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No matter how amazing it sounds, a Blackjack player has been turned off from several casinos in the US after it was discovered that he cheated and counted cards inside the premises. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

Which sensible person who is a professional player would even think of cheating to win instead of winning stylishly and honestly in front of everyone else? Well, Joseph Stiers did just that.

WTP Borgata Winte r Poker Open’s winner, Joseph Stiers

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Stiers has just won the Borgata Winter Poker Open and has more than $ 500K in poker-related earnings.

In 2014, Stiers played some Blackjack on the Horseshoe Baltimore Casino premises and won up to $ 350 on the tables when the security staff revealed him counting cards and asking him to return the money.

He did it over and over again

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Although Joseph Stiers was asked to leave the premises of the Baltimore Casino at the moment, it has not been said that he can come back later when he participates in a poker tournament taking place at that casino.

After spending more than an hour in the tournament, the security staff asked him to leave the premises again, as Stiers invaded a property that was not allowed for him. It was the last straw to act.

Finally, suspended from several casinos in the United States

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Only one month after the overrun at the Baltimore Horseshoe Casino, Joseph Stiers received a governmental verdict and government officials appointed from all of Caesars Entertainment’s premises and any tournament hero in the same.

An official statement

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Caesars Entertainment published a message on their social media that said they absolutely allow very talented people to play at their various tables, always assuming not to cheat or draw unauthorized benefits from the casino, the integrity of the game itself or less talented players nearby.

It is the best thing they can do because there is no other way to regulate that such thing does not happen again at any time. But it’s nice to still see that there are companies that value the game more than the money and the ability to market their brand.

We hope that other professional players will learn some of these incidents.

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