Mass protests in Bulgaria for over 40 days

After 40 days of peaceful protests, the tide has turned in Bulgaria. Several thousand protestors surrounded the parliament earlier today, trapping those still inside. Barricades were built by protestors shouting ‘Mafia!’ and ‘Resign!’ Heavily armed police attacked the protestors after they besieged a bus that carried the ministers and lawmakers away from the Parliament.

On Tuesday thirty MPs, ministers and journalists “besieged” for more than five hours night in the Bulgarian parliament.

Today’s events are a significant turn in the protests that have been so far very peaceful. The coming days will tell whether today’s crackdown will prove to be the catalyst that will bring more people to the streets, or not. Will Bulgaria be next in line where the state finally takes off its mask and shows its true violent nature?


Αναρτήθηκε στις: 24/07/2013