Greece: Fascists attempt to kill immigrants (updates)

Update: 13th of May 1) Fascists stopped a bus in central Athens, forced all passengers out and brutally attacked those who looked foreign. (Video). Anarchists and anti-fascist activists have already gathered at the two central squats, Skaramanga and Villa Amalias. 2) Two Albanian immigrants were brutally beaten up by five neo-Nazis in the city of Rethymnon (Crete). One has been hospitalized due to injuries to his visceral cranium and a

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Reuters propaganda doesn’t threaten Greek “toll dodgers”

Since the Greek crisis appeared in the headlines of the western liberal or conservative newspapers, a cheap pro capitalist propaganda against Greek workers swept all the information networks. BBC, CNN, the quasi fascist Telegraph, the Daily Mail and most of the American online tabloid news networks (especially the vile Newsweek and Fox News) do everything possible to obscure the reality, the causes of this popular anger.