Police Stations Set Aflame in Egypt and Algeria

The Egyptian Revolution

Two separate cases of action against police stations have been reported in recent days, both taking place in the North African states of Egypt and Algeria.

In Egypt, enraged protesters pelted a police station in Cairo and torched a police vehicle following the death of Mohammad Nasr, a bus driver who was beaten to death by police. Since the ousting of  Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, abuse by Mubarak’s police who remain in Egypt has been commonplace. Though many times these incidents have been met with angry responses by the Egyptian people, whose newly awakened solidarity motivates them to continue fighting these cases of injustice.

In the city of Ouargla in Algeria, unemployed youth clashed with police in riot gear during midnight on June 8th. Protests had been taking place outside the province’s office several days before and built up to the point where riot police were called to muzzle the demonstrations. A human rights activist in the area stated, “In fact, the” uprising “of the district can be specifically explained. Besides the misery in which its people live, it was the scene of several attempts at immolation. The last two months. Those who tried to immolate themselves are still in prison … there is also a barracks next door.”

On May 24, members of the National Committee of the rights of the unemployed attempted to set themselves on fire in protest outside the office of the province but failed. Days later, protests intensified and riot police were sent.

In Algeria, unemployment has been the main cause of their “Arab Spring” riots which have been taking place for months. In the town of Ouargla, unemployment has lead many to suicide, despite the fact that the town possesses one of Algeria’s largest oil reserves.

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