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Jacobinian Islamism: when the subject becomes annoying

In critical thinking the blackmail of the expected response always hangs like the sword of Damocles over our heads. As if to realise that walking on the wrong path should automatically mean one always has another path to propose. It is not so! Some paths should never have been followed whilst somewhere else perspectives have to be formed based in paths that do not carry the burden of previous choices. Obviously democracy and its reinforcement in its structures and content is another uncharted path that we should ourselves open, eliminating certainties (such as “sheltering” freedom from enemies) that, hitherto, have led to dead ends. We must appeal to broadening democracy itself without fearing whether it is not liberal enough for our standards (to invest in its growth rather in its ‘protection’). But the latter is primarily an issue of political action to undertake, and secondarily of political thought to be discussed.

Islamic Apologism: The Cultural Imperialism of the Radical Left

Speaking from a pragmatic point-of-view, radical leftists are shooting themselves in the foot whenever they decide to become allies with religious fundamentalists. In Iran, radical leftist dissidents are frequently targeted by the Islamic theocracy. During the 1979 coup’ d’ etat in Iran, many Marxists, anarchists, and western-style intellectuals took part; when the Islamic theocrats took power, some of the first people they imprisoned, expelled, or executed were these same Marxists, anarchists, sexual minorities and western-style intellectuals who fought alongside them.

Don LaCoss: On Blasphemy and Imagination: Arab Surrealism Against Islam

In 1973, a small network of Arab students living in Paris, London, and Vienna founded the Arab Surrealist Movement in Exile. At the group’s core was Abdul Kader el-Janabi, Farid Lariby, Mohammed Awadh, and Maroine Dib; they re-oriented surrealist elements against the intense misery they saw rampant in the Middle East: despotic police-state politics, nationalism (particularly Ba’athism in Syria and Iraq), militarism, patriarchal oppression, neo-colonial European interference, grueling poverty, and suppressed imaginations.

La forteresse Europe et le rejet du communautarisme Haro sur l’Islam

De : Professeur Chems Eddine Chitour «Le pauvre devine ce que donne la richesse, le riche ne sait pas ce que signifie la pauvreté.» -Proverbe chinois Dans l’émission Paroles aux Français du vendredi 11 février, le président Sarkozy a décrit sa nouvelle vision de la société française. Deux confirmations, il parle de son rejet de l’ostentation et du prosélytisme; en clair il est contre les prières des musulmans dans les

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Rebellions in the Arab World: News from Libya, Iran, Iraq and Egypt

LIBYA: [1]Protesters have clashed with police and government supporters in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, reports say. Demonstrators gathered in the early hours of Wednesday morning in front of police headquarters and chanted slogans against the “corrupt rulers of the country”. Police fired tear gas and violently dispersed protesters, the sources said without providing further details. The online edition of Libya’s privately-owned Quryna newspaper, which is based in Benghazi,

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