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Cornelius Castoriadis – Democracy and Relativism

The encounte rbetween Cornelius Castoriadis and the Mouvement Anti-Utilitaris tedans les Sciences Sociales(MAUSS;Anti-Utilitarian Movement in the Social Sciences) may seem both necessary and subject to chance.It seems necessary, given the questions broached both by MAUSS researchers and by the initiator of the review Socialisme ou Barbarie. But stillmore does it seem subject to chance, like the encounte revoked by Diderot between Jacques the Fatalist and his Master, because this belated encounter, ona Saturday in December1994, does not have the proper and conventional character of an academic colloquium, and because, before find in gap lace in what Pierre Bourdieu calls the “intellectual field,” Castoriadis long remained in the world of far-left militants, a microcosm far removed from the academic circles in which the MAUSS group has anchored it self since its creation….

Cornelius Castoriadis – La “razionalita” del capitalismo

Il capitalismo è il regime che punta ad accrescere con ogni mezzo la produzione – una certa produzione, non dimentichiamolo – e a ridurre con ogni mezzo i “costi” – costi, non dimentichiamo neppure questo, definiti in un senso molto restrittivo: né la distruzione dell’ambiente, né lo schiacciamento delle vite umane, né l’abbrutimento delle città, né il trionfo universale dell’irresponsabilità e del cinismo, né la sostituzione della tragedia e della festa popolare con i teleromanzi sono tenuti in conto in questo calcolo, né potrebbero esserlo in nessun calcolo di questo tipo.

Political apathy as a symptom

Political apathy is a phenomenon that preoccupied and preoccupies many intellectuals and social scientists. It is a pathological symptom of a society that loses its creativity and digs deep the foundations of its decay. If we attempt to give a definition of political apathy, we would say that it is the condition where human beings cease to function as active political animals, they cease to consider themselves able to take responsibility for making decisions that determine their lives, finally cease to become exponents of a different social institution, ignoring any sense of autonomy [1].

Interview with Cornelius Castoriadis by Chris Marker (English Subtitles)

This interview with Castoriadis was conducted in 1989 by famed filmmaker Chris Marker for Marker’s own television series L’héritage de la chouette (“The Owl’s Legacy”). Eighty-one minutes long, the raw footage originally recorded in French has been translated into English (via easy-to-read subtitles) and edited anonymously as a public service. Here, Castoriadis lays out and examines the contributions of ancient Greece to questions of contemporary relevance relating to democracy, politics, philosophy, art, poetry, economic and social reorganization, and the creative chaos that underlies all existence.

Cornelius Castoriadis – Workers Councils and the Economics of Self Managed Society

This book was first published by Paul Cardan (English pseudonym of Cornelius Castoriadis) in 1957. After that is was re-published, with a newPreface, the graphics and annotations (included in this edition), by Solidarity in March 1972. This Zabalaza Books edition is based on theHTML version released on the web by Lust for Life in November 2006 and includes the post-notations by Lust for Life.