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New Greek austerity package has narrowly passed in the Greek parliament. The vote came as thousands gathered in Athens to protest the new round of cuts. A hundred and fifty-three parliamentarians voted in favor of the new bailout, while 128 MPs rejected the plan. As The Guardian reports, “Mandarins in Brussels said the ballot would pave the way to the release of €31.5bn in EU and IMF sponsored rescue funds – desperately needed to keep bankruptcy at bay.”

Earlier on Wednesday, despite the heavy rain, at least 200.000 protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building in Athens, to express their opposition against the new bailout. Meanwhile, the police totally unprovoked, attacked the crowd. Many protesters responded with Molotov cocktails and stones.

This was the second day of the nationwide strike. On Tuesday, crowds numbered as high as 35,000 in Athens as Greeks marched to condemn the government for sparing the nation’s wealthy while saddling the poor with austerity.

Protests took place also in other cities, like Heraklion, Kavala and Thessaloniki, where minor clashes with the police took place.

At least 100 people have been arrested in Athens and around 40 have been injured.

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