We welcome all those who respond to our call, citizens of any country. We are ordinary people, like you. People dealing with similar problems, concerns and susceptibilities, people from different parts of the world, who unite our voices under a common purpose: to contribute, in our own way, with counter-information as our only weapon, to the radical transformation of things.

• Many of us are anonymous (or even pseudonymous), others not. Anonymity, however, is a very much slandered quality nowadays. It is perceived by the dominant ideology as cowardice. Nonetheless, those of us who choose to remain anonymous, have the following reasons: a) we do not believe that we live in a democratic society where every opinion is fully respected, thus, we cannot avoid being targeted and harassed every time we point out the flaws of the system b) because we don’t see our efforts as an means for personal promotion and c) because, finally, it does not matter who we really are. What only matters is our ideas. If they are really worthy, they can acquire value without the need of any intellectual expertness.

This is the time to speak:

• The Mass Media rarely represent the reality. They way they operate contributes to mislead of the public, demonizing people who struggle for justice, freedom and democracy. This directed misinformation provided by the large news networks, cultivate a climate of conformity and apathy, which we condemn. So, it is time for our voices to be heard, voices that are rarely disseminated through the broadcasts of the mainstream news channels, voices buried and deliberately silenced.
• The global political scene does not represent us. The concentration of power in the hands of the few, results in poverty, inequality and injustice, leading inevitably to violence. The way the current political system works, every human value is absorbed by money – the only dominant value that kills our desire for true happiness. Values such as democracy and egalitarianism are fading away day by day, gradually, in a society that produces humans – machines, humans who attempt to disguise their lack of any meaning for their existence by consuming. Even people who live in absolute poverty, identify the probability of (over)consumption, with “success” and personal fulfillment.
• Our future is in the hands of an oligarchy. Therefore we demand real democracy, which, to our mind, means equal participation in political power for all citizens. It is time to overcome the inefficient parliamentary institutions, it is time to strengthen our role in society, to understand our power, that together we can find solutions and answers to problems that concern us, rather than a parliamentary group that works for the sake of the elites.
• The development of production in order to serve the interests of the oligarchies in the arena of global competition has transformed the entire planet into an economic casino, destroying the natural environment and turning entire populations into machines, that blindly carry out orders in exchange for survival.

This situation outrages us. But if we join forces, we can change it.

We believe:
• In a society where equality, solidarity and human creativity will be the main objectives of the operation of its institutions.
• In a society where citizens can participate not only in the execution of the decisions, but also in the making and taking of them. We assert, therefore, equality and egalitarianism for all people of this planet, and participation in information and political dialogue.
• In a society without violence and exploitation, without wars and repression, a peaceful society of freedom and creativity.
• This society is not a promise, not a necessity, neither a “sacred duty”. It stems from our desire for a different understanding of things, and the rejection of everyday barbarism that we all experience. We simply do not wish concepts such as democracy and freedom to become forgotten entries in encyclopedic books and dictionaries.

About religion:

An illusion created by man to make crowd-control much easier and efficient. It includes fictional characters and deities which have superhuman powers, demanding absolute and unconditional obedience from the masses, promising virgins or menacing with everlasting flames – in afterlife always; while making people discriminative against each other, and creating borders and hatred in people’s minds for superiority’s sake. The trick that many religions use is that they’re ‘allowing’ people to have free will while at the same time they terrorize them with an abstract idea of the existence of hell. Any kind of organized religion is, up to a point, against free will, against personal judgement, individuality and solidarity among all living beings, by attaching to humans tags such as ‘heretic’, ‘disbeliever’, ‘kafir’ and so on. Relying on the ignorance and fear of the unknown (afterlife), religions try to set limits and barriers to human behaviour, in most cases for the financial benefit of the “earthly prophets of the word of god”. It is needless to mention the number of human lives that have been sacrificed in the name of religion throughout the centuries.

It is time to take the squares of the world and win back our freedom.

Nothing is possible without us…
We are ourselves, we are you, we are all …
Together we can

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