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Cornelius Castoriadis, interview on the Greek public TV (ERT)

For Castoriadis, an autonomous society knows (consciously) that every institution is created by its members and no extrasocial force (such as the laws of ancestors, the laws of markets, the laws of history, laws of God) interferes in the common world of public sphere. The project of social and individual autonomy is a reflection of the progress and evolution of the spirit of Greek antiquity in the modern age. This spirit is enhanced when citizens become politically active; engaged in political movements that call into question the existing social institutionalized order, proposing more openness and broader participation.

Manifesto 2014 (English version)

To counter the current political challenges, we declare that the time to rise up and act collectively through a joint new network of revolutionary agenda is here. Through open assemblies, councils and open political bodies in every square, where communication and interaction will become possible, we aim to liberate ourselves. Not as lenders and borrowers, not as rich and poor, not as prosecutors and defendants, but as equal and free citizens, if we do not wish concepts such as democracy and freedom to become forgotten entries in encyclopedic dictionaries and history books.

Cornelius Castoriadis – History as creation (Part II)

(Read the first part here). This is a further instalment, in English, of Marxisme et Teorie Revolutionnaire by Cornelius Castoriadis (Paul Cardan). The original French text appeared between 1961 and 1964) in issues 36-40 of the now defunct journal Socialisme ou Barbarie. Published in English by Solidarity London in 1966 (vol. IV, no.3) under the title ‘The fate of Marxism’. Coherence in society Let us consider for example the question

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Cornelius Castoriadis: “Se reposer ou être libre” (“stopper la montée de l’insignifiance”)

IL manque la voix de Cornelius Castoriadis, ce dissident essentiel, en ces temps de « non- pensée ». Il n’a pas sombré dans le renoncement esthète, ni dans le cynisme ni dans cette apathie repue qui dit : «Tout se vaut, tout est vu, tout est vain. » Il dénonce une élite politique réduite à appliquer l’intégrisme néolibéral, mais souligne aussi la responsabilité du «citoyen» que la précarité désengage de l’activité civique. Silencieusement, s’est

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Castoriadis Cornelius – The Imaginary Institution of Society

The Imaginary Institution of Society, is probably the most original and influential work of the radical Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis who is distinguished for his deep analysis and clarity of thought, and also one of the most important works of the twentieth century political theory. In the pages of this book a new approach on man, history and society emerges; a new ontology. This emergence presupposes a radical deconstruction and

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