The Spanish Civil War – Granada Films documentary

Six-part Channel Four television series on the history of the Spanish Civil War, using stills, interviews and copious archive film from British and Spanish sources.

Narrator: Frank Finlay. Production Company: Granada Television, UK. Year: 1983. Running time: 312 mins. Colour/Black and white

1. Prelude To Tragedy
1931-1936 The origins of the Spanish Civil War. (First broadcast on 7.1.83)

2. Revolution Counter-Revolution and Terror

How more than half the total death toll of 500,000 came not through battle but through murder, execution and massacre behind the lines. (First broadcast on 14.1.83)

3. Battleground for idealists

The international contribution to the war, from idealist volunteers on both sides to assistance for the Republicans from the Soviet Union and the policy of non-intervention held by Britain and France. (First broadcast on 21.1.83)

4. Franco and the Nationalists

How General Franco rose from being a cautious conspirator in 1936 to fusing together the conflicting ideologies of the Nationalists and becoming Europe’s longest-ruling dictator of the twentieth century.(First broadcast on 28.1.83)

5. Inside the revolution

The nature of the Spanish republic, the extent of the revolution that it unleashed, and how violent divisions arose creating a civil war within the civil war. (First broadcast on 4.2.83)

Victory and defeat

How the Civil War ended with the Republic split and Franco then victorious, the fate of refugees, and Spain’s subsequent history under Franco’s dictatorship.
(First broadcast on 11.2.83)

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