Demonstration and March: Amnesty Now – Save London Met – No to Privatisation

Students from London Metropolitan University protested yesterday in favour of full amnesty for international students and against the marketisation of higher education, the encroachment of for-profit private providers, against threatened job cuts and also demanded the immediate scraping of management’s shared-service (outsourcing and privatisation by the backdoor) initiative.

Despite that last week, the High Court judgement has decided to give an amnesty to existing international students in order complete their studies at London Met, there is still a fear that their future is jeopardised, as five hundred are currently affected by the ban on the university recruiting from outside the European Union. Hence, the protesters aimed to increase pressure on the Government in order to remove international students completely from emigration targets and no longer forcing universities to operate as outposts of the immigration service.

Αναρτήθηκε στις: 29/09/2012