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Athens: Nikos Romanos ended his hunger strike

Nikos Romanos, anarchist prisoner in Greece, was on hunger strike from the 10th of November until the 10th of December 2014. The judicial mechanisms refused his furlough request to attend university classes. In response to this, multiform actions of solidarity took place inside and outside the prisons of Greek democracy and internationally. Seeing that his initial request was repeatedly and vengefully denied, our comrade was blackmailed to accept electronic tagging as an option for getting educational furloughs eventually, “a last resort” that became more pressing as his health was quickly deteriorating. In fact, he chose to stop his hunger strike only after the Greek parliament voted almost unanimously (with the exception of two MPs of the main ruling party according to the official record, while MPs of the Nazi party were apparently quasi-present at the vote) in favor of an amendment proposed by the justice minister

Information about prisoner hunger strike from 18 to 20 July in Germany and Switzerland

Update on prisoner hunger strike in Germany and Switzerland, in solidarity with prisoners in Greece, following this announcement: Even if the Greek parliament passed the bill on maximum security prisons on the 8th of July, the resistance against the new prison system, and in particular the type C prisons, is not over… These prisons have similarity with the F-type prisons in Turkey or with maximum security prisons in Germany. Following

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Three years on remand in order to… make an example

He has been on remand for 3 years and was prosecuted twice for the same offence, despite the fact that his name doesn’t even appear in the case file. The maximum time he should spend on remand expires tomorrow; and he chose this date to start a hunger strike, clarifying that “this is not an act of desperation, but rather to keep up the fight.”

Anarchist Kostas Sakkas on hunger strike since June 4

Via: Occupied London Over the past few days, numerous acts of solidarity took place throughout Greece in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since the 4th of June 2013 fighting for his immediate release. On the 11th of June, a treating physician reported that clinically he has profound weakness, fatigue after minimal exertion (e.g. walking from his cell to the prisons infirmary), discomfort, mild dyspnea,

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Greece: Victory for the 300 migrant hunger strikers

The hungerstrike of 300 migrants ended today. The strikers accepted the proposal following some key big concessions by the government. The hunger strike of the 300 started on Monday, 25 January 2011, claiming the obvious: unconditional legalization.

Greece: Migrants hunger strike (updates)

9nth of May Migrant hunger strike ends in huge victory (read here) 8th of May [9] Breaking news: As mainstream media have been reporting for the past few hours, the Greek government is now threatening the 300 migrant hunger strikers with immediate deportation, should they refuse to be hospitalised and end their strike. Today (March 8 ) is the 43d day on hunger strike. Weather in Athens is severe and snow

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Greece: Hunger strike continues

[1] Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 19 days now. The signs of fatigue and physical weakness are now apparent. According to the doctors’ team, their weight loss is now up to 15% of their bodyweight on the first day of the fast. They are determined to continue the hunger strike.. Today, among other messages of

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