Briefings from Greece 12-4/22-5

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12 April
Αthens: 600 demonstrated at Ermou Steet (main commercial road in central Athens) against the abolition of the Sunday holiday. The demonstrators, who were blocking the entrance to many shops, were attacked by riot police and later a march took place down Ermou street. Various workers’ unions took part (such as the Union of Bookseller employees of Attica, local assemblies and others). Τhis is part of an ongoing dispute between unions and the government, the latter trying to pass a legislation that would allow shops to be open on Sundays.

14 April
Athens: Koridallos prisoners collectively decided to have their food distributed to poor and homeless people of the district. They sent their written demand to the Ministry of Justice but received no reply. They were later assured by the prison guards that the food was delivered to the poor.

15 April
Thessaloniki: A demo took place at Lampros bakery by members of the Network of unemployed and precarious workers who were asking for their wages and protesting against appalling working conditions (long working hours, low pay, constant threats of dismissal). Police arrived and 2 demonstrators were arrested.

15 April:
Athens: D. Liakopoulos and H. Stergiopoulos were sentence to life imprisonment for the in cold blood murder of Pakistani migrant Shehzad Luqman οn January 13 in Athens. See previous briefings for more details.

17 April
Ioannina: 2 anarchists were taken to court after a lawsuit against them by a local fascist who claimed to have been threatened and verbally assaulted by them. Approximately 60 comrades showed up in support of the accused and briefly scuffled with a number of fascists, pelting them with coffee and spit. The accused were finally acquitted by the court.

28 April
Lesvos: The University of Aegean authorities took down the antenna of the antiauthoritarian anarchist radio station 105FM which was operating from within the university. This was done without warning during the holiday period, after an indictment issued by the ESR (Νational Council of Radio and Television) and the ΕΕΤΤ (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission).
Update, May 7: The frequency was reoccupied, the antenna was replaced and the radio station is back on air.

30 April
Athens: The fourth session of the trial of the Golden Dawn member Apostolopoulos, who on 28 January 2013 assaulted and stabbed in the face the then school student F. D. (the attack was carried out with another accomplice, Hatzipavlidis, who will be tried by a court for minors). The reason behind the attack was F.D’s antifascist opinions which he had discussed with a common friend. The Golden Dawn members are facing the accusation of attempted murder with intent. The next session is scheduled for May 14.
Update, 14 May: Examination of witnesses took place. The next session is scheduled for May 28.

1 May
Athens: Motorcycle demo of 100-120 bikes took place through the streets of Ampelokipi, Psihiko and Halandri, and reached Marousi to demonstrate at cafe Scherzo against the brutal practices of the boss against a migrant worker (see previous briefing).

3 May
Athens: Antiautoritarian school student demo took place against the incrimination and arrest of students who were occupying their schools against education reforms.

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8 May
Aspropyrgos, Athens: An intervention took place by anarchists during an ‘informative’ workshop programme for the unemployed in the “Cultural Centre” of Aspropyrgos. The workshop was essentially a per-electoral attempt of local authorities to attract votes by promising jobs. The comrades distributed leaflets propagating the idea that the solution to unemployment can only be collective, against the shameful working conditions that the authorities can guarantee.

10 May
Korydallos. Athens: Approximately 50 Golden Dawn members attacked the anarchist social centre Pasamontaña, causing damages on windows and were repelled by those inside. Soon afterwards, about 200 anarchists marched to the GD office in Nikea (which has not been entirely closed even after Fyssas’ murder in September 2013) and caused similar damages at the entrance.

Athens, Irakleio & Hania (Crete), Veria, Karditsa, Kalavrita, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Lesvos and more: Ongoing anti-electoral anarchist actions. Banners and posters were placed at various places (streets, squares, universities) against the dominant narrative of participation in the municipal and Euro elections; various actions took place against the pre-electoral campaigns of fascists, who were confronted in the streets (often chased and beaten), their leaflets and posters torn and thrown away.

May 22
Athens: The cleaners of the Ministry of Economics occupied the ministry’s foyer after officials did not allow them to resume work, despite the court decision which annulled their dismissal. The cleaners have been in an ingoing dispute with the ministry with daily protests outside its premises, often facing riot police violence. They had camped outside the ministry for approximately 15 days until the court’s decision.

20-22 May
Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki, Veria, Naousa: Solidarity demos (more than 200 in Athens) for the Zapatista teacher Galeano, who was murdered on May 2 by paramilitaries of the Mexican government.

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