5-11 global protests with reports from London

Hundreds marched from Jubilee Gardens onto the Parliament. After the march there were several speeches that condemned the austerity policies. There was a call for Labour Party to announce that the Post Office would be brought back into public ownership at the knock-down price for which it was recently sold.

The protesters who remained decided to join the ‘Million Mask March’ rally whilst police were being brought into the area around Parliament Square and kettled thousands of protesters.

Earlier in the day there had been other protests in London as part of the day of Million Mask March, including at Brent Magistrates Court, where Unite Community Members, West London Peoples Assembly, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, Brent Housing Action and the Zacchaeus Trust were protesting at the 12,000 summonses issued by Brent Council against those unable to pay their council tax, mainly because of cuts in benefits, a protest against loan sharks in Shepherds Bush and several events in Deptford against poverty. At the same time as the central London protest, there was also a march and bonfire in Lewisham against austerity, the bedroom tax and local cuts, finishing with a ‘Bonfire of Cuts’ rally.

Below, photos from the global event of Million Mask March.


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