Cornelius Castoriadis – A society adrift

Cornelius Castoriadis was a protean thinker, economist, psychoanalyst and philosopher, notable for developing the project of collective and individual autonomy, as the only project that enhances human freedom and self-creation through genuine political action, beyond trivial ideologies (liberalism, socialism, conservatism etc).

Through his writings of the period 1974-1997 summed in this book, Castoriadis encourages us to rethink that we, as individual and social beings, are solely responsible for the history we create through praxis and contemplation, the only ones that can produce meaningful significations.

For more than thirty years, Castoriadis was preoccupied with the existence of direct democracy (as almost tautological with the project of autonomy), being inspired from ancient Greece. He has been critical on postmodernism, according which the western world appears entirely subdued to the imaginary of consumerism and passiveness (retreat to conformism) as a substitute for the absence of meaning, that is absence of values and norms that guide the social prattein.

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