Teenage riots: Athens (Full Length)

This documentary deals with biggest Greek strike since the right-wing junta was overthrown almost three decades ago, VICE travels to Athens to meet up with the people behind it.

First day: About one million protested against the EU backed regime and its new proposed austerity measures. Around 14:00, the protest turn violent. Large-scale clashes in Akadimias Street and clashes in front of banks next to the University Refectory in Panepistimiou Street.

Second day: Clashes erupted as protesters tried to reach the Parliament. An anarchist block attacked Stalinist lines. Police fired tear gas. The clashes were severe; flares were shot straight into the crowd. Generalized clashes between hundreds of anarchists and Stalinists in Syntagma took place; stones, bottles and flares were thrown. Protesters tried to break through PAME lines to reach the Parliament. The communists attempted a counter attack and beat up several – not only black bloc protesters. A 53-year-old man who participated in today’s Athens demo, due to extensive use of tear gas from the police.

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  1. I don't know why the title of this documentary is Teenage riots. What does it have to do with teenagers? Apart from this I like its point of view.

  2. This movie has a good reminder to anarchists and libertarians of what backstabbing sellout bastards those commie scum are. Protecting the parliament.Free help for the police.How working-class of them!! Many times i see libertarians+anarchists hangin` out toghether w/these red scum due to an affinity to opposing fascists,but my point is that these people should NOT be trusted.They are against self-management,autonomy and equality. Don`t fall 4 their lies.Leninism is built on lies and theoretical romanticism and we should never forget how different Leninists and authoritarian communists have masacred and oppressed people that opposed their rule. All those icons that so many communists hold dear were assholes and there followers will be assholes as well.If the need is required then it is necessary for comrades in Greece to organize against these red bastards.Run `em over with cabs!

  3. teenage riots does not stand for this documentary, apart from this its very interensting

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