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Manifesto 2014 (English version)

To counter the current political challenges, we declare that the time to rise up and act collectively through a joint new network of revolutionary agenda is here. Through open assemblies, councils and open political bodies in every square, where communication and interaction will become possible, we aim to liberate ourselves. Not as lenders and borrowers, not as rich and poor, not as prosecutors and defendants, but as equal and free citizens, if we do not wish concepts such as democracy and freedom to become forgotten entries in encyclopedic dictionaries and history books.


Καλωσορίζουμε όλους όσους ανταποκρίνονται στο κάλεσμά μας, πολίτες κάθε χώρας. Είμαστε απλοί άνθρωποι, σαν κι εσάς. Εργαζόμενοι, φοιτητές, άνεργοι, καλλιτέχνες, άνθρωποι με παρόμοια προβλήματα, ανησυχίες και ευαισθησίες, άνθρωποι από διάφορα μέρη της υφηλίου που ενώσαμε τις φωνές μας κάτω από έναν κοινό σκοπό: να συμβάλλουμε με τον δικό μας τρόπο, με όπλο μας την αντι-πληροφόρηση, στην ριζική αλλαγή των πραγμάτων.

Minutes for the People’s Assembly in Gillet Square 22th August 2011

An assembly of 35-45 people took place yesterday, 22 August, 3.30pm – 5.30pm in Gillet square Tottenham consisting of the Spanish 15M group, British, Greek and other activists of diverse nationalities. The issues discussed were as follows: Overview of the general situation: -In Spain general elections took place but the results do not mean anything. The politicians don’t listen to the people. They only do what is good for big

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London Message to Syntagma

In this time of great confusion, political apathy and misinformation we are compelled to respond dynamically to issues that affect us all as citizens of the world, as human beings. We EXPRESS OUR SOLIDARITY to Syntagma Square and, together, we call for the RE-ENFORCEMENT of the network of the Real Democracy Now groups across Europe. 1) We CONDEMN the propaganda of the major mainstream media who do not tell the

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