Yemen, at least 17 killed. Iraq, 19 dead. Egypt: protesters under attack.

[1]Update: As the sun rises in Aden Saturday, 17 persons were killed overnight in in six locations, that’s an early figure, and dozens wounded. Details, links here. Video and live blogging the massacre below the fold.

Original: There are wounded persons and dead bodies in the streets that no one can get to because of the central security forces (CSF) are shooting live rounds. Tanks moved in earlier today and CSF had new large weapons that residents hadn’t seen before. One person identified them as anti-aircraft machine guns and said they were strafing residential homes. Snipers were positioned on the roofs and remain there. Ambulances are blocked. There is an urgent need for blood and medicine. Heavy gunfire is ongoing. Dozens are wounded. Seventeen fatalities were counted as follows, but the evenings death toll will likely rise. The lights are off.

This video was shot in front of the Aden Hotel in Khormakser, Aden as people ran from the gunfire:

This video shows one of the many peaceful protests around Aden today where police opened fire:

Dead are as follows:
7 dead in Al-Areesh
4 dead in Khormakser
2 confirmed + unconfirmed # in Malla
1 dead in Tawahi
2 dead in Mansoura
1 Dead in Salahudin.

The state allowed live coverage of the student’s protests in Sana’a, but barred journalists from Aden. President Saleh made an announcement yesterday ordering police to protect protesters that received a lot of coverage. Twitter is down. Below the fold Human Rights Watch verified one death in Muallah when police shot into the crowd as they were chanting “peaceful peaceful” earlier. HRW is identifying the new weapon as a “military assault weapon.” Their report ends at 10 pm Aden time, which was five hours ago. Its 3 am there now, and there’s still shooting.”

Al Tagheer (ar) listed 19 killed and 124 injured in the prior week in Aden alone.

        Yemen: Security Forces Kill Aden Protester

At Least a Dozen Wounded in Shootings on Peaceful Protests

(Aden, February 25, 2011) – Government security forces opened fire on peaceful anti-government protesters in several areas of the Yemeni port city of Aden on February 25, 2011, killing one demonstrator and wounding at least a dozen others, Human Rights Watch today.

The security forces opened fire in the afternoon in the al-Mu’alla district as more than 1,000 protesters chanting “peaceful, peaceful,” and carrying posters reading “peaceful” stopped about 100 meters from a line of approximately 100 military, police, and other security forces, the witness said. President Ali Abdullah Saleh had two days earlier promised to prevent clashes at anti-government demonstrations and protect the rights of protesters to assemble peacefully.

“Two days after President Saleh promised to halt all attacks on peaceful protesters, there is more bloodshed,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Other countries, including The United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, need to press Yemen to stop these senseless and illegal attacks.”

At least one security officer stepped out and opened fire with a military assault weapon without giving a warning, the witness told Human Rights Watch. He said the gunman wore the gray uniform of the National Security Bureau. Police then immediately opened fire, shooting both into the air and straight at the crowd, and also fired teargas at the protesters, the witness said.

“Suddenly I heard screams, turned around, and saw two men on the ground,” the witness said. “One of them was shot in the head – he was lying on the ground face down, blood streaming from his head. He didn’t move. The other guy was screaming, ‘My arm! My arm!’ – he got two bullets in his shoulder.”

Security forces also opened fire without warning on another peaceful demonstration in the al-’Arish area of Aden, a human rights activist at the scene told Human Rights Watch. The activist said he saw at least five people fall to the ground after being hit by bullets, mostly in the legs.

Another witness told Human Rights Watch that at about 7 p.m., security forces shot randomly and fired teargas at several hundred people who began protesting in the Crater Area after police dispersed a crowd near the Aden Hotel. Protesters there set a police station on fire.

A doctor in one of the hospitals in Aden said that 11 people with bullet wounds were delivered to his hospital after the protests. Two others were taken to a second hospital, one of whom died from a head wound, while the other had a chest wound and was in critical condition. The protester who died at the hospital was Muhammad Ahmad Salih, media reports and local human rights activists said.

As of 10 p.m., shooting continued in several areas of Aden where uniformed security forces and men in civilian clothes carrying AK-47 assault rifles had deployed, a local activist at the scene said. He said that he saw police shooting at protesters in al-Mu’alla, the site of the fatal shooting earlier in the day.

[3] These were a series of tweets received earlier tonight (late night, early morning Egypt time) from activists that had been demonstrating against the government in Tahrir Square. The most disturbing thing as someone receiving and trying to report these, was the media blackout that came along with the attacks. The Al Jazeera’s Egypt Live Blog has been dormid for days and is now actually not even found in AJ’s blogs page. There were NO news networks there to report on these attacks…

This is what we received between and around the hours of 8 and 10 pm US Eastern time.

Mona Seif:

        Military police prevented my mother passage to demo and encircled her. This is not good. They are completely & tightly circled by military police. I can’t get to them. Military police removing the tents in Tahrir square now. They threatened wt arresting people. People are leaving,I insisted I won’t leave without my family. I think I will be left alone. […] Number is dramatically decreasing by the parliament and military police encircling the protesters. Just received a testimony of a protester who was detained last week. Beating up, electrocution, and special sexual harassment 2 girls.

Masked people with walkie talkies and machine guns along with military police in Tahrir square trying to shut down the strike. Let me be clear, the machine guns weren’t used but they were obviously there to intimidate people. They are dispersing people with violence from Tahrir square.

monasosh monasosh

        Military police r threatening us now, they have orders to evacuate. People should either leave or risk getting detained

Mona Seif:

        We saw them kidnapping one on the side and kicking the crap out of him,we’d scream and say they are beating him they say no they aren’t…

Mona Seif:

        Some protesters are injured and on the street. Today both the military police and Army officers were less disciplined and more abusive in their manners and threatening. The irony of it is 5 mins b4 they beat us they staged a whole. Sentimental show of army officer hugging 1 of the protesters


        Military police used electric prods, thistime regular infantry joined in the beating, many injuries… The army showed its true face tonight using extreme violence to disperse the two sit-ins and arresting many

Muhammad Abdalfattah:

        We were electrocuted, beaten, people passed out. Some sustained injuries.

Muhammad Effat:

        Army attacked peaceful protesters using batons, electrifying sticks and chased us down Al Qasr al eini holding machine guns!!

[4] Mass demonstrations took place in Iraq. Thousands of Iraqis in several cities led to the occupation of public places and government buildings.  The rebels seek, among other things:
– Work for all
– Electricity for all
– Clean drinking water for all
– Decent pensions
– A decent health system

The government responded to their requests with:
– Firing against protesters
– Flash grenades
– Tear gas and chemicals
– Water canons

The authorities are in such a panic that in Baghdad curfew concerns not only cars but even bicycles. In response, residents walked for several kilometers to meet each-other again in Liberty Square.

[1] The Jawa Report: Slaughter in Aden Yemen Now, Update: 17 killed
[3] Indymedia Ireland, Egypt Critical News Update #27
[4] Athens Indymedia, 19 άνθρωποι νεκροί στο Ιράκ, σε κινητοποιήσεις εναντίον της κυβέρνησης


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