Jacques Ellul – Propaganda: the formation of men’s attitudes

French Historian Jacques Ellul Talking

Jacques Ellul – French philosopher, law professor and sociologist – in this book discusses the issue of propaganda in its fullest and widest sense, as a phenomenon integrated in the institutions of mass – and individualized – societies, such as the state, the media, the market, political parties, churches… Propaganda, for Ellul, aims to change the people’s perceptions depriving communication and consultation and reducing every individual into a meaningless instrument.

“A far more frightening work than any of the nightmare novels of George Orwell. With the logic which is the great instrument of French thought, [Ellul] explores and attempts to prove the thesis that propaganda, whether it ends are demonstrably good or bad, is not only destructive to democracy, it is perhaps the most serious threat to humanity operating in the modern world.” (Robert R.Kirsch, The Los Angeles Times). “The these of Propaganda is quiet simply… that when our new technology encompasses any culture or society, the result is propaganda… Ellul has made many splendid contributions in this book.” (Marshall McLuhan, Book Week).

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