and the Jews, atheists, antichrists. Usually distinguished by their long hair, beards, but now may also be citizens above suspicion. You will know them by the frequent mention of the word “solidarity” and “power”. Springing up like mushrooms, although any free social space has been demolished for years past. Το be delivered alive to local authorities, which will take immediate advantage of their labor force.

Police: Along with the militia, the Snitch Service, and the Fascist Front, they are the fortification of the nation against anti-Greek worms, strikes, demonstrations, rallies of more than 3 people, noisy debates, thinking, the evening counting in houses, the morning counting in schools, the afternoon counting οf food on the tables. They have the right to beat, torture, rape, however it is prohibited to damage property of citizens approved by the State, Greek or Foreign National Benefactors-Investors. Each bank branch is entitled to 10 public security officers. Each party official is entitled to a squad of riot police on every block around their home, office, the shop where they drink Greek coffee.

Library: Building in which one can read the approved books of the National Censorship Comittee. At the moment the library contains 4 books by Michalovlakas [2] (including his last book “My days in KYP” [3]), 29 by Liakopoulos [4] Putin, 2 by Plevris the Old [5], 4 by Hitler, 45 books on the Third Reich, 3 books on Ancient Greece, and the second book of Kokodiaris [6] with instructions on tactical communication for Fascists.

Woman: Woman is honoured as Greek mother, and a key element of continuity of the Race and the Blood. The Greek Male has leadership rights in his home, and the woman has to obey the commands. Any domestic problem, of course, should be reported by the Man to the local authorities.

Internet: Tool of misinformation and propaganda which promotes the condemned free choice of information. All National historians refute the foreign propaganda that it was used by neo-fascists to recruit Young Greeks. We were and are against this tool of the New World Order, and therefore it was forbidden throughout the country.

Strength: As the Nazi minister of propaganda, Goebbels was saying, and as our Leader repeats, only the strong have the right to survive, and we must always be characterised by Strength. The law is the law of the powerful and the strong. The weak to Keadas [7].

Jew: The source of all evil.

Work: Sacred duty towards the Fatherland, to make National Economy an example for imitation, able to meet the needs of military equipment. All Greeks are obliged to work at the National Centers of Production initially for two years without pay, and then to be transferred to a private company that chooses them. The salaries are adjusted according to national needs and the secret special purposes of the Nation, but all the Greeks have a job.

Piece: As defined by the Great Leader Michalovlakas, it is the interval between the Holy Wars. The pitiful period during which people engage in such shameless acts as love, travels, friendships, conversations. The nation does not need peace; whoever is a pacifist should join the hippies.

Leader: The brain, the soul, and the exponent of the Nation and its Ideas. His decisions are immediately accepted and enforced by the servants of the Nation. He may not have the appearance of the White Supreme Leader, whose advent was predicted by of the monk Pastitsios [8], but he is proven direct descendant of our ancient ancestors, namely of Ephialtes [9].

Capitalism: Jew’s domination in all its glory.

Communism: Ideology made by Jews to serve their own interests: the Jews and their allies, the Communists, are secretly planning to conquer the world and enslave humanity. Marx’s Capital and other anti-Hellenic baloney were eventually discovered to be part of the Protocols of Zion.

New World Order: A secret conspiracy which wants to destroy Greece and enslave it to the interests of Jews. Financial funds from around the world, along with local traitors are fabricating plans for the annihilation of Greek civilization.

Stranger: Hymanoid material used as raw material in the camps for experimental purposes. Material trying to cross the Greek electrifed border will be used as mobile mines in enemy territory. Anyone who protects foreign elements, faces consequences similar to those of a foreigner.

War: The main instrument of the Nation, for the occupation of the memorable Homelands, and the Holy Land of the Greeks. All Greeks are considered potential warriors of the Nation, live and breathe with it in mind. For this reason, there will be placed special equipment in kindergartens for “fire and motion” exercises with plastic replicated guns, shooting lessons and martial arts will be incorporated in primary schools, and free guide to survival in the forest will be distributed. For graduation from primary school students must pass a special devil-week in desert soil, after which they will receive swastika tattoos.

Multiculturalism: A social model promoted by the Jews, based on interracial relationships, aiming to alter the ethnic composition of whites around the world. The White Race is in danger of extinction because of mass migration and invasion of non-whites (who are of course inferior) in the Western world.

Sex: Procedure for the reproduction of the Nation. The Pimps of the State are entitled to get together with precautions in specially designed rooms with full comfort and privacy, only 30 mnes for ten minutes, in the hotel chain New Fascist Dream.

School: Schools are divided into Civil, Police, and Military. The first are to be attended by all Greek students until the age of 15, and then choose between the second and third to take the necessary National Discipline and military or police training. The Universities of the country belong to private companies, but the evaluations of their programs are undertaken by the special Authority for National Revival.

Comrade: Greeting used by Agents of the Nation, Anarchists and Bolsheviks. Permanently prohibited and replaced by ComGreek [10]. No salutation is addressed to women; they are required to bow their heads at the sight of a Greek man.

Jimmy Panousis [11]: One of the biggest anti-Greek, and agent of Jews.

Price: The highest virtue of every Greek Man. Concerns mainly the attitude towards the Holy Nation and the Race. Any personal issue is put aside in front of the sacred duty towards the Greek blood. Honour is beyond humanity or sympathy towards the inferior sex, and of any personal attitude.

Liberalism: Another attempt of  Jews to control the world through plutocracy and ethno-nihilism promoted by the anti-Hellenic world order.

Greetings: The traditional salutation of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, the goddess Athena and all the ancient Greeks, that is to say the so-called Nazi salutation, returns as a State Law.

Hitler: Great Hellenist and a lover of the ancient Greek tradition, especially the huge intellectual and cultural heritage of ancient Sparta. Benefactor of the Nation of Greece and Saviour of the ideas of obscurantism. He contributed greatly to science by overfunding of experiments eugenics, during which he used DNA of Greeks among others. Here lies the great historic lie of global New World Order. The Nazis killed dozens of supposedly Greeks, but not because of hatred. They just detected with their expertise the contaminated by eastern peoples blood, and cleared once and for all the Greeks from the dirt. To the mention of his name we exclaim “Heil Hitler” with screeching voice, stretching our body.

Christianity: After the discovery that the supposed words of Jesus were forgeries by Jews, and the discovery of his true words, the Christian religion is consistent with the principles of the nation. According to the Holy Text of father Nazimon the Sinless [12], Jesus Naziraios [13] (this was his real name) had the virtues of Racism, Xenophobia, was declared fan of Totalitarianism, and was having fun with burnt offerings and Pogroms. The regime he promoted was dictatorship, and instead of humiliating dialogues, he preferred torture and the application of the Law of the Potent. He also had a shaved head, was not hairy, and had a tattoo with the ancient swastika on his right arm. Finally, DNA tests revealed the fact that he was Greek.


1. An-Αrchy translated : without Authority.
2. A pun. The surname of Golden Dawn leader’s is Mihaloliakos. «Mihalovlacas» could be translated as «Mihalo-idiot».
3. KYP is the old name of the EYP, the National Information Agency.
4. A nationalist ridiculous writer who wrote many books in which he argues for the most crazy and funny conspiracy theories. He always declares his admiration to Putin – the man who will destroy the  evil which tries to destroy the greek nation.
5. The oldest Greek nazi writer. His «books» was the reason for a lot of prosecutions against him. His son, Thanasis Plevris, is now member of the conservative party of Antonis Samaras. A month ago he was still a member of the far-right party LA.O.S.
6. Ilias Kasidiaris is Golden Dawn’s spokesman. He was the man who threw a glass of water to a woman deputy of the Left party and punched a woman deputy of the Communist party in a live television broadcast. The prosecutor ordered his arrest. He was hiding for 48 hours to avoid it, according to the Greek penal low. The word «Kokodiaris» is a pun with Kasidiaris’ surname and the word «Rooster» in Greek.
7. Keadas was the name of steep cliff near ancient Sparta where, according to the myth, the ancient Spartans threw handicapped or sickly infants in order to ensure the eugenics of their race. Keadas is also the nick-name of Giorgos Germenis (MP of Golden Dawn) who was the bassist of black metal band Naer Mataron. He is the one who, during the Golden Dawn victory press conference, shouted at the journalists to rise in the presence of Mihaloliakos.
8. Monk Paisios is supposed to be a kind of prophet, and saint for the Greek Christians. Greek atheists called him Pastitsios which is a Greek version of an Italian recipe, a food.
9. Ephialtes of Trachis was an acient Spartan who, according to Herodotus, betrayed his homeland by showing the Persian forces a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae, which helped them win the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.
10. A pun.
11. A defiant greek rocker who is atheist, anarchocommunist (or something like that…).
12. A pun with Zinon the Sinless.
13. Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the Nazaren. In Greek it sounds «Nazoraios» and «Naziraios» is another pun.

Translation by Eagainst. Many thanks to Liverpool Antifascists (Working Class Unity against fascism) for their good try to translate the vocabulary. We have to admit that they understand the Greek language better than the Greek neo-nazis. Solidarity comrades!

The article in Greek


“The Battle of Attica Square” goes on…

On September 21st 2010 the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees declared that the asylum situation in Greece is «a humanitarian crisis!». Amnesty International has urged Greece to stop treating asylum seekers as criminals and holding them in detention centres. «UNHCR is today calling on Greece to urgently accelerate implementation of its planned asylum reform. This is in light of the continued absence in Greece of a functioning asylum system, an issue with important implications for the wider EU» (read here the rest of their press release).

During the past few years, the situation dramatically worsened. Racist attacks occur on a daily basis. Migrants in Greece cannot enjoy social welfare housing and other benefits. Most of them do not wish to stay in the country but aim to travel anywhere else (UK, France, Italy…). However, thanks to Dublin II are getting trapped within the Greek territory. According to Occupied London, (Article, A Dublin II Deportation Diary):

This treaty destroys all hope refugees might have to reach their final destination and to escape the conditions in Greece by moving on to another European country. As the regulation stipulates that the responsibility for an asylum application lies with the country of first entry, many refugees that manage the journey onwards are simply deported back, without any examination of their situation. This leads to refugees straying around Europe, searching for protection and rest, sometimes even for years, only to find themselves deported back to Greece. Given the current situation of refugees in Greece, we contend that the human rights of refugees are fundamentally violated in Greece. Under this perspective, the Dublin II-regulation is a systematic violation of the non-refoulement principle laid down in the Geneva Convention on Refugees and needs to be abolished at once. In Greece, despite numerous announcements and communications of intent by the relevant authorities of the PASOK government, the situation has only worsened for refugees. There still is no support system for refugees providing even the most basic necessities, while the impact of the economic crisis has hit refugees the hardest: they are in an even more precarious situation by now. Frequent police raids have made their stay in Greece even more volatile and have increased the risk of repeated and prolonged detention under the same inhuman conditions documented countless times. At the same time, the Greek asylum system is still dysfunctional and only existent by name.

The Greek dominant public opinion towards immigration has massively changed during the past few years. Some Greeks have argued that the country is not financially able to welcome and support the huge number of newcomers. This is partially true. It is obviously unfair that Greece, a very poor country, has to sort out the 90% of Europe’s immigration problem (Greece is the gateway to Europe for refugees and economic migrants). However, most of the times, statements like «our broken country is full» reflect a very peculiar and endemic racism which has been rooted in the Greek society for many years. Most of the Greeks who come up to such conclusions are either misinformed, or have partially accepted the well-promoted right-wing agenda which is filled up with thousands of conspiracy theories claiming that «the glorious Hellenic future is undermined by secret masonic organisations who want to destroy our future and fill up our country with immigrants» (I will outline some cases later on). Many Greeks claim that «there is no racism in Greece» and that «the foreigners do not want to integrate themselves» ignoring the fact that most of the children who are born in Greece by foreign parents that legally reside in the country for many years cannot even claim citizenship!

Everything started two years ago, when a far right group under the name “Gathering of citizens” marched against the old Court house in Athens which was a temporary home to many exhausted migrants. They gave warnings a few days ago that they would have a rally in the centre to «clean up the city». Members of “Gathering of citizens” and the neo-nazi party «Golden Dawn» gathered in front of the Court House. The police, for unknown reasons, allowed the neo-nazis to get closer to the building and a very odd attack started. A large group of anti-fascists and anarchists gathered on the other side and clashed with members of the Golden Dawn chasing them away from the gates of the Court House. Some said that if there was no solidarity anti-protest this day many of the attacked migrants would be dead or severely harmed as the police did not do anything to arrest the neonazis who had intentions to kill.

In Greece the far right is mainly represented by the political party LA.O.S (Orthodox Populist Rally) and the hard core national socialists of Golden Dawn. There are also some other radical anti-immigrant groups openly racist with intentions to attack brutally somebody who does not look like European, (Royalists conservatives and supporters of the 1967 military junta, the group Meandrian Nationalists, Arma Hellas and more) but they only remain in the fringe of the Greek political landscape. However, this does not mean that they cannot become extremely dangerous. It is very well documented that neo-nazi groups work hand in hand with the authorities, especially the riot police. We should not ignore also the number of Greeks who fought along side with the Serbs at Srebrenica, during the July of 1995 massacre which has been named as the largest mass murder in Europe since World War II. According to Agence France Presse (AFP):

They were members of the Greek Volunteer Guard (ΕΕΦ), or GVG, a contingent of Greek paramilitaries formed at the request of Ratko Mladic as an integral part of the Drina Corps. Some had links with the Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn, others were mercenaries. The Greek volunteers were motivated by the desire to support their «Orthodox brothers» in battle. They raised the Greek flag at Srebrenica after the fall of the town at Mladic’s request, to honour «the brave Greeks fighting on our side. Radovan Karadžić subsequently decorated four of them. (Wikipedia)

LA.O.S is a far-right party, populist in character. Golden Dawn on the other side is national socialist. The first has organised a campaign against Athens Indymedia, claiming that it is controlled by secret Jewish agencies, the New World Order and the multi-billionaire George Soros in order to promote anti-patriotic ideas and destroy the Hellenic spirit of the society and thus it should be censored. However, LA.O.S illegally owns a TV station, Teleasty, which often invites populist far-right politicians or individuals in tabloid-style talk shows. The PM of LA.O.S Karatzaferis has threatened many of his opponents with legal actions if they call him a “far-right politician”. He is in favour of banning small protests and of martial law in case riots break out. He is the one who claimed that the anonymity of blogs should be lifted and those who want to publish an opinion online, should be registered in the Greek courts.

Adonis Georgiadis selling books on Ellinon Egersis

Adonis Georgiadis, another member of LA.O.S, presents a telemarketing show in Teleasty, Ellinon Egersis (Uprising of the Hellenes) where he sells books regarding ancient Greek philosophers. His writing is nothing more but a nationalist delirium, as he obviously interprets many ancient Greek scripts in a way that justifies his «Greek superiority» and anti-communist views. Through his broadcasts he systematically adores the anti-Semitism nationalist socialist author Konstantinos Plevris. (He firstly appeared in the Greek TV, on a show presented by Plevris himself, as a guest). Plevris has confronted legal actions for having published a book titled “The truth about Jews” (in free translation), but the court cleared him of the charges. Georgiadis has many times admitted that this book was one of his favourite works. Both Konstantinos and his son Theodoros Plevris share similar opinions. Theodoros is also a member of LA.O.S and during his speech in parliament (4/3/11) stated that every protest is orchestrated by secret agents aimed to cause chaos in Athens .

Georgiadis has been blamed of inciting anti-Islamic hate as well. In Ellinon Egersis he stated that «the left-wing ideology has surrendered Greece in the hands of Muslims» and other garbage like that, such like «Athens has been transformed into a «Bangladesh» or a «Taliban» land».

He denies the characterization of “fascist” as he claims that… he believes in liberal democracy. Nevertheless, he many times defended the fascist dictator Ioannis Metaxas, who ruled Greece from 1936 to 1941 and disputed the uprising of Polytechnic school of 1973 against the military dictatorship supporting that it was originally manipulated by dark foreign secret agents and that in reality there was no popular opposition to the junta!!! Moreover, Georgiadis has been blamed for anti-semitism, such like most of the LA.O.S members, including Karatzaferis. On his TV shows, he often throws insults against Jews or other religious and ethnic minorities. He shares the common national-socialist Hitleric opinion that Jewish people control the global banking system and secretely try to destroy the Greek society by sending immigrants to Greece. Furthermore, Georgiadis has been many times accused of spreading hatred against Albanian immigrants in Greece. He stated that “Albanian immigration to Greece would go as far as electing an Albanian prime minister in a couple of years”. But the shame doesn’t stop here. Georgiadis supported that the police should be allowed to shoot people, even those who are suspected of crime. As a guest in another TV show, he exchanged verbal abuse with a person from the anti-toll movement calling that people who organise such actions are communists and not citizens. His book store has many times become a target of vandalism because of his provocative speech.

There are many other fasistoids, such like Michaloliakos, the PM of Golden Dawn a man with hard core nationalist beliefs, notable for his strong anti-immigrant hate. According to Greek reporter (20/1/2011):

Strong criticism and reactions drew the gesture of Athens city council’s newly elected member Nikos Michaloliakos, to salute in Nazi style during a heated debate at a council session.

Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and the city council were debating a canceled concert in the Agios Panteleimon district due to clashes between far-rights and the police. Michaloliakos, a far-right himself, said: “The residents did not want the concert to take place” adding: “Good night. Rejoice the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis that you naturalized to Greeks and they voted for you”.

Subsequently another council member leftist, called Michaloliakos, “Fascist!” and the latter replied by raising his hand into a Nazi salute.

Mayor Kaminis reacted strongly, saying that “A Nazi salute is unacceptable here”.

Nikos Michaloliakos has close links to far-rights group Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) that initiates violent attacks against immigrants in Athens. The group staged a violent anti-immigrant demonstration over the weekend in the Agios Panteleimon district where many immigrants live. The same group had disturbed Muslim immigrants performing openly the Eid al Adha prayer, last November in Athens.

Other fascistoids are Liakopoulos and the government sympathizer Pretenderis who we have exposed in another article.

It looks like most of the Greek media have made a massive right-wing turn. Even the “liberal’ Sky News tries to keep a more conservative stance towards everything. Sky TV, owned by the millionaire Alafouzos, is such like most of the Greek and international media. During a broadcast regarding the 300 hugner strikers, the journalist, Akrivopoulou claimed that this action has been set up by groups who carry a specific political agenda. However, the 300 ask the obvious: Official recognition of their existence. Similar vile vitriol against this fair action has been spilled by another journalist, called Giannis Papadopoulos. In one of his articles in the online magazine “Ta Nea”, he supported that the refugees are been pushed by political interests. Meanwhile, a video published on the internet carries the speech of one hunger striker, claiming that this action has only been organised by themselves and the 300 are not forced by anybody. He also stated that this is not an action to legalise all the undocumented immigrants who reside in Greece but only for those 300. Most of the coverage regarding this action has been shamelessly spoiled by directed media lies.

Humanitarian crisis and direct action!

There is also another important element: Inwards immigration is a very new phenomenon for the Greeks! Just 20 years ago Greece was a homogeneous country, a sui generis society, and perhaps one of the least attractive destinations for many migrants. The situation changed only a few years after the collapse of the East European block, when a big percentage of citizens from many Balkan countries (mainly) decided to move elsewhere seeking better living opportunities. Greece is not like France, the UK, the USA or any other country that has dealt with multiculturalism for more than five decades. Certainly, I am not saying that what is happening in Greece at the moment is something we should accept as the natural consequence of immigration and we must wait for the day where «all this mess that sparks hate and intolerance will blow away!» Racism and xenophobia should not be taken lightly. There aren’t «less dangerous or more dangerous racists». Racism is dangerous even in its mildest form.

It seems that the director of the «Battle of Attica Square» outlines very well the racial tensions in Greece but the whole documentary looks quite unbalanced to me. It portrays mainly one side of the Greek society (those who are hostile and intolerant) without mentioning anything  about the anti-racist/anti-fascism movements. Those movements in Greece became very popular lately with over 1000 people attending each anti-racist demo while a good solidarity network has been created with notable actions such like offering temporary home to exhausted immigrants in squatted houses or trying to block far right activists with intention to harm refugees. (It is estimated that 1500-2000 people participated in a solidarity march to immigrants on 09/10 and more than 3000 were present in the Thessaloniki march for the 300 hunger strikers.)

Could Greece welcome «so many» immigrants?

Eight months ago, I published this article (in Greek language) where I tried to outline the current situation in Greece regarding immigration and intolerance in comparison with what many Greeks who emigrated to the USA during the last centuries confronted. On the 11th of August 2010 in another article I also gave my opinion about the role of the neo-liberal European Union and its negative impact on Greece.

The European Union policies try to transform Greece and other Mediterranean countries into an «immigrant warehouse!» As the Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe reported on August 11 2010, immigrants who reside in Austria, Netherlands and Belgium are systematically deported to Greece where the majority of them will end up in detainee centres under inconsiderable living conditions. (Check this article also)

The Greek authorities do not grant them the necessary travel documents in order to move to another destination, not even temporary residence permits to be treated as legal residents in the country, so they resort to work either under the table or to become entangled with illegal jobs in order to survive. It is true that Greece’s economy is one step before the total collapse, which means that such a troubled country undoubtedly could not do a lot for the thousands of newcomers, (they are estimated more than 100.000 per year, which number equals to a small town). However, the Greek state has done absolutely nothing even for a small number of them. Most of the Greek media, systematically obscure the fact that these refugees do not want to stay in Greece. Their main goal is to move to another Western country but due to Dublin II (as it is mentioned above) they are trapped in the Greek territory. It is hard also for the European brainwashed bourgeois who are obsessed with law and security to understand that these people are nothing more but victims of an endless tragedy that the interests of Western capitalism have caused (middle east invasions, conflicts and civil wars in favor of the powerful gun industry), or that the law should be synonym of fairness and not inequality. The presence of many immigrants in Europe is the result of the EU-USA greedy foreign policies rather than a choice. Therefore it would be better for them to stop this drama queen propaganda of «illegal entrance» that only shows cheap hypocrisy and intolerance.

Thanks to many international treaties that the Greek politicians signed without even consulting the majority, we are forced to spend billions for military equipment. According to the «Greek Association of Deniers of compulsory National Military Service» (in a meeting that took place in February 2009 and it was targeted by a neonazi who threw a hand grenade during the time of the assembly) «Third in the world after China and India in spending on conventional defence systems is Greece, according to research by the Swedish International Peace Research Institute. It should be noted after Greece which at 2004 spent about 5.2 billion dollars for defence fourth is Britain(3.4 billion dollars) and fifth in Turkey with 3.3 billion dollars spendings. One could say that every year Greece’s spendings for weapons is even higher than the cost of the Olympic Games Project (constructions) that took place at 2004… The Greeks, of course paid in 2004 for military equipment 473 dollars each (about 1$ per day.)» In 2010 as the Greek NewsTime reports, Greece’s spendings for weapons increased.

Instead, all these money should be spent for creating jobs that both Greeks and foreigners could join. However, as wee see here, the capitalist European Union and the Greek politicians are mainly focused on military parameters rather than providing solutions for the workers, the youth and the ordinary citizens. The Greek state at the moment offers 5000 euros per month to send soldiers to fight in Afghanistan instead of making a proper and meritocratic distribution of jobs, wealth and expenditure of the country as well as withdrawing from the EU in order to gain more independence for the utilization of the country’s rich natural resources. Consequently, even if we suppose that there is not enough space given the country’s troubled economy, there is still something more that could be done.

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