Ukraine: 36 trade unionists killed in deadly conflict

Large scale clashes took place yesterday in Odessa, leading to a major fire at the House of Trade Unions where some pro-Russia supporters sought  refuge after being attacked by right-wing militants and government supporters in their encampment. The thugs threw petrol bombs against the building, resulting in the death 36 people from suffocation whilst others jumped from the windows to save themselves. Those who escaped from the flames were later on beaten to death once they fell in the hands of the mob.

The Right-Sector, a group of extremists who during the Euro-Maidan protests exercised arbitrary violence against political opponents, mainly consists of wandering groups of hooligans and criminal gangs. On Friday evening they gathered at Sompornagia Square for a peaceful protest against the Russian occupation. As always, they were masked, well equipped with shields, batons, helmets guns and other weapons. Soon, a few minutes after the crowd started marching in the streets, they begun throwing stones against counter protesters whilst chanting hate slogans (like “Glory to Ukraine,” “Death to enemies”).

Pogroms and street-fighting took place amid escalating violence later on, resulting to the tragic death of the 36 unarmed squatters. Most of them were leftists (and some pro-Russia activists) and received no protection, as the mob attempted to prevent the passage of fire trucks once the Trade Union Headquarters was soon engulfed in flames.


Αναρτήθηκε στις: 03/05/2014