Briefings from Greece: 22/2 – 1/3

22 February
Athens: The 6th session of the trial of the two murderers of Shehzad Luqman took place at the Mixed Jury Court.The 26-year old Pakistani was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn supporters Dionisis Liakopoulos (25) and Christos Stergiopoulos (29) in the early morning of January 17 2013 in Petralona, Athens. Luqman’s parents have travelled from Pakistan to attend the trial. The next session was scheduled for April 10 (Sources: 1, 2)

24 February
Thessaloniki: A bus driver was sentenced to ten months in prison suspended for three years and received a 1000 euro fine for forcing two African passengers to get off the bus, claiming that they hadn’t paid for their ticket. He was found guilty for refusal to provide services with racist motivations. (Source: 1)

Athens: Three Korydallos residents were arrested as they were heading to the demonstration outside Korydallos prison (the main prison of the country) to protest against the conditions under which prisoners are held at the prison hospital. The arrested were released two and a half hours later. Recent news reports have brought attention to the appalling conditions of the hospital where over 200 patients with cancer, heart disease, HIV, TB, hepatitis, scabies and renal insufficiency are housed next to each other in a space made for 60 patients. The following Facebook page has been promoting the issue (link)


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27 February
Athens: The health centre of Ag. Dimitrios is under occupation for the 11th day by an initiative of residents of the area, workers, unemployed, pensioners, for the defense of free and public healthcare. Doctors of the health centre who take part in the initiative examine patients daily. The Samaras government and Health minister Georgiadis (former MP of the far-right party LAOS), intend to close and/or privatise many local health centres, including this of Ag. Dimitrios.


28 February
Athens: Members of the union of teachers, cleaners of the Ministry of Finance, and school guards who have been made redundant demonstrated outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform and were confronted with riot police who made use of tear gas. Minister Mitsotakis was due to meet IMF Chief of Mission Paul Thomsen at 10 am. Plastic bottles were launched at Thomsen’s car as it was leaving the ministry of Finance where the meeting with Mitsotakis finally took place. 17 were arrested (16 teachers and 1 school guard) and later released. Later, a woman was injured in a confrontation with riot cops at Syntagma. (Sources: 1, 2)

1 March
Athens: 200 marched towards the Praktiker store in Egaleo to protest against the practices of the company bosses which led to the suicide of sacked employee Stefanos Valavanis on February 3rd.The demonstrators shouted slogans, distributed leaflets and pelted the store with red paint. (Source: 1)



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