#M22, standing up to racism and fascism

London: In view of the global day against racism, around five thousand marched in central London to condemn immigrant scapegoating and combat the possible electoral success of ultra-authoritarian crypto-racist parties in the Euro elections, spreading the message of unity and friendship.

Trade unionists, immigrant and refugees organizations, Roma support groups, left-wing parties and other activists assembled in front of the Parliament and then marched towards Trafalgar square, where speakers (mainly trade unionists, immigrant activists and representatives of anti-racist institutions) denounced racial police profiling and criticized the policies of David Cameron’s government that has openly targeted the Roma communities in Britain.

Similar protests took place as well in many other cities across the globe: in Athens approximately 7000 joined forces and condemned racism and police brutality. Similarly in Thessaloniki and other Greek cities, thousands participated in the event, whilst in Berlin clashes with the police took place. Finally, the message of unity was even spread to South Korea.

Below: a collection of videos and images from the London rally.

Αναρτήθηκε στις: 23/03/2014