Greece: Is Anti-Semitism the law?


By Michael Lowy via: The Trim

A Jewish Marxist is dragged into court, accused by the Nazis for having “slandered.” Are we in Germany in 1933? Not at all: it is the “democratic” Greece (with many quotes) in 2013… The accused in question is called Savas Mikhail brilliant intellectual and leader of one of the organizations of the revolutionary Marxist left Greek.

Savas Mikhail is an a-typical thinker and perfectly “non-standard” Jewish anti-Zionist and internationalist Greek, he is the author of a considerable body of work, unclassifiable, somewhere between literature, philosophy and class struggle, distinguished the originality and dynamism of its approach. The first thing that impresses the reader of his writings is his immense culture: the author knows about the Bible, the Talmud, Kabbalah, the ancient Greek theater, European literature, contemporary French philosophy, modern Greek poetry Hegel and Marx – not to mention Trotsky, his main political compass – could expand the list.

One of the most distinctive features of his thought is the attempt to re-interpret Marxism and revolutionary theory in the light of messianism and Jewish mysticism – and vice versa. It is a paradoxical and inventive step, which is – like that of Ernst Bloch and Walter Benjamin, two of his favorite authors – the religious atheism, or, if you will, the secular messianism.

This problem is addressed for the first time in central platform in a remarkable collection of essays published in 1999, the Messianic Figures. The last work of Savas Mikhail Golem. On the topic and other ghosts (2010), is another example of this approach religious atheist, Jewish-Marxist. It is a collection of essays concerning not only the Golem, but Kafka, Hölderlin, Lacan, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Hegel, Marx and some modern Greek poets like Andreas Embirikos. The coherence of the book is given by the way, quite unusual, the author combines, articulates and fuses Jewish mysticism, literature, Greek and universal – and revolutionary Marxism.

Savas Mikhail has never hidden his anti-fascist convictions, and has continued in recent years to denounce the nefarious activities of neo-Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” (Chryssi Avghi) – that should have s’ rather call “Bloody Twilight.” However, in 2009, the organization that Insists on the legacy of the Third Reich, presented to the Greek Justice, a protocol charge against a large number of personalities from different currents of the left and the extreme Greek left. By decision of Attorney – appointed by the government hegemonised by the neo-liberal right – police called in 2012 these figures for questioning. With one accord they all refused, but sent legal statements refuting the charges. After reviewing its records, the Prosecutor decided to take him to court two of these people: Mikhail Savas and former dean of the Ecole Polytechnique, Constantin Moutzouri accused of having helped Indymedia, an alternative social media to use the facilities of the school for its emissions. Savas Mikhail was accused for his share of “defamation” against the neo-Nazis – for having dealt with criminals – “incitement to violence” – to be called to fight fascism – and “threatening civil peace “to be called, in a leaflet, to protest against Chryssi Avghi. Meanwhile, the Greek neo-Nazis led a frenzied anti-Semitic campaign against Mikhail Savas, denouncing it in their communication as “an agent of the Jewish world conspiracy against the Greek Nation, to cause a civil war and establish a Jewish regime -Bolshevik. ” Disaster déjà vu …

This case was heard many sparked numerous protests in Greece and Europe, but nonetheless: the judgment will take place, and the date is September 3, 2013. The stakes are high: Beyond accused persons, it is whether it may or may not exist in Greece, in the future, freedom of speech for fascist ideas. The case illustrates not only the extraordinary base of the Gentlemen of the “Golden Dawn,” but also complicity increasingly obvious, the current Greek government, led by Antonis Samaras, with Greek fascists. Several Ministers of the government increasingly authoritarian and repressive, come from the extreme right, the Secretary of State for Immigration, Kostoulas, is the author of a revisionist work to the glory of the Third Reich, and his spokesman in Parliament, MP Makis Voridis, is a friend of Jean-Marie Le Pen and a former leader of the nationalist youth movement promoted by the dictatorship of Colonel Papadopoulos (1967-1974). Moreover, the recent decision to close Antonis Samaras pure and simply ERT, the Greek public broadcaster, cutting the power to its antenna – a decision that caused a government crisis, with the start of the Democratic Left party – was warmly supported by Chryssi Avghi.

It will, on September 3, when anti-Semitic rule the roost in Greece or a minimum of democratic guarantees remain.

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